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Hi i would like to have website template in WP for my modeling databaze, can you assist me ? i think abouth yours theme but dont know how it works. Like can the vizitors sign in and make there portfolio by them self ? Can they use G+ and FB to registr ? is the searching working for tham too ? thx for anwer or pls contact me by email: info@fotodobias.cz

Hello, just a question. People who use the form “to become a model” the profile is available online just in the same time that they click on submit? Or the web admin have to confirm it? Or the web admin have to update the information in manual way? Thanks!

Many thanks!

Just another question, it’s possible to make pay to the users for become a model and for the option of make his own profile on the web? Thanks!

Right now there is no payment options.

We are going to implement to create model profile theme self in coming updates.

hi. me again. How do you make the home page the slider instead of posts?

yes, you can do multiple blog pages, just create a page and add blog widget.

ok sorry to bother you again, i added blog widget but when i go to make a post it doesn’t give me option to link it to the page i added blog widget to. how do i post blogs to the page with blog widget

Create a page called “blog” and add blog widget it, make sure that you select Blog ID to display only the blog posts, finally add this “Blog” page into menu manager.

Hello, I’m working on this website for a friend that purchased Angel Theme. How can I edit the releatedpost.php file without going to FTP. I looked in the Dashboard editor but I don’t see it. I want to change the words “Related Projects” to “Other Models” or something like that.

Please login with buyer account to get support.

Another question: the sample form you have on the Angel theme is for “Become a Model” Is there any way I can get the code or something to import into the Form Manager plugin so I don’t have to rebuild the entire form?

Please login with buyer account to get support.

How can I edit the releatedpost.php file without going to FTP. I looked in the Dashboard editor but I don’t see it. I want to change the words “Related Projects” to “Other Models” or something like that. I logged in as someone else to make this comment per your request but now I won’t receive the emails when you respond.

Another question: the sample form you have on the Angel theme is for “Become a Model” Is there any way I can get the code or something to import into the Form Manager plugin so I don’t have to rebuild the entire form?

Jim Felder

You already have an option to change the word “Related Post Title”

Go to “Customize > Models Section > Related Post Title” where you can enter your word.

It seem the the form fields you need to be added as its third party plugin.

Right it’s a third party plugin but the data is there on your demo, I was hoping you could tell me how to get that so I wouldn’t have to retype all of it. But, I’ve since spent the time to rebuild that form.

How do I move the Model Search menu item up further in the menu list? I want my model tabs to be at the top and together.

Sorry, there is no dynamic option to move it up.

I was trying to find how to change the colors, font and size of the image title text on the home page. I found a video on Screenr but it shows you’re using Home Slider which I don’t have. I didn’t see that as a required plugin when I installed it. I do have the Kaya Slider on there. Is that for the slider text on the home page? Can you help with this please?

Thank You

you can find all videos related to this theme here, please go through them and feel free to ask us if you have any queries after that.


Looking to purchase and have a few questions:

1) Can i add a model daily and have the model pic show on the homepage as the Model of the day ? I’d like the homepage to be a Gallery of models that are added daily with the older models being pushed down as the new models keep getting added.

2) Can i have the ability for models to pay to be featured as Featured models on home page. If not can you add this feature for me for additional $.


1. yes you can.

2. No, right now there is no payment options, we have not yet done, so you can use any payment plugins.

Great theme, Just one question and I did browse to see if I found the answer but the question is how can I add a Search like the one in your sample? I checked for video tutorials but couldn’t find one and when I tried doing the widget it doesn’t look nothing like your sample?

Hi, I updated Wordpress and I got this message after I attempted to log in Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/ofs2015/public_html/wp-admin/includes/theme.php on line 487 My hosting company said it’s the theme so how do I get this fixed? this is what libne 487 says: $sub_dirs = @ scandir( $theme_root . ’/’ . $dir ); I need this resolved soon :( I spent countless hours trying to get the site up with adding information.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/ofs2015/public_html/wp-admin/includes/theme.php on line 487

The error itself says that the issue is from wp-admin, it means wordpress installation issue. Try fresh again and test it or activate other default theme and test it.

