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I brought this file and the zip contains nothing at all inside except a DS Store file. Can you please send me the files?

Hey I got the Zip file to work.. Although for some reason when I upload this website the site is not working.. if you visit my website http://www.lloydwest.com.au you will see the images are not loading.. Do you know why this is happening??

Question about the js file? I build sites more for fun and not as a career so this may seem like a simple question. I built a site with this template as a favor, I was forced to do the FTP upload in the public_html folder on the server. Now none of the js photo galleries are functioning, it simple links the image on a blank page. I checked the file relation in calling the script in the head and it appears to still be right…........and suggestions.

Just wanted to tell you this is an awesdome design. I am playing with it now and found it so easy to work with. Also love the 3 different gallery designs.

I see you mentioned youa re thinking of taking this design and developing it in flash. Any chance of doing that? I would buy that also as soon as it is done.

Awesome layout. I tweaked a lot of things about it but the framework is solid.

Very nice layout. But the code is evil! Tables in use for building navigation are not state of the art … and are not good for SEO … are not good for anything … tztztz

But very nice layout – that’s fine :-)

I have bought this and emailed the contact in the zip file, how can I extend the length of the page? I assume it is all CSS related but is there a simple way to do it, or has it already been done?



Far and away, the worst possible thing you can buy on themeforest. Don’t know how it made it past the quality guidelines. It’s full of nasty old Dreamweaver code. It’s fragile, and brittle, and it can’t be easily re-styled or customized. Author needs to either post an update or take it down.

Sorry to hear that you had an bad experience with one of my themes. But please, keep in mind that this theme has been created 5 years ago, and that’s a very long time in Web Development world.

Nasty old Dreamweaver code is also available through any modern browser for more detailed view, I’m sorry you didn’t think about this option before purchasing this theme.

Hopefully you’ll find a better theme to match your needs which is more up to date!