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hey some quick questions before i purchase this nice theme: 1. how many languages are supported 2. does this theme support testimonials slider? 3. can the menu bar color be changed? I see from demos it’s only in black 4. is it wooCommerce compatible?

thanks Simon

According to the promo text here and elsewhere, Amplus is fully multi-lingual. In particular, it says that, when a new language is enabled, new language fields will be added to widget titles, menus, page/post/portfolio/pagemedia content and theme options. With PageMedia content, captions can be displayed in the alternative language but it’s essential to be able to display a different image also. Where images include text, it’s essential to be able to display an alternative image. Can you help?

HI, is there a button to add shortcodes from editor? i didn’t find it

Hello bfintal, I have a very urgent question! I´ve bought version 2.0.4 of this theme. Since two severe Malware issues, my provider refuses to activate my account again until the Current Wordpress Installation (3.2) is updated. I recall that Amplus 2.0.4 had problems with newer Wordpress Installations. Two questions here: Can I upgrade my Amplus Theme without worries to loose content? Is there a possibility to patch the current running Version of Amplus to be compatible to the newer Wordpress Versions? I would prefer the second solution, since I´ve modified some parts of the existing style sheets etc. from 2.0.4 with the help of a programmer to fit my needs and I don´t want to loose that. I fact I would like to stay with the current website as it is, but just update my Wordpress Installation. Thank you for a quick response!

Thanks for this theme,

Our problem is corrupted characters in translations. After we translate some texts from Local translation editing page Turkish characters like ? or ? does’t seems be right.

You can check it from this page: http://www.sdn.com.tr/contact-us/?l=tr Those characters are shownwith ? symbol.

How can we fix this?


I would like to create a site in Japanese. Is translation of Japanese to English possible? a reply—I am waiting

Hello There, I have purchased your them and integrated with my website. One major problem i got is when i logged in admin , my top menu disappears. My site URL is http://jomeico.ehostinguk.com/

Hi. Sorry, i don’t speak english and this is question for purchase your theme, thanks.

I wonder if I can incorporate a plugin to create a users register. Do you think is the best one to suit your template, and please make it free, thank you very much.

I need the translation into Catalan, exist is the converted file ??

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Hi there, I purchased this awesome theme! But I have an urgent question about changing the background. I understand how to customize it but I would like to custumize further in the stylesheet. Could I send you a screenshot and explain what I want to realize? Hope to hear from you soon. I’m sure the solution is very simple, I just can’t see it yet, and would like your help if possible!

Kind regards, Tamara

Hello, I would like to purchase this awesome theme, but can you please tell me if it’s compatible to woocommerce? Best regards

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Please provide me an option to remove “JOIN MY MAILING LIST” in the settings… I mean come on… you say “This message will go away in a while if ignored”... How long does it take? Very bad first impressions :(

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This is not just in the settings.. it’s on EVERY PAGE in admin !!!!

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and now you want me to rate you 5 stars ??? WOW – Don’t take up my real estate in wordpress dude… That is SO ANNOYING.



I buy Amplus just to find at the end of two weeks of work that i can´t translate page titles. I didn’t get any response from the team. I loosed my money , my work and a client thanks to this theme, be careful

I have been looking for a multilingual Wordpress theme for my website http://www.lingochaps.com. Just wanted to know if I don’t want to translate all the pages (or posts) of my own language into a different language, can it be done? The scenario is like I may have a different page design (lesser or more ) pages and menu items in different languages. Is this possible with this theme. Can anybody suggest? TIA.

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Is support over?

I can’t submit tickets on support website and there seems to be no answers of recent posts here.

Support never really existed for this theme and we bought it 3 years ago! They are just here to rip people off! If you bought it… sorry man, trash it! If you haven’t… don’t waste your time and money here! The last support for this theme was six months ago! Spend your hard earned money with someone who gives a shit!

Envato… Why do you allow business to be done this way on YOUR SITE! Your the one we should stop doing business with! Stop selling this piece of crap for these people!

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I’ve bought this item BUT there is no way to format the language versions… and the vendor did NOT fix this for weeks not even a usable feedback. So far forget the claim “mulitlingual” and go for WPML to save your time, money and nerves.

Do you have a list of all the languages that this theme supports?


Can you please tell me what to modify in order to have the logo without the home link src? thank you!

Hi. doessuppor is support woocommerce? i want to know does it support persian and arabic language? thanks

does it support woocommerce? thanks for your support.