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okker Purchased

Hallo, thank you for your great theme! Question, is there a way to integrate WooCommerce in this theme? I’ve installed it now, but is doesn’t use the stylesheet of Anthe. Thank you for your answer!


Probably it will require a custom theme modification. We can recommend the microlancer.com amazing community for that work http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization


Is there any way to deactivate your custom login logo function? I do have my own configuration on my child-theme and it doesn’t apply.


Hello! Please proceed to theme / setup.php file inside theme folder and remove (or comment) the line:
add_action ( 'login_head', 'ASetup::loginLogoImage' );


How i do change the main menu link from url.com/process/#section-358 to url.com/process/#services ??

Thank you.


For now live preview link pointed to HTML version of Anthe. WordPress version always uses ‘section-ID’ pattern.


Ok. What is the steps I can use to change it on wordpress as you mentioned that either custom theme modification or custom links in menu?


Custom menu links you may add through the obvious menu manager in WordPress. If you need a custom modification of default theme features, it would be a good idea to hire someone on the sites like microlancer.com, elance.com, odesk.com etc or ask your friends with HTML & PHP knowledge. We can recommend the microlancer.com community for that work http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

Hi, here again in the correct section ;) I’m almost ready to publish my new site with your great template. I just need to resolve the following:

1) How can I manage to get the fullscreen slider responsive for mobile devices? Only the upper parts of the images are shown.

2) Also on the fullscreen page, the menu overlaps with my welcoming letters (on mobiles), what can I do about it? Is it possible to get the drop down menu from the beginning on?

3) The header titles are too big on mobile devices, any way to change that?

4) Finally, I want my gallery to be an auto slider and found that in your support, but it still won’t work:

[gallery autostart=”true” slider=”true” ids=”535,690,536,537,538,539,541”]

Many thanks for your help!


Don’t worry, I found it ;)


BUT… you mentioned I could also use a drop-down menu for the full screen slider page on the mobile. How?


Sorry for the inconvenience, not for the small screens. As the drop-downs is a bad practice for touch devices.

Hi and thanks for your help so far.

1) I’d like the works template to display only two works in a row in one_half instead of 3 in one-third. I suppose I have to change something in template-works.core.php, but how?

2) I know how to change the “read more” in text in title-item.php file, but I use an english and a spanish version (polylang plugin). Is there a possibility to adjust the button text for each language separately?

Thanks :)


Hello! ;)

1) If we understand you right, you need a custom theme modification. We can recommend the microlancer.com amazing community for that work http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

2) Please check the plugin forums and documentation. We don’t support third party software and plug-ins. Maybe this thread helps http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-polylang-return-the-current-language-as-variable-for-your-template

Hi there

fabulous theme, I’m just having a few problems with following

1) opening slideshow not smooth, what am I doing wrong?

2) on mobile, images are way too big, one slideshow image doesn’t show up at all and menu doesn’t work properly.

please see www.alicenelson.org

Any help would be great. Many thanks



Hello Lindsay and thank you!

1) We have found no problems with your slideshow

2) If the images don’t stretch right please check the FAQ page http://themeforest.net/item/anthe-wordpress/4070793/support

Also we have found the 3rd party code that output the characters that may cause the problems with Fullscreen Slider. Try to disable this plugin (wpstats) or replace if its possible.


Hi there. thanks for your reply.

1) Oddly, it does look fine now .. ?

2) May I ask, have you looked at the site on a mobile phone?

3) I can’t see any plugin called ‘wpstats’ .. there is in an odd smiley character on mobile version of site .. can you see it?

Many thanks for any help Lindsay


2) http://themeforest.net/item/anthe-wordpress/4070793/faqs/21317

3) yes, please check the plugin that output this character and better to disable it

Hi there. I like the design of your theme a lot, except one element which seems a bit outdated these days – the responsive nav menu. How to implement the 3 line navicon menu on mobile devices instead of the current drop down list menu? Thanks for you help with this.


Thank you! Unfortunately there are no easy hack with several lines of CSS to do so, as menu item is single element and require additional html elements to re-style it. If you really need that custom theme modification, we can recommend the Envato Studio amazing team for that http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization

For us nowadays Anthe state of development is only to provide updates to ensure compatibility with new software (WordPress) versions.

Anyway, thank you for your suggestion! We can’t promise, but consider to implement this feature within the next theme update (if it will be).


Thank you for the reply and good luck with implementing this in the new update! Cheers!

Dear Alaja

Presales question.

Do you have examples of “multi page” pages? Would be very interesting to view.

Thank you for your time.

Regards Waqas


I want to add the Yelp social media icon to the top nav bar – how can I do this?

Also, how do I make my top menu headings bigger font?



Hello! Support for the items is available for one year after the initial purchase date http://themeforest.net/item/anthe-wordpress/4070793/support

It seems that there are answers you may find by searching the comments here.

Hello Alaja,

I wonder if you could help. I am trying to replace the second logo icon (not the slider one) with a small narrow icon to display the menu on mobile in line (just as as the menu on full slider) with logo icon.

I have only 3 items in menu so if I add a small icon instead of larger logo I think it the menu would fit in line and wouldn’t overlap and wouldn’t need to use the current menu drop down list on mobile.

Perhaps you could recommend a stylesheet or custom css modification to do this.

Thanks for help!


Just fixed it, thanks ;)

Hi, 1 – how can i reduce the font dimension of the big text of fullscreen-slider? 2 – how can i reduce the space between menu and content in this page http://www.albergocasapadrepio.it/?page_id=21 ? can i reduce the dimension font of the text “servizi”?



Search the comments by the tags:

1) text in home slider

2) space page title

Surely it will helps ;)


I would like to know if you have a solution to the image “main copy” on the home page slide with a retina screen. I don’t find a solution, and i have always a blurry effect on this picture.

Thank you for your help


Try to add this code at Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:

.full.slides li h1 img { 
  -moz-transform: scale(0.5);
  -ms-transform: scale(0.5);
  -o-transform: scale(0.5);
  -webkit-transform: scale(0.5);
  transform: scale(0.5)


thanks it’s work


Glad to hear! ;)

Hello, I would like to buy the nice Anthe but have to be sure that it supports WPML. You answered for one year “For the most, but not 100%”. What does it excactly mean? Thank you.

khjoy Purchased

Hi, Great theme, but I have a few questions pertaining to mobile devices:

1. I uploaded the script.js theme you recommend to my child theme, but I see no change on my mobile phone. The images are still very large for mobile. Is there a way to remove the slideshow on the mobile version all together?

2. The page titles on the mobile version are too large and they wrap to 2 lines of text for one word, making it look weird. I don’t want to make the text smaller on the desktop version but can the mobile title text be smaller so that it doesn’t wrap?

See site on mobile phone here: http://www.samanthaeddy.com

Thank you!



Probably, you need to replace the original script.js file

khjoy Purchased

Do you mean to put the script.js file in the parent theme files rather than the child?


Yes, that should help. Let us know if it will work.

hello alaja-team, thanks for the great theme! I’ve just started using it and well, it’s all I need. ;)

I’m using the journal as my news-page where I, well, post my news. I would like to remove the number before the title, so that there’s only the title – is it possible and what do I have to edit (I guess it’s in the the template journal 3 in a row)?

I hope you understand what I’d like to tell you, otherwise, please have a look on my news-site: www.renogabriel.ch/news

thanks in advance, rg

alaja Author

Hello RG, and thank you! Please add to Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:

.items .span span:first-child,
.titles .span span:first-child { display:none }


thanks a lot! :)

alaja Author

You are welcome! ;)