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Hi, I would to know if it coud be possible to have a space between the pictures?

Thank you :)


Hey! I am afraid there is no option to add spacing, sorry for that :/

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I want to start by saying this is the easiest most responsive theme I have used. I can satisfy most of my needs with it.

I have a question: For the Website Banner. Is it possible for me to upload two different pictures side by side? The two pictures compose the banner. Example:

(Company Logo) + (Company TagLine) = Picture 1 (Company Phone Number) + (Special Page option) = Picture 2

Banner = Picture 1 + Picture 2

I want to be able to redirect the user to an external site if he clics on the right side of the banner


Hey! I am afraid this can’t be done easily without some direct modification of the theme files. Since this would probably require an hour or two of customization work and testing I am afraid we cant provide that service as part of our support, sorry for that.

What you could do is hire a freelancer for an hour or two on http://studio.envato.com :)

castejb Purchased


Thanks for your previous help. I ended up obtaining help for it. I have two questions: 1 – Is there a way to make the social media icons included in the theme open the social media sites in a new window? 2- Right below the logo area of the theme is a dividing line that usually has a bold start to the left of the line. Can I remove this bold start?


1.) You would need to edit the theme files directly for that. This thread should five you an idea on what to do. Basically you need to apply the target=”_blank” attribute to your links: http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/open-social-links-in-new-tab-target_blank-angular-v1-3/

Feel free to open your own forum thread if you cant manage to do it, based on the description ;)

2.) add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at angular->Styling:
#header .seperator-bottom {
display: none;

Is it possible to link the items in a portfolio to a specific URL so when clicking on it the visitor is redirected to that specific page?


Yes thats possible :)

I want to update my WP to version 4.1. All of my plugins are ready for the update but I don’t know if the theme will be unaffected with the update.

So is the latest version of 2.0 for the theme compatible with the new version of WP at version 4.1?

I don't want to just go and update WP and then have to revert it as the theme has alot of errors and bugs.

Thanks in advance.


Hey! The latest version of the theme should work fine with 4.1, we got no reports that indicate otherwise and our tests went fine as well :)


Thanks for the reply. I will update the theme and report back. Especially if any bugs are found, haha. Thanks again.


good luck! :)


When using self hosted videos for my FrontPage portfolio, I’m finding the videos are trying to load as the page is loading, making the site very, very slow.

Site: www.visionvid.tv

Is there an option to stop the videos loading, until the user press the play button on selected video, as I would expect.

Thanks, Shaun


Thank you for sorting this out. Self hosted videos work correctly now.