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Hi Liviu! I try to introduce a new logo 318×200px, but it reduces the resolution from 318×200px at 159×100px. What seemed to be the problem?


By the way, very nice theme!

Alright, I’m glad that helped.

Hi Liviu! It’s me again :) Where or how can I make SEO for the theme?


Hi, you should use a plugin for SEO settings:


Cbayon Purchased

Hi, I really like this theme. I was wondering if it is possible for the menus to have subcategories. For example, open Wines and where the description would be, have links that say red, white, sparkling, and when they’re clicked it changes the content on the right. Our restaurant has over 300 wines, so we really need to be able to sub-categorize.

Hi, thank you for your interest. Indeed you can sub-categorize the menu in different ways. The simple obvious one is to have a page for each sub-category and add links in the sidebar for each one of them. Another solution would be to use accordions or tabs (seen in the Shortcodes page) for an in-page navigation. You can definitely go creative and still get the job done with this theme. Hope this helps.

Hi Liviu,

The theme looks great I have one question before purchasing though, I need to import a craft background to be the logo background etc rather than just a colour (so as you have green as default) Is that possible? Hope to hear from you soon!

Best, AK

Hi, thank you for your interest – it is possible, sure. If you decide to make the purchase please contact me via the Support tab or my profile message form and I’ll help you out with a simple CSS snippet. Hope this helps.

Hello, Can i have more than one image on the background. i mean a slideshow?

Hi, there is no slideshow feature available for the entire page background – you can modify this behavior in a child theme if you have some web development skills or hire a freelancer to help you out.


I just purchased your theme. How can I make the theme look exactly like the demo version?

Regards Matthias

Hi, thank you for your purchase – please read the theme documentation on how to import the demo data and I’m sure you’ll figure it out in no time.

Thanks, just found it :-)

How to remove ”,” the comma in the menu/navigation area?? I would like to remove.. Please help…

Thank You

Hi, you can easily remove the comma character using this CSS snippet (in Theme Options > Custom CSS field):

#menu ul ul a:after { content: ''; }

Hope this helps.

My pleasure, glad I could be of help.

Hello, I love this theme. Very simple.

I try to create a menu item with a different type. I copy the code one line of code from pages grill and a longer code of the page pasta, but I get messy lines.

Is it possible if I got what I wanted. Menu item with image and are not in the category of one page?

Sory, i think it was solved. I create 2 menu item tag.

Hi, thank you for your purchase and I’m glad you figured things out yourself.

how can i modify Page Subtitle? I want to create some html description.

Hi, sure, just edit the Page Subtitle field in the metaboxes section of a page (under the main content editor). If you have any other concerns/questions please address them via the Support tag and I’ll get back with you via email. Thank you.

Hai.. this template is very usefull for me.

Can i have same widget on Homepage and Page viewing? I want to dispalay homepage widget in all on page.

Hi, thank you for your purchase – I’m not really sure what you mean but the homepage doesn’t support any widget. You can use the Extra information under the menu field in the Theme Options to add additional information on the homepage. For any other questions please use the Support tab or my profile’s contact form and I’ll get back with you via email. Thank you.

No, i dont want to put widget in the homepage. I want to display menu like a hompage in a page viewing.

and once more, can i put some picture slider in the homepage menu?

I see, there is no such feature to display page content and menu at the same time and the background of the page is a simple image (no slideshow support).

For any other questions please use the Support tab or my profile’s contact form and I’ll get back with you via email. Thank you.

Hi – Great theme – thanks for the creative work! I am having a weird problem – i imported the demo material and am just modifying it to build out a quick site, but the menu links are not working correctly. When I add a page link in the menu (like the Antipasto page, for example), it doesn’t open the page unless I set it as a custom link, which then causes the pages to load again with the menu open already, and I lose that lovely opening effect.

I thought it might be a problem with using or modifying the demo content, so I deleted the demo menu links and built new ones, but I am still having the same problem. If I add a page to the menu, it does not connect unless I change the link to a custom http:// link.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi, I will answer to your private message via email and will solve your situation don’t worry – please use a single method of communication to receive a faster reply. Thank you.

Hi, I have purchased your theme and find it great and unique. I’m having one small problem with it though. The site is at and I have 2 other domains that point to this domain or are parked on top of the domain. They are and The problem is that if someone types in one of the parked domain addresses, none of the icons show up anymore. If you type in the original address, then they show up fine. Can you tell me what might be causing this? I need the site to look and act the same, no matter which domain the user types in to get to the site. Thanks in advance!

Sorry to keep adding to this. But I did figure out how to get the icons to show up with the code below. However, the links still don’t work on the parked domains. I tried creating custom menu links that go simply to the page /breakfast instead of and this works to get the page there, but then the X does not work to close out and go back to the main page. It wants to go to but won’t do anything when you click on the X.

