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Does this product provide whole web page with form styles or just form modules that can be integrated into current existing website?

Hi just purchased the app, I have a question, how can I just have one branch instead of two branches? so one of two can just skip and continue answering next questions. Thanks

hello…maybe i don’t understand your question. branch must be minimum two…so the user based on which branch select go to a specific step. one branch can be pointed to the end…another one can be pointed to questions. maybe the documentation can help you to understand how it works

use the id to point to a specific step

Quick question… what does the email with results look like? Thanks!

Hi there, how do we stop users from resubmitting the survey again within 24hrs?


hello.. i am sorry this feature is not available.all the best

Hi, i’ve sent a preorder question… but no answer for almost a week now.

I will ask here again maybe you clear things out, do you offer instructions to make multi branching, as i see only one branch in demo?

Example Q = question A = answer:

Q1 points to A1 or A2

A1 points to Q 1.1 or Q 1.2

A2 points to Q 2.1 or Q 2.2

Q.1.1 points A 1.1.1 or A 1.1.2 or A 1.1.3

Q.1.2 points A 1.2.1 or A 1.2.2 or A 1.2.3

Q.2.1 points A 2.1.1 or A 2.1.2

Q.2.2 points A 2.2.1 or A 2.2.2

and so one.

Each answer should point to a new different question depending on the condition, you got the idea.

Thank you!