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Hi there, I purchased this theme a while ago & love it (I hope you guys will continue to make updates to it). My question is: I installed woo commerce and everything (i.e. cart, checkout, & account) is working well except for the shop or products page. It’s not formulating correctly. It doesn’t have a menu and has the blog archives/ categories and tags underneath the products. How can I fix this? Thank you so much!

Thank you! Unfortunately, Anthe WordPress doesn’t support Woo commerce plugin by default. The custom theme customization can help you here. We can recommend the Envato Studio amazing team for that work


I have recently come back to the site after a few months away and now I am trying to add some new pages, I can not add the gallery shortcode to the page content anymore. Why is this?

Hope you can help me!



Hello Andrew!

1) Try to disable all plugins installed to see if the problem not related to them

2) If the problem still exist – change theme to one of the WP default themes to see if the problem related to Anthe WP only

So if problem caused by our theme please contact us here and send all information related to problem. Or you may send us your site URL & test credentials that we can use it online and gather all information to help better.


kthark Purchased

HELLO! Can I play video on tabs or is only text friendly?

Hello! Which tabs exactly do you mean?


kthark Purchased

The tabs that are included in the short code manager. I updated my version of WP to 4.1 and now my magic wand is missing from my toolbox. Also, I have searched the comment threads for info on how to keep the “next work” from showing items from another work category but I cannot figure it out. Any advice? thanks Katie

Hello Katie! You need to update theme to the last version to use the shortcode manager. Tabs are text-, html- and shortcode-friendly, so probably video shortcodes will work well

Hi, i am using WPBakery Visual Composer to build the pages.

i have redesigned the about (pages/section) and when i preview it look okay but when i come to the main page (sample) all my columns are gone and everything is stacked on top of each other.

can you help, with some custom code so that the main page looks like the about section.

here is what the about looks like > and here is what it looks like when i go to the main page >

sorry them images should be the other way around..


Please note that:

Item support does not include:
* Support for third party software and plug-ins

Please change Anthe theme to one of WP default themes to see if this problem only Anthe-related. If so, please let us know at (don’t forget to provide live URLs of problem pages, so we can help you better).


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I have the Anthe theme and it is great, thank you!. I have set up a blog page by using the Journal with Sidebar Page template. But the sidebar is not showing. Also, even though I have selected to use an image in the header title area, it is not showing up. Lastly, the logo on the page has no margin from the top of the screen so it looks funny. See the page here



Hello Kristen, WP replace default templates & values if sees that page used as Posts page, so try to disable that in Settings > Reading > Posts page value.


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Hi alaja, i try to install demo file (anthe.xml), but i don’t have the same result to your demo page, image is not in full screen. Besides i don’t display the social icons on upper right. How to solve it? Thank you, M.


Mscotti Purchased

Hi alaja, i understand where change, but do not know how to do it to get the same results in your demo. ;) M.

Please send us private message from with your site URL and list of things you want to tune, also you may send temporary credentials – that we may tune it right on your site.


Mscotti Purchased

Sent, Thanks.

Hey, great theme. Just a couple questions for you. 1) Is there any way for it to be in subpages rather than one page? (I see it says it in the details but is there an example) 2) Where can I see the blog? 3) Is there individual subpages for each portfolio item? 4) Is it compatible with the latest 4.1.1 version of WP? Thanks!

I found the answer to #1 – and 2 :) – let me know about 3 and 4 as soon as you can.

Hello and thank you!

3) Yes, for sure for each portfolio item there is an individual page 4) Don’t heavily tested, but no problems on our install. However, some little design glitches in admin area exists.

Anyway, thank you for your interest in Anthe WordPress!


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I just purchased and so far I love it. Just one quick ? ... can we right click protect our images? If so… how? Thank you! Tara

Hello Tara and thank you! Check this plugins that may help


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Hi, I have been using this theme for a few months and it is great! However, my Single Page structure that was working is suddenly having some issues.

It previously was running just like your demo page – all pages including home page in Single Page scroll, even though it has the Fullscreen Slider template. But now the homepage isn’t included, and some of the other pages aren’t as well.

I only have one menu that includes Philosophy, Clearing, Testimonials, About, Businesses, Contact. I want them all (including homepage,) to be included in the Single page. Currently About & Clearing have the Single Page template, and if I try to make any of the other pages have the Single Page template, they no longer show up, the page is just blank.

Thank you!


Hello Kristen!

1) Try to disable all plugins installed to see if the problem not related to them

2) If the problem still exist – please contact us here and send all information related to this problem. Or you may send us your site URL & test credentials that we can use it online and gather all information to help better.


khjoy Purchased

I disable the plugins and am still having the problem. I just sent login information via the form you sent. Thank you!

