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Nice theme! Welcome to ThemeForest and good luck with sales!


Thank you!

It’s a cool theme. Welcome and good luck :)


Thanks ;)

Welcome to the forest, good luck with sales :)


Thanks Bedros!

Congratulations on your first WP theme, best of luck with sales :)


Thank you very much.

I am thinking about using this for a wildlife blog. Is your Animal list customizable? For wildlife profiles, I won’t need the sex or time for example. Can I customize the fields? Thanks!



Yes, Animal list is completely customizable. You can add new or remove any of existing fields.

One more question—I could not find if you had social shares (twitter, Facebook, pintrest) available for posts. Just wanted to make sure I was not missing it. Thank you and love the design.


Sorry, for now I don’t have such feature integrated.

But you can use free plugin such as “Social Sharing Toolkit” to add social share icons for posts.

I can provide you with support in case if you don’t know how to install it.

Thank you for kind words!

Hello, Verry nice theme, think i go buy it, but can in the header a background photo? And then on every page a different background photo?

Thanks Alex



header image can be changed at ‘Theme Options’ panel, but it doesn’t allow to add multiple background images.

I will think about this and maybe I will include this feature in my next update.

Best Regards

Nevermind fixed it. Great looking theme

great theme.. in chrome is there supposed to be a white bar across the footer about 10px high?


It’s not supposed to be there. It will be fixed on next theme update.

You will need to change one line in style.css to fix it if you don’t want to wait for update.

can each animal have their own profile other than the animal list ?


Animals are shown on lists, you can determine how long or short it is. Here is an example of just one animal http://coderportfolio.com/themes/animalcare/features/custom-post-types/

sorry to be a pain ive found each question whilst browsing :) animal custom post type isn’t search able?

i typed “skye” into the search field and nothing came up?


Sorry, my bad. Now it’s search able.


how do i enable my animals into the search?


Please send me your email and I will send you fixed file

This is beautiful. Does it have a color picker or any way to change the colors? Our agency has a “brand” that needs to be considered.



Animal Care theme colors can be changed through style.css or custom CSS field in Theme Option panel. Header background image also can be changed through Theme Options panel.

If you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them.

Nice Theme! Easy to customized… Only have problems with the excerpt… How can I show excerpt on the blog page, something within the shortcode? We used [blog count="5" category="20" show_image="true" layout="with_full_image" paging="false"] Regards snap


Hi Snap, thank you for purchasing one of my files.

To show excerpt it would need to customizations. If you need my help, you can contact my through my profile page.

Did anyone else have trouble locating the zip file to import to wordpress? I’ve downloaded twice and there is no file to upload as per the instructions that I can find.


Hi bethpratt,

Thank you for purchasing Animal Care theme.

You will need to create zip file from Animal_Care_Theme folder and then use it as it’s explained in documentation.

I tired that. I have unzipped the files as per the instructions, but there is no Animalcare.zip file that appears, just an xml.one.


I will explain you how to create zip in email.

I’m getting an error on the home page called Warning: Attempt to assign property of non-object in… on line 255

Any idea why this is happening?


Yes it’s because you haven’t added any item to bottom menu. When you will add at least one item, this error will vanish.

I would like to edit the secondary menu where it says Fun & Learning but can not find where to do so, would appreciate some help.


You can find how to add edit secondary menu on documentation section 6.

Just assign your created menu with “Bottom Category Menu” and it should appear in ‘Fun & Learning’ section.

Holy cow!

Was just considering whether we should redesign the website for an animal rehoming charity, and I thought – “Hey, let’s just jump on to Themeforest in the off-chance if there are any Wordpress themes which are designed for charities. Super bonus points if it’s vaguely to do with animals.”


Will need to confirm with the Trustees but am looking forward to playing with this shortly! Good luck with the sales!


Thanks! :)

I cant seem to get the content slider or any of the homepage sidebars to appear. any suggestions?


Can you send me your wordpress access details, so I can take a look?

You can send me email through my profile page.

vmarinov Purchased

Hello! I purchased the theme yesterday and managed to install and set it up mostly successfully so far. However I can’t seem to figure out how to achieve the following features that are showing up in the Live demo. 1. My images in the homepage slider don’t have any titles, despite the fact that I have defined them in the posts from the chosen category. How can I enable those and which information is used as a “caption”

2. I have defined a Bottom menu for the slider in the footer. Nonetheless I see no thumbnail in the boxes there. What am I doing wrong? Also if this menu features a “category” how do I set its “featured” image?

3. I can’t seem to get captions to show up in your default lightbox. I have tried filling in all of the image meta fields such as “title” “caption” “alt” and “description” but to no avail. What am I doing wrong.

4. I would like to have an animal list just like in your example here: http://themeforest.net/item/animal-care-premium-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2922909 but so far I can’t understand how to do this. Should I simply create a page/post and then paste the shortcodes inside and manually insert pictures of the animals aligned to the left? Do you have short tutorial that I could follow?

P.S. I recommend that you enhance a bit your Documentation file and include such examples. Also to many people it might not be immediately clear that in order to have the slider show on the homepage they need to first create a page with the “Homepage-with-slider” template and then to customize the theme and select this new page to be shown as the home.

Looking forward to your replies!

Many Thanks,



Your customisations for theme looks great!

Re 1: Try to add also some text for chosen post.

Re 2: To add image for bottom menu, open /wp-admin/nav-menus.php then choose item to which you want to add image and click on ‘Select Image’.

Re 3: Try adding your chosen text in ‘Title’ field.

Re 4: to add animal list you first will need to add some animals under some parent page (see there http://postimage.org/image/qc4wij0ff/ ) and then use animal list shortcode to show them on page. See there for more info how to use animal list shortcode – http://coderportfolio.com/themes/animalcare/shortcodes/animals-list/

Thanks for recomendations, I will try to add more detailed documentation on next theme update.

Thanks for purchasing my theme!