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Hello I have a problem with the html version only with IE8 and IE9 or menu is displayed mal.Pourriez you tell me the solution. Thank you in advance

Hi @lucbelliard,

I have a support forum for this theme. Send me your email address (with your purchase code) and I will give you access.


the hook data-rel=”prettyPhoto[gallery]” does not work!

I’m trying to use this template with dreamweaver cs5, but it’s not showing the graphics as I’m changing them (within the main “slide” on the index page). I’ve used similar templates like these before and have never had any trouble. Does this even work with Dreamweaver?

To be honest, I don’t know. I used a text editor to build this template.

(By the way, I am using Dreamweaver CS6 successfully with this template) One issue: Can you tell me how to change the font type & color in the <section id=”posts-combo”>. I am getting text with either a stroke or a shadow which makes it illegible against a blue background. Can’t figure out how to change it to a simple sans serif in hex#ffffff. Here is the page: (icons that read “Recent Work” “Sold”...)

Thanks for your help!

PLEASE respond to this issue. It is simple, but i cannot figure out how to fix! Have sent you emails thru your profile but have gotten no response!

It would be great if you responded to my request for help!!!!!!!!

I have this template and find it to be terrific. I am redesigning a website at Will this template allow me to import a WordPress blog?

I am very disappointed by the complete lack of a support response-despite calling for help on this forum and the email provided. I have used over 75 templates from ThemeForest. This is the first time I have been let down by an author!


fxs1 Purchased

Anyone, I can’t get the graphics to show up in DW CS 5.5 In other words all I get is a white background with text, any ideas?

very nice job;

Thank you!

Mr Author, Can i edit this template in Adobe Muse?

Unfortunately no. :(