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I like this template very much, good job!

Thanks, glad you like it!

Very Awesome welcome to the forest ! ;)

Thanks! Looking forward to adding more templates over the coming months :)

Great job! Excellent idea for menu effect! :)

Thanks very much, appreciate it!

Very impressed. And the documentation is very clear.

I’d rate this 5/5 if only themeforest would allow me to rate.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you like it! I’m updating to Awesome Fonts 3.0 within the next week or two so the theme will receive an update shortly :)

Excellent. Could you please include a Release Note with the package, listing the changes, so that we can retrofit our own changes back in to your theme? Thanks.

This is a great template, but a couple of minor issues are popping up on if you run the template through their site to view the mobile device simulators.

The work icon makes the features icon, in the navigation, act flaky.

The iPad portrait ยท width: 768px does not resolve the width completely.

I liked the template so much I got it anyways. If you can provide the fixes that would be appreciated.

wow, nice!;