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PreSales Question:

Very nice job on the UI design for this.

I would need to use a different URL for POST to my own script

<form action=”external-script.php” method=”post”>

In other words, I don’t need the remailing feature to send to an email address. Just need to name all the fields for my name values, and add my own form POST url.

Is this possible?

hello….if you look this file can set the url in this line $(‘form#wrapped’).attr(‘action’, ‘survey_send_1.php’); or you can delete this line and place the url directly on the html page. but i never test the item without the mailing feature…should works

RE: “or you can delete this line and place the url directly on the html page.”

If that will work then it should be okay. Are the Multiple steps (Forward, Back) keeping the Form Code all on same html page?

I ask because it would be necessary for a static page Form to be all in browser when click SubMit button/event

the steps are all on the same page…looks the code. a problem could be for the validation. i can not guarantee that the customized item works for your final purposes…you have to do your proper test


Just a quick question. Is it possible to use the theme in different language? For example in russian?

Thanks in advance!’s possible…maybe will occur a little change for the php script charachters encoding…maybe. if necessary i will provide support for this

Thanks for your prompt response! Regards,


glo Purchased

Presale Q: I asked the same Q on your other new review script but could we have branching based on a star rating of 0-10?

I want to show two different pages based on whether someone rates 0-7 or 8-10 stars.

no i am sorry that is not possible. i am sorry


glo Purchased

Really? I honestly think I could make it do that. Anyone with some html knowledge should be able to have the conditional branching be from selecting a certain Star Rating vs “I was happy” or “I was not happy”.


glo Purchased

For example, I see your code for branching is pretty simple. However, if I added the star rating element and assigned 1-7 as “unsatisfied” and 8-10 as “satisfied”, it should technically branch correctly right? Although it pass the actual value through the email. Only as Satisfied or Unsatisfied. I really don’t think it’s hard, I think you’re just too busy to help modify.


glo Purchased

I bought it because I knew I could modify it however the form is simply not submitting anything to emails. Do you have a basic php form I could try that would work with this survey? One that does away with any redirect, just plain echo.

Where does the submission go?

Can I have different redirect after submission links based on results?

the submission data will be sent to your email and a thank you or summary email to the user who fill the survey. you can change the redirect link to an internal page or external site. only one redirect link is supported

Is there a limit to the number of branches?

hi I bought your script . I want to know :

1 ) How do I translate into Italian ?

2 ) After entering the data into the fields where they end up ?

3 ) How do I insert a new field in the screen ?


hello 1) use your preferred html editor 2) the data will sent to your or assigned email 3) please read the terms of support

I have required that work and some that dont I’m trying to understand why? Can you help? Examples of both parts one that works one that does not. Example of first question that works:

What is the reason for your hardship?

  • <input name=”rate” type=”radio” class=”required check_radio” value=”Unemployment”><label>Unemployment</label>
  • <input name=”rate” type=”radio” class=”required check_radio” value=”Medical bills/or Condition”><label>Medical Bills/or Condition</label>
  • <input name=”rate” type=”radio” class=”required check_radio” value=”Divorce”><label>Divorce</label>
  • <input name=”rate” type=”radio” class=”required check_radio” value=”Military Discharge”><label>Military Discharge</label>
  • <input name=”rate” type=”radio” class=”required check_radio” value=”Other”><label>Other</label>
  • Other, please describe with few words why<textarea name=”Other hardship” class=”form-control”></textarea>
<!- end step ->

Question that the required field doesn’t work:

Are you currently receiving unemployment?

  • <input name=”rate” type=”radio” class=”required check_radio” value=”Yes”><label>Yes</label>
  • <input name=”rate” type=”radio” class=”required check_radio” value=”No”><label>No</label>
  • If YES, when?<textarea name=”Yes with Reason” class=”form-control”></textarea>
<!- end step ->

HELP!!!! Thanks again…

li id=”delinquent” for example

you have to declare each new inputs into your php file

sorry for all the question I’m a designer not a programmer is this the correct format and place for this: $message .= ”\nDelinquent: ” . $_POST[‘delinquent’];

Ok new question I have made my edits to the php and have uploaded it to the server now the forward button will not work suggestions?

Please provide a demo link so i can give a fast check. the forward button on the last step by default does not work. please read carefully terms for support if i have to teach for every single user html/php i can die. i hope you understand this. thank you


Zuky Purchased

¿Can I implement more than 60 questions in the survey template?

hello…ANNOVA is perfect for small survey. 60 question are too much

Hi there. Thanks a lot for the theme, that was what i was looking for, i want to know if there is a way to integrated with chimpmail? Regards

Hello – great survey tool.

I have a concern / question. If my survey text is a little long I am finding that the response buttons do not line up with the question text. An example can be seen here:

Is there an easy way to correct this issue?

Thank you.

I put <label> also around the LI tags and it seems to have worked.

good :) nice work. thanks for the tips

Hi Ansonika, I have sent you some email regarding a customization for this theme. Please let me know if you can help us. Thanks

i am sorry but i’ve got some urgent family matters to solve. i am really sorry but i am not available for customization in the next weeks.all the best

hi, just purchased, inside the downloaded file, which one is the latest? HTML or HTML1.5 ? thanks.

Your’re right…the latest is HTML…i will fix asap

Hi Ansonika.

Bought the template, customized it and it works great. Two issues I’m running into and I hope you can help.

1. Using the “full” version, when moving from a very long “step row” to a shorter one, the browser does not redirect to the top. This makes the user have to scroll back up to the top to read the next question. Can the “next” button be coded to go “next” AND “back to top?

2. When I place any file other than index.html (including survey_send_1.php) in the root folder gives me a 404 error. I can type the direct path that I KNOW is correct but creates a 404 not found error. What could possibly cause this?!?


I just checked and this code is already present. How do I make it work?

yes is already prensent…i thought you’re able to set your scroll to top

example…where the innerwidth is the screen size and scrollTop: 115 …is the top position

add these lines as first if( window.innerWidth > 1024 ) { $("button.forward, button.backword").click(function() { $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: 115 }, "slow"); return false; }); }

It works! Awesome, thanks! Again, great template.

Hello, Amazing system! :-) One question : How can I change the message that is displayed for required fields? I would like one message for required radio fields and another message for a textbox… Thank you, Mark :-)

Hi Ansonika,

Very nice template.

How could you prevent a user to send multiple times the same survey? Without this option enabled, the data collected don´t make any sense at all if some users do spam.

Thank you.

hello i am sorry but it’s quite difficult to block same users to submit the survey twice. also if you implement a block ip function…that can be passed with a lot of methods


Nyreve Purchased

Dear maker,

Im using the form within an iframe. Except when i do that i cannot type into the input fields anymore. Do you have any idea why?

iframe usually is not a good solution

I believe I purchased this in error. I was searching for wordpress survey plugins and came across this, only to realize it is an HTML template.

I have created an account for support but have yet to receive a password. Could you please advise how I can implement this with my current wordpress theme? If not, please advise your refund policy.

for a refund try to ask to themeforest support

can i have psd files when i buy