Amplus - Responsive Multilingual WordPress Theme

“Amplus” which means “large” in Latin, is a feature-packed responsive, multilingual, multi-purpose WordPress theme which incorporates large featured images perfect business sites and online portfolios.

“Definitely the easiest to use WordPress theme out there”

Amplus is..

Responsive. We have used a customized version of GetSkeleton to make the theme look beautiful in desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Icons also use Font Awesome and Monosocial, and are all vectors, which look great in any resolution.

Multilingual. No more need for any WPML plugins, or any other external PO editors! Plus, RTL is fully supported! Adding new languages to the theme is made easy through out language admin panel. Just choose a locale, then add it! Afterwards, new language fields will be added to widget titles, menus, page/post/portfolio/pagemedia content and theme options. There is also a translation editor provided in the admin for changing static words found across the theme (e.g. read more button labels). Ours is a complete solution to all your multi-language needs.

CDN Offloading. We have taken it ourselves to lessen your bandwidth consumption and decrease your site’s loading time. A lot of the javascript and CSS files by the theme are offloaded to different reliable and fast CDN servers like Google, CDNjs and jsDelivr. These feature allows for faster serving of files because your most used scripts are delivered and cached by servers which are scattered across the world, enabling the closest server to do the hard work instead of your own server.

Includes Pro Server Tips. Even if the theme is well coded and the scripts are all clean and fast, your server usually serves as a huge speed bottleneck for your visitors. We have included a bunch of pro tips for server optimization. These are tips which we ourselves use to speed up our websites. If you know to use a WordPress caching plugin and you think that’s enough.. that’s just the tip of the iceberg of optimization.

Easy Installation. Install and activate the theme from your admin, and notifications will show up on stuff which you still need to perform to successfully setup the theme. Documentation is also provided that contains detailed installation and setup instructions as well as frequently asked questions to help you on your way.

600+ Google WebFonts. We have included a ton of fonts for you to choose from.

Infinite scrolling. In blog pages, portfolio pages, search and archives, just scroll down and the next entries will be loaded automatically for you. No need to switch pages.

Pagemedia. This is a new type of post in our themes. Basically, a pagemedia is your page’s header and it can be an image, image slider, or video. You can assign any of your pages with a pagemedia. This allows for a lot of flexibility in your layouts.

Shortcodes. We have a lot of beautiful shortcodes available for you to use. All the shortcodes available as listed in the demo site and this can be used as your manual on how to use them. Also, as an added bonus, all the shortcodes are flexible, you can add custom styling to each shortcode. Just add the style attribute and you can put in your additional css styles.

reCaptcha. Stop getting spam in your comments and contact forms. reCaptcha is integrated in the theme, visitors would need to fill out a distorted phrase first to continue submitting forms.

Video Tutorials

Full Feature Set

  • Responsive, looks awesome in desktops, tablets and phone
  • Multilingual. Not JUST translation ready, but a COMPLETE solution
  • Multilingual widgets
  • Multilingual content
  • Multilingual menus
  • Built-in .po editor
  • No need for any translation plugins (e.g. no more WMPL)
  • CDN offloaded scripts and styles
  • 8 New widgets
    • Flickr (using Flickr Photostream)
    • Language switcher
    • Map
    • Newsletter signup (MailChimp)
    • Portfolio
    • Searchbar
    • StreetView
    • Twitter
  • Page templates
    • Portfolio template (2, 3, or 4 column layout)
    • Blog template
    • Sitemap template
  • Unlimited colors
  • Changeable background
  • Nivo image slider
  • Responsive embeded YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Infinite scrolling pages
  • Smart admin
  • Admin installation and setup notifications
  • reCaptcha comment and contact forms
  • MailChimp sign up form integration
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Includes pro server tips
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Left or right sidebars in your pages
  • 4 Footer widgets
  • Tons of shortcodes (view them in the demo site)
  • HTML5, includes HAML source
  • CSS3, includes SASS and Compass source
  • 600+ Google WebFonts
  • Bfi_thumb for image resizing
  • Social network icons
  • Vector icons (uses Font Awesome)
  • Cross-browser compatibility for Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE8, IE9, and IE10
  • Extensive documentation with FAQs
  • Video tutorials
  • Includes pro server optimization tips


Version 3.2

Major adjustment: Feature Images are now used for blog and portfolio posts
Major adjustment: Selecting a front page now follows the WordPress standard. You can now select your front page from Settings > Reading
New feature: Amplus can now be updated right from the admin!
New feature: Admin now displays notifications of new theme updates!
New feature: TGM Plugin Activation is now integrated with the theme!
New feature: Envato WordPress Toolkit is now integrated with the theme!
New feature: CDN offloaded scripts can now be disabled
Enhancement: Colorpickers now show a textbox for changing colors
Enhancement: Translated pages load a little bit faster now
Enhancement: BFI framework updated
Enhancement: Some code cleanup
Bug fix: Fixed bug where blog post titles were not showing translated versions

