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When will come the Wordpress Theme?

Can the carousel be set up to run in auto mode?

Hi Irein,

You can setup carousel to autoplay. Check all options here: http://www.bkosborne.com/jquery-feature-carousel/options


i purchased this template. i uploaded to my server exactly as is. It is doing funny things in IE – on the very top left hand corner, there’s an empty box and a dark triangle with a question mark in it, surrounded by a white background – then, the template starts. Next, the navigation on top is not as it should be – it seems the whole site positions to the left, including the navigation, and the mouseover effect is all messed up. Any solutions? I tried emailing you first a few hours ago. Thanks.

This theme is outstanding!!!

However, I have found some errors in the colors files in the zip file from Themeforest.net.

1. The images for the GREEN skin are about half missing.

2. In the images for the RED skin there is a green image (ambitios_title_bg)

Please update the zip file to include these images.


I’m getting the following prettyPhoto error when I click on one of my images…

Microsoft JScript runtime error: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object

...in the function _getFileType(itemSrc)

Here is a sample of my html…

What’s causing this and how do I fix?


Love the theme.

Any chance you could update the send.php file to allow for document uploads? I am some what new to this and html and css are the extent of what I can handle.

I love your work and purchased Ambitious and Forceful. The thing is I had issues downloading Forceful using Fire Fox and Chrome the file came up to 170mb. When I finally got it and opened it, it contained both Forceful and Ambitious inside of it. Had I known this prioir to purchasing Ambitious I likely would not have made the extra purchase. That said however it was still worth it, your work rocks sir.

Do you normally put sites together like that ?

- Dredge

Can I easily insert video into the Header Image area instead of having a picture?

Thanks, Dennis

Hi dcmcse, Yes if you know HTML .
Best regards Oleg.

The various headings don’t seem to display in IE9 . One of my client’s computers has IE9 installed and no headings. Any way to fix this?


I’m having problems with the default slider. It works great with IE & Opera, but Firefox throws the text on the right to below the slider image.

It looks like the ambitios_pics -class gets the correct width of 960px in Opera, but in FF it’s 835px. There might be more reasons for this bug though.

Any advice on how to start fixing this? Thanks!

I would seem the bug doesn’t come from CSS , it comes from content.

If I add more text inside the p-tag(s) in a slide, it completely works. It seems 23 words in two paragraphs is too short, 24 words work great.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

When will this come out on wordpress, a previous comment 8 months ago sounded like it would :)




I want to assign different colours to H1, H3 headings – but it looks like the CSS has a general colour assigned to all H tags – is this the case?

I like you Ambitious template. I used blog_v1.html to build many of the pages for a website for a legal firm in Denver, Colorado USA . On the partner pages I inserted using Dreamweaver (CS4 Mac) a spry tab panel to put intro, resume and testimonials on the page. A bullet appears in the tab panel which I cannot get rid of. Need some assistance getting rid of the bullet.

I tried change the ul li to list style none ul li { line-height:30px; margin:0 20px 0 0; padding:0 0 0 23px; background:url(../images/ambitios_marker.png) no-repeat 8px 12px; list-style-image: none; list-style-type: none; }

Did same to li element. Bullets are still there.

Tried to put the spry css on the page to override attached style sheets. Bullets still there.

To see what I mean please go to http://01f51d5.netsolhost.com/horen.html

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi jdowns,
You can use ol instead of ul :)

or add this line to main.css :

ul li.nodot {background:none}
and then add nodot class to li where you want to remove dot:
<li class="nodot">...</li>

Best regards Oleg.


Thank very much for the fast response. I will try and get back to you.

Hi When I put the no dot class it breaks the spry tab panel. Here is the code

  • Introduction
  • Resume
  • Testimonials

Is there a higher level css that will get ride of the dots?

The spry panel looks like this http://01f51d5.netsolhost.com/horen.html. You can see the pesky dots as well.

Hi when using the portfolio3 page the first thumbnail in the list does not load a image it just shows the loading icon all the rest of the thumbs work, I’m using the Lime version.

Hi Ash-Speake,
It’s because there is no link at this thumb.
Best regards Oleg.

Hi how do you set up the contact form so the messages come to my email?



Never mind was staring me in the face the whole time.

It looks great!