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devlrnr Purchased
About this theme in one word – “WOW” Really great theme for blogger. I really enjoy it… but i think you will update some option as soon as possible. like:
  1. hide/show featured image in post.
  2. hide/show date, comment meta in post
  3. hide/show Article like option
  4. add navigation on latest post in page builder

Hope you update your theme with lots of option… thanks a lot. :)

Code125, please help me to recover the structure of the HOMEPAGE template, the number 1 template (the original base). I mess it up in the page builder and I donĀ“t know how to recover it back. Thank you very much.

temsys Purchased

I’va create http://cmonvelo.com but with the upgrade, i lost me homepage. My homepage is now http://cmonvelo.com/Accueil/ !!!

How can i change that please

emanos Purchased

Your theme is amazing but toy have to do something with the default seo system.

We purchased this time but we can not use it at the moment, because we use Wordpress Seo by Yoast plugin.

We are waiting for your next update as soon as possible, to use this awesome theme!


I am doing my best to have the update to your expectation guys :)

All the best

devlrnr Purchased

Please help me…. How to add facebook, twitter button on top bar ??? I saw you gave some suggestion for your previous client.. I also need this… please give me guide how to add facebook, twitter button on top bar ??? Waiting for your reply…

Is the best theme that I have never had. Congratulation.

But how can I make that the category dont have the icon? I can select “none” in the posts category but not in the Category theme option.


Clicking on the images of a gallery, nothing happens. Reloads the same page.

Can you help me? :)

This is the link: http://www.bb10italia.it/prodotti/accessori/dove-comprare-il-kit-caricabatterie-blackberry/

abdulqadoos suggestions is REALLY good, looks awesome!

Original post: I have a suggestion for Menus in Mobile view and social buttons on single posts, have a look http://oi46.tinypic.com/34ysget.jpg

Hello guys,

That’s a fabulous theme you have here, before we buy if we’d like to know whether you guys have build in support for Cufon fonts and Google Fonts?

Many thanks!

Hi I am having a problem importing the widgets as demo video it says;

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/nikkis/public_html/wp-content/themes/alyoum/library/includes/widget-settings-importexport/widget-data.php on line 403

do you know why thx

Hi there how can I access the styesheet (css) when I go to it there is nothing there to manipulate.

There is a bug with the search page! When no result can be found the page loads up like it should with the text saying that no result could be found. But this text almost immediately disappears and the right sidebar gets pushed into the content area.

You can replicate the bug on your demo install!


Fixed in the Update coming, finalising it now

Mostafa you are doing good job, but my suggestion is that you should release the update based on current feedback asap. You can always release minor updates later.


I am going to do so in few hours isA, just a quick update to meet most the requirements then will release another one few days later with more new features


great, but no update showing at my end.


Sorry, somethings came up, anyway doing final touches now


My frontpage is showing all weird, the right sidebar is also gone. Any idea how this can happen? http://www.win-acties.nl/

Thanks alot

bStyler Purchased

Hello there,

This is our website: http://www.tranceil.co.il/wordpress

our social widgets throws an error (Fatal error) although the allow_url_fopen is set to ‘1’ (we confirmed that with our hosting provider).

Can you please assist? this is an essential plugin for us.

Many thanks!

bStyler Purchased

I can confirm that openssl is enabled as shown in the phpinfo, but still the problem persists.


Please send me your logins

bStyler Purchased

Just sent it to your e-mail, once again :)

how to change(backgorund-color) color cotegory?

Enviro2B Purchased

Hello, I’ve purchased your theme and it seems to be great. But, i’ve 2 problems : 1) i can’t publish sliders with your builder : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ns236502.ovh.net/enviro2b/wp-content/themes/alyoum/index.php on line 39 2) the listing of posts is ok, but the link of the posts doesn’t work ? blank page ? Thank for your help PG


Okay Please send me screenshots

Enviro2B Purchased

Ok but how can i put any image in my message ?

Hello sir.

When I’m regenerating my thumbnails with the plugin you’ve recommended, I’m getting these errors: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e015reo28

And the pictures wont fit in automatically: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0f515reye9

Can you please help?

Best Regards, Christian Johnsen


I believe the errors is related to your server permissions

About the pictures, it is widget and have a certain width, it is related to the plugin it self

As you suggested I went into header and found a spot where you call and echo the logo I added the is mobile function and it just will not display. I even tried to remove the logo and replaced it with my custom code to display a mobile ad and the logo still shows and the ad won’t I even added “testing” text just to see if it was my code and it will not show. Can you please explain to me what I have to do?

And can you possibly add a theme option for a ad on the responsive mobile theme?

Oh and I just want to report a bug before you release the next update. If you say add <audio> mp3 link </audio> to a post then press publish or update it seems the theme strips out and adds controls and extra coding to the simple html5 audio code.

Thanks for having one of the best themes!


Hello :) So where is the problem ?