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jkchoi Purchased

There’s a good deal of broken aspects of this theme – slider doesn’t work, some folio pages aren’t responsive. For $59 this product should be bulletproof. Do some thorough user testing on your theme or at least roll out a update to correct obvious flaws.


Please could we embed HTML5 or swf file to the location as this screenshot?

I’d like to use this theme for 360×180 panorama as this site

Thank you.

Hi, I am looking at your theme for a project where it would be great to use besides at one point I am not sure: Is it possible to get the look of the slider from this (not as a slider, just the aligned elements):

I know, there is this accordeon slider, but the customer wants the exact look of the link above at one section of the page.

Just updated to 2.3 – Add featured media and featured image in the “portfolio Items” are no longer works. Is there a patch/fix for this rather large/annoying issue? Thanks in advance.


exmx Purchased

hi, the theme is compatible with WordPress version 4.5 ?

The header loading animation disappeared altogether with the theme update. Is it possible to get it back? It was a great feature!

hi, i have a question : how can we disable the opacity in the porfolio : in greyscale on my home.. when the image are grey the quality is good, but with the over they are a opacity.. , i want to desable this effect ? thanks