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L0cutus Purchased

Any landing page add-on included with this theme or that you can suggest? (that work well with your theme obviously) Thanks!

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme.

Any landing page will work fine with our theme.


L0cutus Purchased

Hello, i finally bought your theme (nice !) but I saw that some words are still in English You can see what i mean here: and here:

how can i translate those words ? Another thing that needs to be translated into ITA is the EU cookie law banner that appears on the page.

Thanks !

Hi. Here you can read about translation

If you will have any further questions, please write to our support:

Hi, I’m actually looking on purchasing a theme for my new Prestashop website. What I’m looking for is:
  • an one page shop and on the side the filters
  • a SEO friendly theme
  • best speed possible Does this theme cover them?


Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme.

1. I’m not sure what do you mean by “one page shop”, maybe a page like this:

2. here you can see an example of product filter

3. Here you can check how google see the page microdata (part of SEO)

4. And here you can check the speed of theme!/cOKIZI/

Best regards. Marek

Hi Marek,

thank you for your answers. I purchased it right now. :-)

Dear Sir… How I can enable the product page filters on the left-panel?


Hi. You just need to install and configure “Layered navigation” module

Hello, do you have or plan to add a review system not only for the products but for the website too (as a service) in order to get a general satisfaction ratings? For the ratings, are emails sent to remind people to leave one ? or is it only based (like standard Prestashop) on the good will of people ?

Hello. Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately we have no such plans.

Hello, Thank you for this great theme. And sorry in advance for this rather long post …

I have quite a blocking problem. First in localhost (WAMP), and now the same problem in hosted mode. I thought pass in hosted mode would solve the problem …

Here’s the problem: 1) In the list of modules, all modules “Alysum” do not display their names. It is therefore impossible to identify the module to configure. Screenshot:

2) If you wish to configure a module, the content of the page is displayed, but incomplete. Unable to identify changes to make. This problem only affects modules “Alysum”. Screenshot:

Can you help me ? thank you, Thierry

Hi Thierry. Of course we will help you to solve the issue, but please write about that to our support

Thank you. You are very reactive … Problem solved…

Glad to help!

I am interested in this theme,but it will work with Presta Thanks.

Hi naturell. Last Alysum update was for prestashop I have read changelog of latest version, and there are no major changes, so all should works fine on Alysum will be updated for further prestashop 1.6 versions in future.

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

If you will have any questions, please write to our support and we will help you

I am interested in this theme but would like to know if instagram feed is included in the theme? Thank you!

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Of course, all what you can see in our demo is included into theme.

Alright! Thank you for your quick reply.

hi, we have purchaced the theme but we have an issue with the main slider. It’s not loop the pictures. It make the first loop showing all the images but when it reaches the 1st image then it stops. please send us instactions how to solve this issue

Hi. Please write to our support and we will help you.


nbwebas Purchased

suppor page is down ??

We will back during 10 minutes. Please wait.

Hi, I’m interested in this theme. Is it easy to translate it?

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme. You can translate all phrases or words directly in prestashop back office.


dcgavril Purchased

Hi, presale questions: 1. Is the theme compatible with the latest PrestaShop version v1.6.1.4 ? 2. When do you plan to update/improve the theme, because from what I can see you haven’t updated it in a while now (Last Update – 10 November 15 > and today is 2 February 2016). 3. Does it comme with a fully working demo? you know, an easy way to setup a new site like your demo? (the photos are not important, but the rest of the page configuration and plugins are very important). Thanks.


dcgavril Purchased

Can you please answer ? it’s been 2 days already, I need to take a decision and your lack of support doesn’t help too much.

Hi. Sorry for the delay. Our support is always available htps:// Regarding your question, 1. Yes, theme is compatible with 2. We will release an update when collect some part of fixes. I think it will be soon. 3. Yes, Alysum has presets, you can see it here:!/pk_themesettings but you nee to add a content for some modules like blog

HI, I am interested in this theme, but I have a question , is theme translated into Spanish ? and templates email? or can I translate it?

Hi. Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately no, theme is not translated to Spanish

Is it possible to easily translate the theme?

You can translate all phrases directly in your back office. And I can advice you to translate only modules what you use, it will be faster.

We would like to use the theme. There are small things we want to change. The price and add to cart of the product.tpl we want to place more on top. And the features must be the opening tab. How would we do this so we can still update the theme?


Hi. Thank you for choosing our theme. Please write to our support: https:/


I would like to know if I can use the theme before in my test site, and after in the ufficial site. I hope I don’t need 2 licenses for this. Thank you.

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Of course you can use the theme on your test server before production. There are no any problems

Thank you for your answer.

Hi, I’ve another question, before buying the theme. I would like to know if I can change the layout of the product page. I would like to have the menu in the left column as I have in the home page. I’m looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Hi. Yes, it’s possible, but require small code modification.

Okay. Thank you. I hope is my last question. Do you will provide me this code modification or do I have to do it? Thank you again.

Yes, we will help you with that


I’m sorry to disturb you again. My client love your theme and want to buy it, but before we have another question. Can the left category menu appear like this one Thank you again.

Hi. Yes, it’s possible. You just need to enable categories module in prestashop back office.