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hey some quick questions before i purchase this nice theme: 1. how many languages are supported 2. does this theme support testimonials slider? 3. can the menu bar color be changed? I see from demos it’s only in black 4. is it wooCommerce compatible?

thanks Simon

According to the promo text here and elsewhere, Amplus is fully multi-lingual. In particular, it says that, when a new language is enabled, new language fields will be added to widget titles, menus, page/post/portfolio/pagemedia content and theme options. With PageMedia content, captions can be displayed in the alternative language but it’s essential to be able to display a different image also. Where images include text, it’s essential to be able to display an alternative image. Can you help?

HI, is there a button to add shortcodes from editor? i didn’t find it

Hello bfintal, I have a very urgent question! I´ve bought version 2.0.4 of this theme. Since two severe Malware issues, my provider refuses to activate my account again until the Current Wordpress Installation (3.2) is updated. I recall that Amplus 2.0.4 had problems with newer Wordpress Installations. Two questions here: Can I upgrade my Amplus Theme without worries to loose content? Is there a possibility to patch the current running Version of Amplus to be compatible to the newer Wordpress Versions? I would prefer the second solution, since I´ve modified some parts of the existing style sheets etc. from 2.0.4 with the help of a programmer to fit my needs and I don´t want to loose that. I fact I would like to stay with the current website as it is, but just update my Wordpress Installation. Thank you for a quick response!

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Our problem is corrupted characters in translations. After we translate some texts from Local translation editing page Turkish characters like ? or ? does’t seems be right.

You can check it from this page: http://www.sdn.com.tr/contact-us/?l=tr Those characters are shownwith ? symbol.

How can we fix this?


I would like to create a site in Japanese. Is translation of Japanese to English possible? a reply—I am waiting

Hello There, I have purchased your them and integrated with my website. One major problem i got is when i logged in admin , my top menu disappears. My site URL is http://jomeico.ehostinguk.com/

Hi. Sorry, i don’t speak english and this is question for purchase your theme, thanks.

I wonder if I can incorporate a plugin to create a users register. Do you think is the best one to suit your template, and please make it free, thank you very much.

I need the translation into Catalan, exist is the converted file ??

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tampat Purchased

Hi there, I purchased this awesome theme! But I have an urgent question about changing the background. I understand how to customize it but I would like to custumize further in the stylesheet. Could I send you a screenshot and explain what I want to realize? Hope to hear from you soon. I’m sure the solution is very simple, I just can’t see it yet, and would like your help if possible!

Kind regards, Tamara