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Hi, I bought your theme one week ago. I tried to receive my code to have an access to It said my Item Purchase Code… How can I do? Thanks for your help

Hi. Yes, we know about the issue. It’s a problem with envato verification system. For now please write to

i have also sent email to regarding registration issue. and have problem with upgrading theme. hope you can look into my email asap. urgent help needed [#8331]

Hi. Replied to your email.

Hi, I need you help.

I am using “Flexmenu” >>

I want the kids category has a link to another page in a new window. For that I use “custom links” and said the option of “new window” and I add to my “main menu”.



Hi. Today is too late (23:45) Please write to our support email: and we will reply you tomorrow

Hello, I just bought your “Alysum” PrestaShop theme. However, when I go to my back office (Preferences / Themes) and try to import the new theme, I see this message, “Please note that for security reasons, you can only add themes that are being distributed on PrestaShop Addons, the official marketplace”.

If I am unable to install the theme, I would like a refund.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

I see, in that case, who may I contact in order to get a refund?


Do you really need to use Prestashop Cloud? If not, you can use the theme with no problems on your hosting. Regarding refund you need to write here:

Got it. Thank you for your help.

I have a question, is this version is compatible with presta ? Becouse i have problem with template import

Hi. Please write to our support: and we will help you soon

Hi, for those wo don’t want to register just to know, is Alysum fully comptatible with prestashop ? thx

Hi, Yes, Alysum is compatible with prestashop

Hi Marek, To conclude on previous, is it right that the installation of your theme on Prestashop is smooth and without problems? Or I’ll get from you the same (as I saw here all the time) “Please write to our support"? Thanks, Tibi

Hi. We have tested theme installations several times, and it is installed smooth. Only one problem can be with the version of Blog module, but we will fix that in the next version (there just need to change the version of module).

Yes, I always write about our support, because we working through the

Thanks for your reply! Now it’s pretty clear for me about pushing your support, sounds very natural. One more question: are the specific strings used in your module exposed somehow in order to be “translation ready”? I would like to change default language of the frontend and I might need to translate here and there. Thanks, Tibi.

Hi. Yes, of course all modules are translation ready, and you can translate them in your back office.

Hi Marek, We just purchased your SOTA theme (based on dumitt68 confirmations, thanks for that). Trying to create a support account, we got a white html page with some sql dumps (not copied entirely here, as it is not the case): Query {INSERT INTO `flyspray_users` ( user_name, user_pass, real_name, jabber_id, magic_url, email_address, notify_type, account_enabled, tasks_perpage, register_date, user_website, time_zone, dateformat, dateformat_extended, purchase_id, customer_ip (...)

Can you please tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks, Tibi.

Hi Marek,

Some more details. I found “FS#5048” on promokit support as closed. The description is the same as I encounter, but in my case it is not related to IE browser. I tried on Chrome then on Firefox and didn’t helped. Also I reset the module and I got the same error.

Any advice will be more than welcome.

Thanks, Tibi.

Hi Marek,

I figured out what was happening, thanks to your promokit support site. “FS#7326” ticket info solved me this issue, it’s about SSL/nonSSL access that looks to be strict when using flexmenu.

So now the issue with flexmenu is closed from my POV.

I still wait for a reply on creating my account on your support site.

Thanks, Tibi.

Hi Tibi. Sorry for the delay. I glad the issue is solved. Registration woks fine, I have checked that.


ortos Purchased

Yesterday I bought this great theme, I’ve installed version of prestashop, The Blog module fails, when a solution?

Thank you

Hi Ortos. Please give me a ticket number from our support.


dfuzion Purchased



dfuzion Purchased


I need support about search auto complete.

i tried to create an account on support board but first i got sql queries after registering and secondly the link received by email for confirmation didn’t work : “invalid magic URL”....

The problem with the theme is the following : search autocomplete shows prices without taxes and it should show them taxes included.

Thanks for your feedback on theses two problems.


Hi. Please send us access to your server to our support email and we will help you soon


dfuzion Purchased

Hi, it’s done. you can check your email :)

Hello, already translated into Spanish ??? a greeting.


bizgift Purchased

Hi Marek,

First of all, thanks for all support from the team and also keep up the good work, you’re all great!

Second, where can I add questions instead of ticketing on your support system at

I have questions on how to add controls to pk_videobg. It can be “volume control”, “pause/resume” and so on, according to this control purpose: playing video & audio. Also “volume control” can be persistent through cookies, of course! :)

It might be “good to have”, as some people are visiting sites while in the office and loud audio is not all the time suitable for open spaces… :-)

Thanks again for this infrastructure that ease our life, Tibi.

Hi Bizgift.

You always can write your questions to our support email support [@]

and thank you for your compliments :)


bizgift Purchased

Thank you, I just did it.