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Hi, another question, about the default menu item HOME. You managed in your template example to get rid of the default menu item. But when I try that, it prohibits me to set an other menu item to default (probably because of the fact that it ate links to the Last Works module) and it is not possible to delete a menu item when it is the default. How can I solve this ?

The “Top” Menu Item

Hi htmgarcia I have insert the hide-component on the right place but that does not help. Could you provide an suggestion on this subject ?

Is possible have access to your site with step-by-step details to reach the issue, please?

Do it from this contact page, please: – add the all details there to track your concern

Looking forward to help you


Hi, excellent template, but I need to add next social network – youtube. I made icon in PNG, but if I scroll down, color of picture will change. Can u explain me, how to do it? I tried add this code: <li><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="./images/icon_youtube_.png" /></a></li> but it doesnt change color. Thanks for help BB

To change color for a custom icon image will require do some customizations in code. How good are you with CSS?

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not good. can u explain it to me? :(

Sure, here is a tutorial about it that will be helpful:


hi am still working on the template offline kindly help with the google map location changing am the buyer dev

Hi walt407,

Please ask for support using the account which you bought the template.

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HI dude, I’ll appreciate your help with the next situation:

I want to remove the “Read More” option, i’m using the “One Page” template, i just want to keep the “works” section but without that option.

Thanks for your help

Hi eldiegosaenz,

Edit this module > Advanced Options > Alternative Layout > process-slideshow to not have read more link

Let us know if this was of any help, regards

It works, thanks!

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Hi, in the multipage version, all menu items have all categories and featured articles. Yet there is only one featured article. How does it work? I noticed that there are modules for all those menu items, so the modules are loading the articles right? The documentation has detailed instructions on sections for single page. What about multipages? thanks

and when is the help menu accessed?

I noticed there is no custom.css in the template.

Hi infoshell,

Please consider read the documentation/index.html file inside the zip file you downloaded from Themeforest – there we explain the step by step guide how setup the template.



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You can’t install the theme on Quickstart Joomla 3, online or offline, the installation not working, can you check it and send me a working version of the theme please?

Thank you