You can see this behaviour by going to and everything works fine. Then go to and the icons now show up but the menu doesn’t work unless you try Breakfast (B), then it will work but then you can’t get back to main page.

Here was the code I needed to use in the .htaccess file to get the icons to show up. Now I just need something to get the links to work.

<FilesMatch ”\.(ttf|otf|woff)$”> <IfModule mod_headers.c> Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin ”*” </IfModule> </FilesMatch>

I found a code that works just in case anyone else runs into this problem. The only thing it doesn’t do is keep your visitors on the parked domain, it forwards them to the main domain, but I can live with that for now just to get this to work:

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

<FilesMatch "\.(ttf|otf|woff)$">
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" 

# END WordPress

Hi, you should know support is better handled via the Support tab of the item – this is more of a section for pre-sales questions. Thank you for the .htaccess solution, it may be useful to other clients. I never tested the theme behavior on parked domains, but the WordPress framework has it’s URL setting that the theme uses via the home_url function for closing button (Settings > General section) – you are free to adapt the theme to match your specific requirements. I’m not really sure the Regular License covers the use of a theme on multiple domains, but you’ll have to check with Envato Support to see if you require unique licenses for each domain.

where i can find photo id for showing in this tag? [gallery link=”file” columns=”2” ids=”47,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,59,60,62”]

Hi, please use the WordPress gallery editor to modify a gallery shortcode – it is a standard feature (not related to this theme) accessible from the Visual editor.


ktavas Purchased


I want to say that I purchased your theme and I find it amazing. I’m from Croatia and have a little problem with language. Currently the website is operating in my native language, but I want there to be option for english. I can’t add widget area and have installed Polylang plugin, so I don’t know where and how should I put icon that would change language.

If it’s easier for you, contact me via e-mail. Thanks for your response and a great theme, K

Hi, thank you for your purchase – I must say I’m not really familiar with the Polylang plugin. I tested the theme only with WPML (which is a premium plugin) – it should be translated easily with any other well developed solution. I see the Polylang can be added via the nav menu, so you should try that also or use the Additional Information field from the Theme Options to add some shortcodes or icons for this plugin. Anyway, being a third party solution I’m afraid you are on your own setting it up and using it in the theme.

Hi, pre-sale question here: it is possible to have a non-static background image? I mean if it’s possible to have a slider or something like that. Great theme, beautiful and elegant. Thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest – the only option currently available is to set a background image to each page/post (no slideshow option). Hope this helps.


nzdmi Purchased

Hi, we’ve been using this theme for a while now and had no problems until now. In the last few days the homepage links stopped working, despite everything in WP being kept up to date. Can you please advise what could be causing the issue? Please view: Thank you

Hi, please use the Support tab to send me wp-admin details so I can investigate your issue further. I advice to temporary disable all the plugins that are not required by theme until we get to the bottom of this. Thank you.


nzdmi Purchased

Hi, I received an email with Theme update, but I don’t want to loose all of the existing content. Can you please confirm if the update needs to be installed manually?

Hi, the theme update doesn’t remove any of your existent content (posts, pages, theme options) – it just replaces all the theme files with the latest versions. You can always update by FTP, if you prefer to do it manually.

Hi, nice looking theme! Pre-sales question: I noticed in the comments from a while ago WooCommerce was mentioned… Did you add support for this? Thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest – for now full compatibility with WooCommerce is not present.

Ok no problem, I went ahead and purchased anyway :)

Thank you, if you have any suggestions regarding the interface of the WooCommerce integration I will definitely consider it in the next releases – just drop me a message via the Support tab.

Hi I’m a bit puzzled how do i add images for specific menu pages? i don’t see featured image in page posts…

Hi, background images are added via the Set Featured Image standard functionality available for every post and page. Please contact me via the Support tab for further problems (include a preview URL or wp-admin credentials) and I’ll get back to you via email. Thank you!

Hi, I’m just about to purchase this theme for a client, but they have a concerns about the responsive view. I have tested it on my iPhone (iOS 9.0.1). 1. The navigation brings up 3 (burger) navigations. Is there a way for it to be just one? 2. The gallery page doesn’t display any images in responsive view.

I’d like to purchase it today, so your earliest response is welcomed. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, thank you for your interest – please check again I cleared the cache of the theme and everything seems to work fine (it was a configuration issue on my server). Let me know if you have any other concerns/questions.

great. Looks and works as I wanted. thanks for your response.

Alright, no problem.

Hi, nice theme.. i didnt see collapsible menu in menu sidebar, that is possible to make collapsible menu or not? thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest – as you can see from the menu structure on the preview a collapse-able menu doesn’t make much sense in its context/design (the answer to your question is no). Hope this helps.