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Does your theme allow for a Twitter feed integration?

Doesn’t have. But you can use any custom widget with it such as this. If you need to show it on post content area instead of sidebar, you can create custom sidebar that contains a twitter feed widget and call this on pagebuilder with sidebar element.


Does your theme provide icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, links and

Theme comes with FontAwesome icon library. And Simple line icons as well. FA library has all those icons and my answer is YES. Thanks

Can you customize the fonts with your theme?

Theme includes all possible google fonts. Please check Site Customize =>Font Options. You can select any one for your need. But it doesn’t support another font libraries. Thanks

Hi!! How can i remove de comments option from my page? thanks!!

If you need to remove it on a specific page, please uncheck 2 selections on discussion box . If you cannot find it on your page, please allow it from screen options

Yes we have a predefined option that removes comment form on ALL your pages. Please use the option from Theme Options => Post & Page => Comment On Pages (Turn Off)


Hi – what kind of Page Builder is this? Is it something you’ve developed specifically for this theme or is it a separate plugin (like Visual Composer)?


It’s a developed specifically for this theme. You can see quick overview from HERE. Thanks


I really do love this theme. Do you have support for reviews? I would like to setup a food review blog. I need to write a complete review with a rating table with parameters (for example, as I can see in the about us page, web design 76%, graphic design: 90%, and so on).

Is it possible? Thank you

You can use that Progress bar element on any custom column and width. Look at this. And if you need some rating function, you can use some plugin for it

Thanks a lot

Thank you very much for your answer. Can I use this progress bar in my post? Is it a shortcode element?

It is a pagebuilder element. You can use the pagebuilder on both page and post. Thanks

Hi there,

Could you please tell me what’s the size of your homepage Rev Slider please?


IGNORE THIS ONE (solved) ->> Hi, My WPML language selector when added to the menu is not formated like the other menu dropdown elements. How must I add the language selector please? Thx

This is a simple button code. Please paste it on Layer content
<a class="btn btn-primary btn-md" style="color: #FFF" href="">Learn More</a>


Cool. Thanks. :)

Hi, I’ve tried to add an anchor link to a Revolution slider button without succeeding. Is that possible? Thanks.

Yes, your button works fine. Thanks. I would like to have an achor link around it, pointing to a point on the homepage (to one of the boxes), not to the slider itself. Is that possible please? I tried with usual html code, but it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks.

Is this issue still there? You want to make more space around this button and make more clickable space right?


Hi, no I think the problem is that from the slideshow it’s impossible to point to an anchor that is outside of it (though on the same page). But don’t worry, I’ve decided to remove these buttons in the meantime.


I’m interested in purchasing this theme, but was curious to know if this is compatible with WordPress 4.0?

Yes sir :)

Hello, I purchased this theme and am experiencing some issues with the revolution slider and am getting the error message “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias ammo not found.” I have tried to import the and keep getting this error ms: “importing slider setings and data… Error: Wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled.”

Here’s my site:

Please advise Ty

Hi there,

Please try to use “Demo data importer” first. It makes you to include slider content and general layout. You can replace and update existing slider for your need.

Or you can create a new slider on Revo and select it on your Front page.

Finally you can allow Zip extension on your server if you wish. Ask your hosting provider how to do it


I am also having issues with my purchase code please advise. Your timely response is most appreciate.Ty

This is a way to get purchase code,

And if you want to put it on slider settings and allow auto updates, it won’t work, because it is a theme code and you don’t have a slider licences yet. So I’ll provide you slider updates within theme updates



inqbo Purchased

Hello, How can I active the plugin Master Slider?

1. You can activate it like this

2. Or Go to the Appearance->Install Plugins

3. Or try manual method. Plugin source exists on framework\addons\plugins\ of the theme directory


Hi there,

I’m trying to update LayerSlider but my purchase code doesn’t seem to work (“Your purchase code seems to be invalid”).

And when I try to update MasterSlider I get the following message: “Downloading package from envato marketplace … Error on unzipping archive file ..”



Please wait a while, I’ll update it soon and you can get updated versions of the sliders there tomorrow. You only have a licence of the theme and You don’t have a licence code of the sliders then they don’t provide automatic updates.


Ok, thanks a lot!

hi, how can i view pagination or/and Breadcrums on portfolio pages. Like this: Categories > Sub categories > Portfolio one page.

Like this page: Home > Files > WordPress > Corporate > Business > Ammo – Corporate MultiPurpose Theme

1. Pagination: Portfolio element has an option to allow paged posts. Please go to your page and edit your Portfolio element and configure those options up.

2. Breadcrumb: The theme doesn’t have breadcrumb function yet. Therefore you should use additional plugin there. Seems good to place breadcrumb links at next of page title. And there may need more css styling and I can help you with it when you share your site address.

Thanks a lot

Hi, I tried adding the skype icon with the following link: skype:bt.relocation?call The icon appears but the link doesn’t work. Why please?

Thanks and kindest regards.

And do you have am icon for the urls of the team members please?

Please tell me where do you want to show them? Can you provide your site address, I don’t remember what was that.

You can add social links with special formats on Social links field of Team element. Please check the element and option description there


I’ve answered on your email. Please check there and follow the instruction :)

When trying to update Wordpress or plugins, using Envato Toolkit from the sidebar within the WP admin, I am unable to update plugins or Wordpress and receive the following error. I have uploaded the most recent version of Envato Toolkit to my plugin folder in the back end. Nothing works.

Warning: An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums. (WordPress could not establish a secure connection to Please contact your server administrator.) in /home/citdes/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php on line 77

Fatal error: Class ‘TGM_Bulk_Installer’ not found in /home/citdes/public_html/wp-content/themes/ammo/framework/addons/tgmplugin/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1594

Have you solved the issue?
Looks this issue comes from server restriction mostly. Btw Envato toolkit updated 1.7.2 and you should install this version and try again.


The problem must be with the template. I could solve this only by deleting the theme, purchasing a different theme and installing it. My new theme works perfectly with no issues.


I have a problem with the menu, it is normally RESPONSIVE.

But on the type Tablet (iPad 2), in landscape, the menu is not reduced … and the logo goes below the header …

Thank you for your help :)


Looks you found the solution for it. I think 664px wide range is enough for menu and Most effective method is to reduce text length. If you still need to switch it under 1024, let me know



I have problems with LayerSlider sliders and Master SLIDER.

For the 2 plugins, it tells me that I have to update the license, and when I get the code you have provided me with my purchase that does not work.

(Status: Failed to set up automatic updates)

MASTER SLIDER does not work, when I click on add a slider, the screen is gray and nothing happens …

Thank you for your help,


You have the purchase code of the theme only. And I’ll provide slider updates within theme updates. Please update your theme in times and disregard the slider notices.

And I saw your topics on the forum and will answer there soon


Thank you for your help :)