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Hi I purchased this theme and i install. But My Main menu not show icon. (Home ikon, Pages ikon) Please help me…

My Site: http://www.selkamedya.com/medya

I wait your reply already?

If you not answer please send back my money. I not use thist template already…

Why portfolio categories doesn’t work? I don’t see portfolio categories in the frontend!

20 Days ago you mentioned that you were working on a large update that would have been released 19 days ago… Any update on this?

Anything at all here guys? At lease write up how to remove that loading screen on each page.

Just open the header.php and remove this code:

<!--Preload--> <style> #spinner {background-image: url(http://ava-themes.com/WP/Ampersand/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/bgsplash1.jpg);} </style> <div id="spinner"> <img src="http://ava-themes.com/WP/Ampersand/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/spinner2.png" alt="img" class="logo" /> <img src="http://ava-themes.com/WP/Ampersand/wp-content/themes/Ampersand/img/line.png" alt="img" class="line" /> </div>

Contact Form broken. Another bug: contact page isn’t pulling the forms from Theme Options because on page-templates/contact-layout.php

The code is trying to ask for a Google Map.

<div class="full contactForm"> <div class="aboutFull full"> <h3>Contact <span>us</span></h3> <div id="contact-form"> <?php echo do_shortcode('<?php global $smof_data; echo $smof_data["google_map"]; ?>'); ?> </div> </div> </div>

What should the code be to call the contact form?

Another bug found: Services and Team pages display a { symbol before any text comes up. Please fix this in your update that you said would roll out 2 months ago.

Thank you, we will check all of these ASAP and release another update, latest by Monday afternoon.

This is NOT fixed!!!

Hi I have purchased your theme. Thanks.

In working to manupulate teh design I have come across some things I’d like to change but am unable. Perhaps they are not even possible. but I’d like to at least ask.

1. Can the red line be removed form the loading screen. 2. Can a home page portfolio item be a video? self hosted or otherwise? 3. WHy are my portfolio items not performing like in your demo? FOr instance, rolling over your smaller images reveals a red box of text. 4. Where have the home nav icons gone. I can see them in source files but the will not appear? 5. Can the nav bar and rollover of the gallery image be seperate colors? If so what am I missing?

I tried opening a ticket with no ability to login. Sorry.

Thanks, A

Thank you for your comment, I’ve forwarded your message to our developers and we’ll release an update and answer all your questions within the next 24 hours.

great thanks, ps the site location is www.testsite.athleteminder.com if you need to take a look.

Thank you.

Update v1.2 – April 15th, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE – You can change the diagonal line on the loading screen
  • NEW FEATURE – You can change the color for the navigation
  • NEW FEATURE – Portfolio works with video posts
  • FIXED – Responsive Issues
  • FIXED – Browser Issues

Are you guys kidding me??!! 2 months later you roll out an “update” without patch notes?!

So I went ahead and just reinstalled your recent Theme and figured surely you would have solved some problems. Instead it just overwrote a lot of the fixes I had in palace now I have to go back in and implement them again.

The form still doesn’t work! - “Holla at us” Seriously that’s your place holder text for a broken form? The team and services pages still display a ”/ {” symbols before any text comes up.

Fix this ASAP or pay me for my time I have vested in your theme.

Another major bug since you’ve redone the code for the loading screen, the site doesn’t load. It’s just stuck on that screen.

Pre purshase questions: 1. WPML support? 2. po mo support? 3. why is theme so slow on your demo?

1. no 2. no 3. because we’ve used very large images on the site.

AVAThemes are not fair! It deletes files as can not cope with the repair!


100 people bought United – Modern Responsive Magazine & Blog Theme – 55$!

and they have not repaired the errors just removed the file!

I want my money back for Modern Responsive Magazine & Blog Theme!

Comments from Modern Responsive Magazine & Blog Theme:

“I want my money back, your template is bad coded, you started selling before giving us a decent product. Give my money back. Please do not do anything, because we are seeing That your template is plenty of errors.”

“I want my money back, your template is bad coded, you started selling before giving us a decent product. Give my money back.”

“The scrolling is kind of weird in Safari for OS X in your demo, tried it in a few machines =)”

We haven’t deleted it, it’s being updated and approved by themeforest at the moment!

How can I get a refund for flowerbomb theme. I cannot wait any longer for support, it is unheard of that I cannot get support in 5 days. I have purchased dozens of themes from many developers and this is the worst support and buggy theme I have purchased. I cannot believe that this theme received 4 stars by any means, there are code errors, theme settings do not work, spelling and other errors galore. I really wish I would have read all the comments before I purchased this because it is obvious that there is no support and many problems with themes

ampersand.wordpress.2013-12-06.xml too old, can provide an updated demo data?Unable to import attachments?http://ava-themes.com/WP/Ampersand_XML Error?

Please update the topic as soon as possible, do not disappoint me!

update the theme by tomorrow afternoon.????????

????????????????? I come from China.

We will check this out and update the theme by tomorrow afternoon.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Service super bad!

Can you please email us at support@avathemes.com ?



aliput Purchased

Hi AVAThemes,

I’ve downloaded and installed the Wordpress version of your theme. However upon creating a new page I found I’m unable to put my own text into the page – all the templates are hardcoded. Can you clarify please how I would go about editing the pages so I can include my own text please.

Can you please send us an email at support@avathemes.com?



aliput Purchased

I have. I sent the same request at 00:26 gmt 7th Jan 2015…

I’m so sorry, but we did not recieve that e-mail. Could you please send the request to us again, and we’ll get to it asap.