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Demo page isn´t load properly…only the logo and loading gif…can´t view the theme :(


Really sorry about that, seems it’s time to switch to another hosting. It’s working now.


Sure is working? I tried with several browsers and only can view this: http://prntscr.com/3ei2ps


Strange, checking on my side, loads just fine. Could you please try with direct link? http://weblusive-themes.com/ante

I see that the preload of the demo is a bit slow, I think it should be for the video. Does this template allows you to change the video for a simple slider images?

is this compatible with wordpress 3.9? The pages don’t seem to be working right


also background video doesn’t work with iphone.. is there an option to replace video with static image if on mobile?


hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

plz open a support ticket here: http://wpbox.ticksy.com/


Love the theme. Very close to buying it. I just have some questions.

Can this site be made like this one – http://www.roomfour.com.au/

As in – is it possible to have the menu bar on top of the slider images, and when you click on the menu for example projects a new page comes up rather than a scroll type. And what is the pixel ratio needed for the sliders to that the images used are not compressed/distorted and lose the quality. And is it possible to put social media buttons on the header on the homepage and input them on sidebars on other pages? SOrry about the questions.

Cheers. Thanks for the great support.


Hi and thanks for your interest in Ante. The slider works a bit different actually, it slides the text and the image is a static one which you can change by uploading your own one via theme’s admin panel. As of menu, it has positions for top and bottom set via admin panel and regarding social buttons, They can be placed anywhere, just look a bit differently. The one on the website mentioned is an interesting concept, it would require some customization to show it like that though.

I am not able to open the Preview.

Could you please check with direct link? Thanks.

Does Ante Theme is WPML compatible?


Ante hasn’t been specifically tested with WPML but there shouldn’t be any problems with it.

For those of you having problems with the demo, just remove the black bar at the top…


True, thanks so much for the comment!

Nearly buying your theme, but having some questions:

1. Is it possible to have several pages with a similar layout like starting page of the demo?

2. Is it possible to change the link of portfolio images? I want to link to another page if the user clicks on one of the pictures.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi and thanks for your interest in Ante.

  1. No, there can be 1 interface for listing the pages with 1-pager logic,and you can also have standalone pages however you can’t have several pages with the 1-pager layout
  2. Yes, you can choose a custom url to show from the portfolio post options
Let me know if you have any other questions.


Does this theme support WordPress 3.9.1? am interested in purchasing it. thanks alot.

Awesome theme :)


Thanks! Yes, it’s totally supported :)

Hey, great theme. Just have one issue i can’t seem to find the location or how to change the image that appears behind the twitter section…. Can you point me in the right direction plz.


Hi and thanks!
The twitter uses THEME_FOLDER/images/home-bg.jpg image. You can either replace the image or add this line of code in Ante => Styling section’s Global CSS field: .home-bg{background:url(‘IMAGE_URL_HERE’)}

If you try and this doesn’t work by some reason, please open a private ticket in our Support forum and provide your WP login details, I’ll enter and adjust it.


Ah yeh! i’m an idiot for not looking in that folder anyway, cheers matey


No problem, let me know if you have any other questions!

jundera Purchased

Hi I bought yesterday the Ante theme, and I already installed the theme and the sample_content.xml and I don’t know why mine doesn’t like like the one in the demo.

My problems are: - I don’t have a responsive menu (like the one in the demo) - And there is something weird with the width of my website (it moves if you try to drag it to the left)

Check it here to see my problem http://goo.gl/sizVGe



Hi and sorry for the delay. I tried to go with link provided and it leads me to a 404 error page. Could you please open a private ticket in our support forum and provide your WP login details so I could check it out live and fix the issue you’re having? Thanks.