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This Joomla rocks man! I’m sure you’ll sell a lot. Good job!! Congrats!! Esteban

Thank you :)


This template works on Joomla 2.5?


Yes, it is compatible with 2.5.x.

Where would I go for support for this template, having several minor issues.. you can see the site, main issues are: 1) custom favicon.ico is not showing, still showing the DD icon no matter what I do. 2) how can I add to the ‘icon jump menu’ just below the main menu bar, my own options.. Had issues with compatibility in 2.5 these were resolved by upgrading gantry and various modules.

Other than that a fantastic template for newbees to learn on..


Thank you for your purchase. For support you can contact us from our profile page. You can also use the comments for small issues.

1-You simply have to replace the favicon.ico file in the template folder. I see you already did this because the website is showing the new one. Maybe you only need to clear your cache.

2-The template is working fine with 2.5 and the included versions of Gantry. What errors did you get? Also, I am not sure what you mean with “icon jump menu”. If you are referring to the toolbar, simply publish the modules in the “toolbar” position, keeping in mind that they can only be 16px high.