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Hi I purchased ananke template is there any way to make the tilt slider automatic animate without the need to click?

Hi, How can I edit the “Work” section or add more links in there?

I purchased the theme. A very nice design. Unfortunately, this does not mobile menu (Windows Phone and iPad). Even your demo page does not work. Can you please help fast. Thank you very much.

Hi. How do i replace ANANKE loader text by my LOGO image? Thanks!

Could you take a look?


Edit layout.css and find #royal_preloader, add with:100%; and height:100%;


Does this template include full RTL support? (Other languages)

When looking on mobile ( iphone 5s in this case ) the gallery is not working proper, the black overlay is getting over the pictures.

Also the video on mobile is not working

Somehow the gallery is also connected to google maps. When removing the google maps feature on mobile the gallery will not show as it should.


When you remove google map div remove and google map code from template.js file. Mobile browsers don’t support html5 video.


ches61 Purchased

How to set fonts ? Now there is not supported turkish characters..


Go to: https://www.google.com/fonts find font that support turkish characters, click on quick-use then when open new page click on @import and copy that import link to the top of layout.css file, you will se there other links for fonts. After that just paste font-family: ‘font-name; to h1 or h2 or p where you what that font to be.


ches61 Purchased

Thanks for answer..

In iphone when click image in works part. Fancybox working but image loads behind shadow..


Before I buy it, I’m interested about the journal part. How does it work? How can I update it? Is it easy or not? My client want to upload content every week, and he is not an expert. Can he do it?

Thanks for your answer! Matt

Can you please answer to the emails I’ve sent to your support address. I don’t have any reply since 2 weeks and I need an answer. Thx.

how do i make the tiltslider autoplay? It doesn’t right now.

Hi, I just bougth the theme and I found an issue with the OT slideshow on Mozilla Firefox. Normally, 2 images appear on the slideshow and I only see one of them. Is it a known issue ? could you give me a solution of could you fix that on your next update ?

Thx in advance

PS: very nice theme. good job !

Hello , I am having problems in theme installation Ananke. After finish loading for FTP, I get the following message:

“Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description ananke template Stylesheet is missing.”

Shows that the theme is incomplete, If not receive help , I would like to receive my refund.


You can’t install template, as you can see in item name this is HTML template, not WordPress theme.

For WordPress version go here: http://themeforest.net/item/ananke-one-page-parallax-wordpress-theme/9631763

Ok, Sorry! Tks

Hello, I really like your work on this theme. I got a question. Is it possible to replace the Home video background by one of mine please? Thank you so much in advance!

Hi, thanks!

Of course it is possible.

Where do I change the color to the gold layout? Thanks =)


Edit file css/colors/color-gold.css

Bravo. This was done pretty well!!! the author did a good job on nesting the code properly and it was easy for me to modify the HTML, JS and CSS files!

Thank you for your comment and rating! :)

In one of the “project.html” files, If I have a video playing, then click the > button to get to the next

  • item in that section, the previous
  • video audio continues. Are there any quick fixes for that?
  • I got a problem with my contact form not sending any emails towards me anymore. In the beginning it worked but now I am not receiving any emails anymore. Only have changed my email address and the subject in mail.php . Would like to know if it is only me and how to fix as when I restore the files from the download pack it is still not working. Could it be I have to configure something on my server to be able to run a ajax script?


    Please check with your server providers, they probably set some security protection on .php.

    I have let them check, I checked myself twice but still nothing. The form is giving me a success back message back but no email is being send.


    I would need urgent help. I am not a WP-developer, not even the one, who sets the template up. I hired somebody for that, but he has several issues, and he asked me to contact you. Please, help me out.

    1. there’s a black pop-up, if I hover the mouse over the bouncing arrow on the slider. How can I fill it in with text? Or alternatively get rid of it? 2. how can I add 4 text blocks next to the video at the about us section? There are 3 blocks now. But I wish to have 4. Is is possible? 3. how can I change the 3 small icons at the About us section? (networking, analytics, development). I wish to use my own, custom-made icons. 4. at the ‘Tilted Content Slideshow’ section, the number 1,3 and 5 slides, upon loading, disappear. Not both of the pictures, only the left (below) one. It loads properly, then disappers immediately. Why? How can we fix it? That happenes in Firefox 5. the portfolio section doesn’t work properly. We wish to have 2 rows with 4 columns. But in Chrome, it loads in 2*4, then repositions into 3-3-2. So into 3 columns. How can be this fixed?

    Many thanks for help and quick response. Daniel

    Hi Daniel,

    This is html template version, for WordPress please write here: http://themeforest.net/item/ananke-one-page-parallax-wordpress-theme/9631763/comments

    I am very sorry about that. I’ll post it to the other one. Thanks for your quick reply.


    umbea Purchased

    Hello! I have sent a couple of emails asking about the size of vimeo,and have gotten no answer (:-( Help) I canĀ“t seem to change it to a bigger one, I put hight and with but no change, maybe I am missing some code in a CSS file please your help would be appreciated. Mariana


    umbea Purchased

    help…. :-(


    Excuse me, I need help, please. Sorry for my english: 1. How do I change the code for the map shows all the time and just hide when clicking on button. 2. When uploading the page to ftp the arrows left and right of banner disappeared, what will have moved?, the arrow png images still in the folder and I don’t touched this part of CSS.

    Thank you.