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TasGeo Purchased

Hi L C – here is some positive feedback. I first showed this theme to a potential client several months ago, and it has stayed i my mind for all that time. I haven’t yet started coding with it yet but I think you’ve done a n excellent job making it stand out.

Hi, thank you for your purchase and for your awesome feedback – I appreciate it very much. Good luck with your project!

What has been changed? There is no changelog… Regards

Hi, the latest update includes minor changes in preparation for the WordPress 4.5 launch.


I ‘m thinking of buying the Amici template but have some doubts :

1 ) In the home I might add, after icons of social networks, a small horizontal menu with links to legal information such as “legal notice ” , “Privacy Policy ” and ” Cookies Policy ”? In addition it needs this menu is kept also visible when the card is opened.

2) To edit the menu sections ( ” Pasta & Risotto ” , ... ) any additional plugin needed? What is this ” Cerchez menu ”?

3) You could add to each menu item an image of that dish ?

4 ) If the website is in several languages ??, Do you have a reserved space template to place links change language ?

5) You could send me some documentation which could clarify other possible doubt?

Thank you very much.


Hi, thank you for your interest – I’ll try to answer you to your concerns/questions:

1. You can edit the section below the menu (where the social links are placed) where you can add any HTML/shortcode data you need (it won’t be visible all the time)

2. The Cerchez Menu plugin is bundled with the theme and will help you manage the menu using a shortcode builder

3. Sure, as you can see in the preview

4. The theme is ready to be translated in any language (use the space below the menu for any language selector)

5. You can browse through the get started documentation available at

Hope this helps. Liviu