Hi, I purchased the theme one year ago and i am very satisfied, but one problem occurs: the website is set up as a one pager. When calling up a specific page via permalink (e.g., the page is not shown as a one pager anymore but features a vertical menu and single pages. Any idea why? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello! In Anthe WordPress one pager is just a page template, you can can have any amount of pages on your site (so each of them can be a one-pager or not).


can I update to 4.1.1 using this theme?


Hello Waldemar! Don’t heavily tested, but no problems on our install. However, some little visual glitches could happen in WP admin area.

Hello, I purchased this awesome theme, but I can’t figure out why the responsive mobile menu is not showing as it should. I still see the normal menu and not the menu-list-mobile that should be seen under 579px as stated in the style.css.

Can you guys help me please?? Thanks!! :)

Hello and thank you!

We remember that you have modify mobile menu some time ago and we must to say that we don’t support custom theme modifications. If you sure that problem related to not-modified content, please message us at with your site URL that we can help you better.


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I’m loving the theme but am having a strange issue. The entire site is beautifully responsive, except individual blog post pages. They don’t seem to be resizing at all. Example: Any assistance or guidance would be much appreciated, thanks!

Thank you! Your images (inserted as attachments) has a fixed width (in pixels) – and only that thing restrict the responsiveness.


diddioz Purchased

Oh ok! got it! Any suggestions on how to get around this? Thanks so much.

Please check your content in the editor (if you don’t use any plugin for those images). You may contact us at with your page code or WP credentials that we can help you better.


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Hi! I am trying to find out how to set up the single-page home page. I saw you wrote
In single page construction menu put your fullscreen slider page on the first place, save menu, then proceed to Settings > Reading and Front page displays set front page to display your single page.
but I don’t really understand what you mean. When I put the pages in the menu, I see only the large slider, and I can’t scroll down to my “about” section or other sections.

larast Purchased

Is “single page construction menu” a different place to the Appearance > Menus area?

2.7.5 Single Page Template The Single Page template allows the creation of a single page with custom top menu and scrolling. The creation process of a single page is an automatic gluing of trivial pages that have been already created. So first navigate to Menus, create one, fill it with pages you want to have onto single page. Then create a new page, select the Single Page template, select in appeared ‘Single Page Setup’ box (below the main content area) the menu you created. Anthe will do the rest.
Please let us know if you have other questions about how Anthe WP works after reading the manual.

Great theme! I see other people asking about the homepage slider being responsive for mobile. I’m not having any luck… A plugin perhaps or some custom CSS code? Thanks!

Hello and thank you! Please check this FAQ that may helps you.

Hi There – I’m really interested in buying your theme, but first i’d like to know about making the theme WooCommerce compatible using hooks in the functions.php file?

Using this link ( is not an option for me.


Unfortunately, theme isn’t WooCommerce compatible by default. Anyway, thank you for your interest!

Thanks for the reply! Can you recommend a similar theme which will support woocommerce?


larast Purchased

Hello, I am having trouble with the blog. In the Journal with Sidebar page the posts come up but their titles dont’ click through to their actual pages. How can I make their titles click through to each post’s page? (example ) thank you!

Please use <!-more-> tag in your posts and featured images (as described in documentation). Please let us know if you need to make the titles clickable at

Hi Alaja. I’m looking to upload new images to my homepage slider for the Anthe theme, but as soon as I try to upload anything I get a box with the text cheatin’ uh? Could it have been hacked? Is there a way to give this a look please. Thank you!

Hello! Just tested it again on our servers with latest WP core (v4.2.4) & Anthe (v0.28) and all works very smooth without single error like you pointed (tested ‘Fullscreen Slider Setup’ metabox for upload & choose images from media gallery & updating page with Fullscreen Slider template). Have you tried:

- logged with admin privileges so you have all the rights to edit homepage & attachments;

- deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s);

- resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems;

- re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from a fresh download of WordPress, if you were hacked

Hi there, I have an issue with a dropdown menu in my main menu: I have added 3 pages to “media” (music, video & photo) and it works fine on my homepage ( but on every other site (f.e. of my website the dropdown is covered in white (like the text…). Do I need to change something in a stylesheet or why does this happen?

Thanks in advance, Reno Gabriel

Hello Reno! Can you please disable the plugin that says about “Please go to for further information about Reno Gabriel.” Please let us know at when it will be off. Thank you.

Hello! I’m loving the theme. Anyways I’m using the blog”” feature a lot (the journal and works template). However, the posts are too narrow for me. They take up about one third of the page then the rest goes to a desired media content. Is there any way to edit the theme code or add something that can make my entries fit the screen? Thank you!

Hello and thank you! If we understand you right, you need a custom theme modification. We can recommend the Envato Studio amazing team for that work

You may start your modification from adding next line to Custom CSS theme option:

ol.items.posts li { width:100% }