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Hello Can I put in portfolio Flash files too?


Hey! That doesnt really work, sorry. You can embed images and videos (iframes would work as well although its undocumented) but directly embedding flash wont work, sorry

I love it. I think I may actually be tempted to use this instead of Avisio.

isobaras Purchased

Congrats for this excellent theme!

i have one question:

- could i display a portfolio page with one always opened portfolio item?



Hey! Unfortunately thats not possible. If other people request that feature to we might build it into a future version but for now this would require quite some modification of the portfolio output and the template files.

Sorry to dissapoint you :/

theres a way to add selfhosted videos in portafolio?


Sorry, thats currently not possible. the theme only supports hosted videos from services like youtube, vimeo, etc

Say hello to your newest customer! :-)


Hello! ;D


I read that this theme is Translation ready with mo/po files, is it support the Right-to-Left language which need the site to be a mirror of current theme?

Is it possible to make the landing page of the mobile theme the blog page?


Hey! The theme is translation ready with po/mo files, unfortunately I dont know if any measures are necessary for right to left language so I cant really tell if it would work with the theme.

I cant really think of a way to make the blog the default page for mobile devices, other than sniffing the browser and redirecting to a separate installation of the theme… So I guess the answer is yes, but only with a lot of work involved


Thank you for your reply. the RTL languages is need the theme to be (Flip horizontal) of the current one.

we usually use online service to do that, but we find some issued in some themes in the css and the js.

can you help me to solve those issues if appear after purchasing and using the online service to flip the design?


First of all, excellent theme!

Just one question. On the front page by default when a project is open, I can’t see the works of another category without scrolling down (especially with vertical images). Is it possible to close the current project automatically when I click on another category?


Hey! Doesnt work out of the box but should work with a slight modification of the avia.js file in the JS folder:

adding these lines of code at line 397 should be sufficient:

$('#js_sort_items a').bind(click,function()
                response.animate({height:0}, function()
                        controlsC.removeClass('visible_controls').animate({opacity:0}, function()

mate , how to sort it newest on top ?

it sort by alphabe…. :(

. and when i set potfolio page to be front page … its not show anything :(

pls help me


Hey! Are you talking about the portfolio? It should by default show the latest items on top. If you send me a link to your site I will have a look myself. If you send it via my profiles mail you can also send your login data so I can set you up your frontpage.

Wonderful theme! I am looking at this for a site in which I would use your great portfolio system for downloadable graphics. Do your custom portfolio post types allow for comments?



Hey! It would require a small modification to the template files but after adding copying a few lines of code fromt the default single.php template to the single-portfolio.php template that would work as well, yes :)


Awesome! Thanks for the response!

and now i cant go to another page :(

www.uping.co.cc/new pls help thanks

when i set potfolio to be frontpage… it cant go to another page number

:( how to fix it ?


Hey! Did you already fix the issue? It works perfectly fine for me :)

how to i make it to where my video pops up when you click on the portfolio image like the template does


you have to set the portfolio setting “Portfolio Single Entries” to “show on single” and then you can set the link of your slideshow images to link to a video and it will popup automatically in a lightbox

Support Requests

Please use our support forum for any support requests you have: http://www.kriesi.at/support/

If you got any presales question feel free to post them here or send me a message via my profiles contact form ;)

thanks mate i fixed . but now i have problem …

video only show link :(

you can see here : http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/zzgennuszz/Untitled-1-4.jpg

thank again for your reply



How does that slide look in your backend? did you press the “add external video by url” button to add the link?


mind sending me access date via http://www.kriesi.at/contact so I can take a look myself? :)

i set the portfolio up to single page and then added a the url in the left. wen i do the insert video link nothing shows up. is there a step i’m missing?



Guess this one is the question you referred to by mail? if so am I right that this is solved? :)

HELLOOOO KRIESI ! Awesome work dude… I’m having the same issue with the front page Portfolio not navigating to the following pages… Did you guys find a fix for this yet?


would you mind sending me a link to your site?

sent for u , access detail hop u can help


will take a look ;)

Hi Kriesi, Is it possible to sort the order of the categories. Its ordered by their creation date, but is it possible to change it the way you want ? ThanksRon


Thanks Kriesi. Your code will help me but I was talking about the menu items ath the top Home/Portfolio/Contact… Can I order them by myself ?


ah! of course, simple create a menu in the wordpress->appearance->menu manager and start adding navigation items ;)


Sometimes, I can feel so stupid ! ;-((( I did it already but forgot it ! Thanks for your help ;-)

Hey Kriesi… I JUST sent you a email from your profile with the url to the website… Thanks so much!


great will have a look ;)