Version 3.1.2

Major bug fix: Fixed bug where custom meta were not being translated

Version 3.1.1

Enhancement: The theme directory now doesn't include the theme version, so that future updates won't force the reset of menus and widgets
Bug fix: lists and videos now show correctly inside tabs
Bug fix: fixed error where uploading images with fresh installations of WP 3.6 had errors
Bug fix: removed error messages that appeared in debug mode for first time activations
Bug fix: removed error messages that appeared when a default frontpage was set
Adjustment: Adjusted documentation

Version 3.1

Enhancement: Updated for Wordpress 3.6!
Enhancement: Now uses WordPress' add media function for uploading images
Enhancement: For new activations, a default frontpage is set automatically
Enhancement: If no menu is selected, a menu is created by default instead of just showing nothing
Enhancement: Updated the look of icons, they now look awesome
Enhancement: Filter buttons in portfolio templates can now be enabled/disabled
Enhancement: Added theme settings in the WP admin bar
Enhancement: Added code docs to helper functions in framework
Enhancement: Better excerpts (forms no longer showing in excerpts)
Adjustment: Cleaned up header a bit
Adjustment: Changed behavior of portfolio filter buttons: only portfolio categories selected in the template will be shown. Filter buttons will only be shown if there are more than one category selected.
Bug fix: Adjusted the loading of Google WebFonts so that the character set subsets are loaded correctly. This is helpful for multilingual sites that use foreign characters.
Bug fix: Fixed bug where unlimited scrolling didn't work for large number of posts/portfolios for multiple languages
Bug fix: Navigation bar opacity was accidentally removed, brought it back
Bug fix: Footer bar opacity was accidentally removed, brought it back
Bug fix: Fixed bug where the language switcher can have multiple language attributes
Bug fix: Fixed display bug for when reminders are still shown even if they have been removed
Bug fix: Fixed bug where shortcodes in tab contents were not rendered
Bug fix: Fixed bug where the categories attribute in the post shortcode was not working properly
Bug fix: Fixed bug where in some Windows servers, an fnmatch error shows up

Version 3.0.2

Enhancement: Brought back the blog post date design from v1 and v2 due to popular demand!
Enhancement: Some code clean up
Enhancement: Added remove button on admin notifications so that you can permanently hide them
Enhancement: Added default values for portfolio categories and post categories when editing pages to prevent and error from showing up
New feature: There are 84 social icons now (there were 54 before) and they are now fonts (vector).

Version 3.0.1

Enhancement: Supports WordPress 3.5.2
Enhancement: Added newwindow option for the pricing tab shortcode
Enhancement: Images placed via WP's 'Add Media' button aren't anymore scaled to 100% width and are now properly responsive when their widths become too big for the site.
Bug fix: Fixed bug where the size attribute in the language_switcher shortcode doesn't work
Bug fix: Fixed bug where in some servers, the main style.min.css didn't get loaded because of a URL error
Bug fix: Fixed Twitter! Updated the Twitter widget to use Twitter API 1.1
Bug fix: Fixed bug where special characters in the translation editor became html entities when edited multiple times

Version 3.0

New feature: Portfolio now has filters!
New feature: Widgets are now translatable!
New feature: RTL languages now supported!
New feature: Now unbelievably an all-in-one multilingual solution!
New feature: Now uses CDN to offload scripts and styles!
New feature: Includes PRO server tips!
New feature: Now implements infinite scrolling!
New feature: Now uses the BFICore WP theme framework!
New feature: Now responsive!
New feature: No more image icons, say hello to vector icons from Font Awesome!
New feature: New sitemap template
New feature: Responsive embeded YouTube and Vimeo videos
Enhancement: Supports WordPress 3.5.1!
Enhancement: New fading border on pagemedia, looks much better!
Enhancement: Now has a wider layout for larger screens!
Enhancement: Now uses SASS & HAML!
Enhancement: Replaced Cufon with 600+ Google WebFonts!
Enhancement: Now uses ddsmoothmenu instead of superfish
Enhancement: Updated nivo
Enhancement: Now uses Flickr Photostream instead of Slickr-Flickr
Enhancement: Removed Twitter Widget Pro and now uses our own scripts
Enhancement: Now uses BFI_Thumb resizer instead of Timthumb
Enhancement: Smarter and easier admin
Enhancement: Refined set of shortcodes

Version 2.0.4

Bug fix: Fixed bug where deleting a language does not work in Firefox
New feature: Menus can now be translated
Adjustment: Caching and minification feature removed since this was posing problems in some servers
Enhancement: Translated page content will now be shown even if there is no translated page title

Version 2.0.3

Bug fix: Fixed bug where map and street view were not showing

Version 2.0.2

Bug fix: Fixed warning that shows up in headers
Bug fix: Fixed warning that shows up in the languages admin
Bug fix: Fixed bug where excluding styles for minification does not work

Version 2.0.1

New feature: Added an admin reminder to note when the cache folder is cleared
New feature: More SEO-friendly meta description tag
New feature: Added Follow Us admin menu :)
Bug fix: Fixed javascript error in IE8 and IE7
Bug fix: Fixed display in IE7
Bug fix: Fixed incorrect 1/4 column width in Firefox

