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++ “LBITT 3 days ago In a portfolio mode when I click in a image I can open directly in a ligthbox the gallery? (no portfolio text)”

I want to use the template like this demo 2 :

I don’t find the lightbox option with the carroussel and slider ? and i want to use the same design with white rectangle under the picture portfolio not over the picture.

Thank for your feedback

1. If you want to switch to the mode pop up window, you need to choose it! 2.

Was interested in this template but I notice the last support inquiry is unanswered after 9-days.

Looking forward to seeing the response…

Hello, jamiek8! Support team began to work as usual and answers to custom’s question. Sorry, for temporary inconvenience.

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum.

BR, Serzh

Been waiting for days for a response to these unanswered points from your support website” 3. how to popup a summary window of the project as per the demo – repurposed the demo content, but how to have a short summary in the popup and the link goes to the portfolio page rather link off into a website or a new page. 4. contact form retracting up under the main top menu – cannot get this to work the same as the demo 5. the top nav is not centred in the template properly – is this a padding issue? Let me know asap.

Thanks for your help, but I have a few more issues posted to the support site that we cannot resolve. Can we get some answers today?

Hello, GRITCOMMS! Not at all! Unfortunatelly, support forum on preventive maintenance. We’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum.

BR, Serzh

Hello, I would like to know how to apply the lightbox feature to images within the slide. Thanks!

it is impossible to apply the lightbox feature to images. But it is good idea! Follow us on ThemeForest.

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BR, Serzh

Question regaring smartphone/pad tags on Portfolios = There ain’t any = ? Been on the lookout for a WP theme that can handle a picture tag system with ease. Found yours and thought > “Great!” Bought it to show today for my possible customers. Thankfully for me, before the meeting I decided to check up the installation on my android smartphone. The [tag] function does not work … Also I realized on a regular computer (since I doublechecked right away on my laptop), > If I choose a picture, lets say [on the road] and clicked on it. Then the next picture, aka, click the arrow, did not show the next picture IN THAT category. It showed something else?!

What is the deal ..? I am quite angry about this since I thought I had the perfect product for a customer. But you fail on the functions depending on what “gear” you are on vs the tags on the “art”, that do not work at all …

Don’t you check you code before release on various tech? Atleast do just that and inform “us” customers that it won’t work on X and Y, or that it is not tested on it! aka Buy at own risk!

Tell us more details, preferably with the exact version of the devices where you looked and screenshots.

Thank you very much!

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum.

BR, Serzh

Hi Support Team,

how can you get subitems in the main menu (if top centered menu layout is used). If I use wordpress’ to organize my menu all menu items appear in the submenu instead of just the submenu items. The primary menu items move kind of up one line?!

See here:


Also: I postet this question to your Suppot Forum.

In the first version not supported submenu, the new version it will be done.

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BR, Serzh

In a popup mode when I click in a image I canĀ“t open lightbox. which is the configuration?

Hello, Duettoideas! Can you provide us a link to you site? Maybe it has problem with JavaScript.

my site is I hope your answer, thanks

Where can I download the latest version. On Themeforest you only provide a link to version 1.0 – in this version if I click on a normal page with just text on a mobile device (iphone 5) the textwrapping div is to big for the screen. this is not the case with any of your demos.

On your demo (, when you click on any thumbails on this home, you have a slider. OK it’s the same thing on my website.

But, when you click on CTA “READ MORE”, on your demo, you’ll redirected on On my website, I have a NOT FOUND page.

How can I do to correct the problem?

Hello, tom_maverick! Thanks for your question, you can get answer on our forum

Hey, I would like to purchase this template for my video portfolio. Can i use embeded videos from Vimeo?


Hello, Zoecontentive! This theme does not support Vimeo and similar video in portfolio, only in blog post. Video files download via the library.


When a submenu on this theme ? I need it very quickly.

Thx Serzh.

This theme doesn’t support submenu. It will be in updated version.

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BR, Serzh

Hello lightbox in the portfolio does not. explanations are very poorly made ??and not developed enough, and I joined the forum with my buyer code but I have not received the confirmation email. it is urgent for my client.

Hello, chypsteur! Answer for write on our forum. We have a operational support. Please, go to

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum.

BR, Serzh

Is it normal that when you clicked on a portfolio and that Safarie use the button to close the window does not appear?

Hello, chypsteur! Answer for write on our forum. We have a operational support. Please, go to

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum.

BR, Serzh

The forum do not work. I can not have a password to reply to you.

Hi, its possible to change the width of the sample page or blog from theme options? I would like to occupy almost the width of the page.

Please Serzh I need to know if this is possible to buy or not the theme.

I would like to put the footer on the slide page. In the php file, there are <?php get_footer(); ?> but i can see it in the Front Office.

Hi Serzh? I am about to purchase this theme. Does it easy to modify left navigation bar? I don’t need that “big effect” when my mouse clicks on it. I need it as a foldable navigation bar. Hope I explain it clearly to you. I am looking forward to your answer. Thanks!

Hi Zerzh,

Thanks for your answer. I cannot use forum without purchasing Antanta theme. I hope the screen proportion doesn’t change while my mouse moves to the left navigation bar. This is what I called”big effect”. Can you send me customized one after my purchase? Looking for your answer.


Hello, again!

I recommend to pay attention to a similar theme – QUE, can be find here

If I understand you correctly you would like left sidebar like this demo If this is so then it is impossible to do like you want with this theme.

Hi Serzh,

It’seems the same of Songdak what i want.

1. I want my leftbar menu is always open and fix how i can do that ? 2. If i choose a slide leftbar menu i don’t want the page content be resize. 3. Where is the option to change leftbar menu to top menu. It’s not easiest to custom the theme.

Thanks Best regards

Hello, jmdieu!

1. It is impossible.

2. Page content resizes by default. It’s author’s idea. It is not change only when top menu will be set up.

3. You can change position of menu in Theme options (menu Appearance->Customize->Layout Section This theme is easy-customizable. If you will have any problems our Support Team help you. You should ask your questions on our support forum on

Hello there! Install the theme and I get this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_field() in /www/nicolassalle/htdocs/web/wp-content/themes/antanta/page-slider.php on line 11

Web >>

Try to fix it, reinstalling the theme, but still the error

I await your response Thanks a lot!

Hello, hernanpaz

As I understand you have already contacted with our support team. Please, tell me, your problem is already solved?

Unfortunately I purchased this item and it was absolutely impossible for me to get working. The documentation provided was not up to date and extremely brief for the amount of functionality this theme has.

Hello, maxrep2003!

All the questions that interest you and you want solve, you can give in our forums We always glad to help you. our support team works 24/7.

I also purchased this theme and it does not work correctly. The content took over 10 seconds to load both for the portfolio and then the pop up individual portfolio pages. When I ask for help they say they will get back to me and never did. I have asked for a refund and want my money back. Not only was the theme a waste of money it also made me miss a deadline on an important project because of the time wasted and spent trying to fix this messy theme. Please provide me with a REFUND.

Hello, magikdesign!

Thank you for your point of view and sorry for troubles. We always work on quality of our products and this problem will be solved in next update. You should ask questions about refund to Evanto administration.