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Great job Glws

thank you

nice work, gud luck :)

thank you

Minimal design ! like it , GLWS :)

thank you ;)

Top quality. Great design. Joomla is lucky enough to have such a great designer/developer. Good luck Panagiotis :)

Thank you for your nice comment. I wish you the best!

Great work you’ve done. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much! :)

nice work, looks great. good sales!

Thank you ;)

Very clean, Good luck!

Thank you!

Kali epityxia!

Thank you / Euxaristo poly! :)


Really very nice design.. Could you send me admin panel screenshots?


Thank you. Please contact me through my profile so I can send you the screenshots.


Hello World

I want to purchase this theme. But i wonder if will get any support on tutorial to create my website and contents with this website? I am a newbie :)p

Hi ariovirando,

The package includes an extensive, step by step documentation. There is also a quickstart package, if you setup this package you will get exactly the same website as you see it here in themeforest without the images due to copyrights restrictions. As for me, I am always here to help you in case you need anything.

Kind regards

Thank you :)


I would like to ask a question: How easy is it to add new items? Let’s say, I would like to replace the blog with my own event calendar. Is that possible and is there any documentation that shows which parts I need to adapt?

Thanks in advance! :-)


You can do it. Every section is customizable. If you add a 3rd party extension the only think you have to do is to write css for the specific extension (if needed).

Modules are not dependent from sections.

Yes, documentation explains briefly how a section works.

Thank you for the contact. :)


Can you delete sections in the design? Like if I don’t want the “our team” section can that be removed?

Hi I’m trying to upload & install the quickstart.zip and in joomla it says “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file”

my bad sorry, I’m reading the documentation file now for quick start setup


I was about to answer you. My opinion is to use the quickstart package. You will save a lot of time from manual ‘step by step’ set up.

If you need further help contact me via contact form of my profile page.


It is only I who see differences in Firefox (version 30)? I’m disappointed.


in which issue are you referring to? Could you be more specific so I can help you? You could also contact me through my profile contact form.


Hi, where can i change default scroll position from for example section3 -> offer to have working scroll link like htttp://www.yourdomain.com#offer


I’ve replied to your email. Regards


I would like to buy this theme, but it is not clear if it can be multi language.

Hi tiagoangelo

Yes you can use it as multi language and if you face any problem I’m here to help you.


Thanks! Gonna buy it for shure! ;)

Thank you for the contact ;)

Nice design, good luck for sales

Thank you mate ;)

Hi TDGR, great template – love everything about it. Going to buy it – the question is this – It seems quickstart includes Joomla install – my host already have Joomla installed – so how do I go about it? I’d like to have the site just like demo – it’s easier to edit that way – just change the wording/images and I’m done, no need to add anything, it is exactly what I want.

Hi rubo_g,

The quickest way to have the site installed just like the demo is through the quickstart package. In this case you will not use the joomla installation your host already has. You will have to create a new database and upload and run quickstart package.

In case you want to use your joomla installation you’ll have to install the template, the extensions. You should follow the documentation step by step to do it.

I strongly suggest you follow the quickstart installation which is easier and faster. Inside the documentation you will find instructions for both types of installation (quickstart/template only).

Thanks for asking!

Kind regards

Hello to all,

Is it possible to change the text color on mouse over in menu? (only the color of text)

Thank You.


Yes, you can change the hover/active state of menu by editing style.css in lines 114 and 120.

If you have further questions you can contact me through the “Andy” support tab.

Kind regards


Unfortunately I do not have arrows on sliders for other views than desktop.


no reply?


On small devices these areas are touch enabled and that means that you don’t have to click on an arrow or a dot to rotate. If you wish to restore these controls on small devices you’ll have to remove from style.css the line 2124 (display:none) then you’ll have to customize it as you wish. This isn’t a bug as you mentioned.