Version 2.0

New feature: Now WordPress 3.2.1 compatible
New feature: Greatly enhanced the looks and user-friendliness of the Amplus admin panels
New feature: Sliders can now be placed in any page!
New feature: Video and SWF can now be placed in the header of any page!
New feature: Amplus is now <strong>translation ready</strong> with a built-in language translation editor. No need to use external editors such as Poedit anymore!
New feature: Amplus now has a built-in Multi-Language support!
New feature: Added 80+ Cufon fonts together with a font preview box when selecting a font in the admin
New feature: Now with built in caching, minification, and unification for ALL Javascript and CSS files loaded. Your site will now load 1 compressed javascript file and 1 compressed css file
New feature: Updated TimThumb and added enhancements for image lookup
New feature: Added the new and powerful shortcode: Get Entry Shortcode
New feature: Added new QR code and vCard QR code shortcodes
New feature: Additional contact form fields can now be mandatory by adding an asterisk (*) on the field name
New feature: Added table of contents for the Amplus > Style admin for easy navigation
New feature: Added configurable style settings for tabs and accordions
New feature: Modified and simplified the color customization
New feature: Home page can now be any kind of page and is no longer required to be fixed to just having a page full of featureboxes
New feature: Added language switcher widget that displays clickable flags for site-wide language switching
New feature: Added an additional widget purely for using the language switcher
New feature: New admin panel for managing your cache and minification settings
New feature: Added new admin configuration option for adjusting your meta keywords and meta description
New feature: Added new admin configuration for setting up locales and multi-language options, and uploading of language files
New feature: Smarter loading of javascript files, some scripts will now only load when needed
New feature: Added new admin notices that points out errors and possible errors which need to be fixed to get the theme working, and reminders to guide you in setting up your site.
Bug fix: Added better image detection for TimThumb images since some sites with proxy servers can't find images
Bug fix: Fixed link shortcode bug where it doesn't scroll when no name parameter is given
Bug fix: Fixed bug where TinyMCE buttons were not showing up for Windows servers
Bug fix: Fixed bug where the read more button in archive pages and in search pages appear as text within the excerpt.
Bug fix: Fixed z-order for the header so that it won't appear in front of PrettyPhoto lightboxes.
Bug fix: Fixed bug where additional contact form fields are not sent with the email message
Bug fix: Fixed bug where the sending failed message in the contact form is never shown.
Bug fix: Fixed bug where other page links were not being styled properly
Bug fix: Fixed filter for removing unwanted paragraph tags in contents which are making layouting difficult
Bug fix: Entry titles for blogs, portfolio, search and archive pages now correctly have hover colors
Bug fix: Fixed some SEO issues regarding entry titles
Bug fix: Titles in portfolio pages now get smaller the more columns are assigned
Bug fix: Fixed autoplay for videos using Flowplayer
Bug fix: Removed styling that forces all tables to have a black border
Bug fix: Social links now open in a new tab/window
Bug fix: Fixed warnings which show up if WP_DEBUG is true
Bug fix: Fixed bottom borders for lists
Adjustment: Removed @font-face support, since the major browsers support Cufon, and adding @font-face files for 80 fonts would add 30mb to the filesize
Adjustment: Custom Cufon fonts cannot be uploaded anymore (but now you have tons to choose from)
Enhancement: Removed the Amplus > Comment admin panel and lessened the options in Amplus > Contact. Removed the customization of comment and contact form labels to give way to translation
Adjustment: Captcha in the comment and contact form are now mandatory
Adjustment: Removed Frontpage admin panel. The page to display in the frontpage can now be selected in the General admin panel.
Enhancement: Greatly simplified Amplus > Posts and Amplus > Portfolio settings.
Enhancement: The bundled GD library is now required for Amplus to run properly, an admin notification is displayed if you do not have this.
Enhancement: Videos can now have percentages as a width and height
Enhancement: Featured items in the admin was removed and replaced with Page Media posts for more flexible placements of sliders and images on the top of the theme's pages
Enhancement: No more need to add a last="last" parameter on column short codes, this is now done automatically

Version 1.6

New feature: Added the use of the plugin WP Mail SMTP for emails.
New feature: Added "Setting up your email settings" and "Quick start guide" in the documentation.
Bug fix: Fixed bug where the email message gets shown at the top of the email and the sender name is shown as the email body.

Version 1.5

New feature: Added multiple save and reset buttons for the styles admin.
New feature: Moved and enlarged the custom CSS texture to the top for easier access.
New feature: Updated import data XML to WordPress 3.1.2 format.
Bug fix: Now removes http:// in the TimThumb image URLs since some hosts don't allow this.
Bug fix: Fixed minor bug where autoplay and autobuffer values for the video shortcode are not correctly recognized.
Bug fix: Fixed minor bug where unwanted spaces were added to textareas in the admin.
Bug fix: Added missing CSS that prevents slider captions to be left aligned.

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