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shimps Purchased

If you can tell me where the code is for:

- Post feature image - Post author details - Post social connect

I’ve tried removing the code below from loop_singleleft.php but nothing changed.


Hello shimps,

Code related issues are discussed in the support forums: http://support.allur.co/

Please open a ticked there so we can create a categorized discussion. Also please tell us what is your main goal, because I did not understand.

Thank you.

There is a new e-mail for support?

No one answered my previous 2 emails for 1 week, that’s sad.

Could you help me?


Hello Estevaosoares,

Last week we were overwhelmed with a Hack Attack in our servers, so that is the probable reason we missed your email.

Please send it again so we can help you.

hello i am having a 404 no found, and this happened when you click in any portfolio post in the portfolio category, how i can fix that?



Hello Alejandrojsg,

Good to know that it was solved. Please let us know if you need any more help.

Thank you for your support.

yes i am having a problem, the bottoms are not workng, i ma having just a grey box, what can i do?


Hello Alejandro,

Lets continue the support through the email, this way we don’t have to refresh the page. admin@allur.co, please email us the url of your site.

Thank you

I posted on the support forum. No one answered so far. You guys will end this theme support?


Hello estevaosoares,

No, we have a problem with one of our servers and we had to rebuild the forum. And we are moving all support to there. We will be looking to your issue today.

Thank you.


Thanks, my question was answered and good luck with the new servers.

Horrible, horrible to setup! and no support. So dissapointed with this and simpl theme.


Hello Sheila,

What can we do to help you? Beside this message I don’t see any other support request.


You can register at support.allur.co and we will do everything to overcome your issues.

jswan888 Purchased

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a logo glitch. I have tried everything but the logo defaults to this url no matter what I try http://www.binaryallure.com/construction/themestest/amuse/wp-content/themes/amuse/images/amuse/logo.png. I have tried: pasting a direct url to my logo; uploading from my desktop; and linking direct to a logo in the theme file. No luck. Any ideas? Thanks


Hello jswan888

Can you add your support request in our forum: support.allur.co with URL of the site and the symptoms? Thank you.

Hi there,

I have problems with menu and tabs. I had to upload to wordpress 3.6.1 and dropdown menu and tabs doesn’t work.

Conflict jquery, maybe? Please need help. Thank you so much! :D