I reseted my account and added the theme again and no problems but once I installed the WordPress 4.4. update all is good except now I have two Angel Option folders! I think there is a bug with the update or maybe not compatible with the this theme. How do I get rid of the second Angel Option folder or should I not update at all until there is a fix?

After the update to Version: 2.5.8 from 2.5.2 i can`t put anymore Model Details to the Models. I can only edit the Model Title Color & Model Description Color but i canĀ“t put content inside!

Yes, you modified the meta fields from static to dynamic which are searchable fields.

First you need to create Model Custom meta fields, watch this video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUfFx7WqYEQ&feature=youtu.be All the model fields are visible in Model CPT while creating the Model post, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIcWsbATbGU

Hi. I want to charge models and freelancers to join and post their portfolio. Can I do this?

Right now there is no option, will try to implement in coming updates, can show me any sample websites how you are looking for payment methods or any more detail on this will help us more.

Same question on the Gilda theme, is there a method to implement a search function (same as the Search Page) above the Male and Female model pages, so you can sort the models right above the pictures? And is there a login application in this theme, such as Gilda’s?

Hi, I was wondering why I can’t find the Plug-in used for the Recruitment page as shown in your video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uQIXBumwJY&. I’ve searched and Google’d and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regard,


It seems the author removed it, you can use this plugin which works same like that.


kalteis Purchased

Hi, quick question, my Layout Options do not show the option to turn “Front Page Container Background Off” – did you remove this option, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance :)

In the page it self you have an option “Disable Right Container Background” as custom meta field. Just disable it then there wont be any bg colors.


kalteis Purchased

Hi, thanks a lot for the fast reply, it worked, could have thought of that myself hehe – merci!

Thank you :)


cwlocal Purchased

Hi I have purchased the theme over a week ago and still unable to set it up as your demo, specifically the Become a Model page. Your theme documentation is out of date! When setting up the Become a Model page (form) it refers to a plugin Form Manager, which no longer exists! I have asked your help but so far I don’t think I got a reply. I will have no choice but give this work 1 star, as it is not possible to achieve what is shown in your demo, specifically Become a Model feature which does not look like a feature, but a gimmick. I hope I am wrong otherwise I have wasted my money for a theme which looks great but functionality somewhat lacking and deceiving. Thanks

Sorry, the form manager is not available download, so we changed it to “Contact Form 7” the same functionality can be achieved using this Contact form 7 plugin, so we just changed it, you can download recent theme and update your theme too.

Please watch this video:


Please consider changing your review if possible, I assure you that you will get full pledged support hence forth.

Thanks Ram

Hi, I was wondering if you can select multiple “Model Details, Categories”, or is there another way to do that?

Thank you.

No, you need to select multiple categories while creating model post, in you case while creating Jhon post just select the categories in which you want to put jhon profile.

When you use categories in the menus, if you click Any category which you selected earlier will display Jhon profile.

If you unsure what you mean, it would be better to give some drafts or page urls with explanation then it would be good.

I meant like this image: http://imgur.com/y4ZGl2G

You can only choose one option (that then will be displayed on the model page). I want to select multiple options.

Now I got it, sorry right now there is no option like this, we will add it this features toDoList, we will add it in coming updates.

Good evening. We are interested in buying your theme. We have 4 simple questions :

1) can we remove the buttons in models thumbnails, so visitor can click the model and enter, bypassing the two round buttons?

2)Can we modify the search model and become model fields to add/remove some?

3)can we add more attached pictures to become a model section?

4)When someone fills the become a model form, doe it delivered to us via e-mail, or does it saved online somehow to the backend of the site?

Thanks for the answers.

The buttons i said, is in this page models thumbnails : http://kayapati.com/demos/angel/female-models/

Can we remove them from here too?

Yes, those circle buttons I am talking about.

You can see below link where I removed those buttons.


Super! well, time to buy it :)

Thank you

I wrote this whole thing but figured it out.

Thank you.