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do you know why the editor saves extra code like ”\\\” everytime a saving something. It looks like it’s added to the Google Webfont param somehow… what make’s something like…


sorry, it’s was a Magic Quotes conflict…

I was wondering what plugin you all used to create the Map on the Contact page?

We are obsessed with it :)

alaja Author

Thank you, the script for map was handcrafted from scratch, using Google Maps API.


Excellent! Love it! Is there any way to add multiple “plots” on the map?


You may start from opening script.js file in theme folder and finding the JS map part, titled Google Map Wrapper

Hi there, I cannot find this page (http://cl.ly/MywZ/o) it seems to be disabled somewhere and I can therefore not change the logo. Where should this page be located and how can I enable it?

Thanks :)


Ah, I figured it out. I had the Theme Options Framework plugin enabled which was overriding the built-in theme options setting.

No worries.


How/Where do I change the Thank You text after someone submits the Contact Form. I can’t find where I can edit it..




You may find it in theme / shortcode.contact.php > $email_response variable (line #12).

Hi, I have some questions! Hope you guys don’t mind.

1 – I used the shortcode to create a big classic button inside a work page, but I can’t get it to link to another website. For example, my domain is “keeg.com.br” and I want the button to link to “keegstore.com”. This is what happens when I put the URL between the quotation marks: keeg.com.br/item/worktitle/keegstore.com.

2 – I also wanted to know how I change the “item” in each work page URL. It looks like this right now: keeg.com.br/item/worktitle. I wanted to continue with the URL from the previous page (Works).

3 – I’m trying to use galleries in your theme, but they have the same fixed height. The photos get cropped and I wanted to adjust that. I have some instagram photos I wanted to upload, for example. How do I go about changing the gallery height?

4 – I think the space between the page title (with that line underneath it) and the page content is a little bit big. Is there any way I could change that as well?

Thank you so much. This theme is beautiful and it’s perfect for my company. You guys did an amazing job!

Best regards, Paulo del Valle.


Hello Paulo,

1) please start your links from ‘http://' it required by HTML & all browsers

2) please open theme / extend.php file and on line #7 change the item variable to anything you want. Don’t forget to reset the permalinks options if you already set them in dashboard

3) please use this code in Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:
.media-container .slides { max-height: none }
.media-container .slides li { margin: 0 }
4) please use this code in Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS (you may play with values):
.section .title,
.section .title h2 { margin:0;padding:0 }

Hi, great template thank you! I do have two things I need help with, hope that’s ok.

1. Inserting images into a ‘default’ page, like in the live preview on the site (Page A layout). I’ve set a featured image for the page and it just shows the text.

2. Changing the title of the ‘Works’ page in the template so at the bottom navigation ‘Next work’ just says ‘Next’. (I’m using it to showcase artists in this case.)

Thanks in advance for your help, Ania


Hello Ania,

1) Thank you, just use the Shortcode Manager http://cl.ly/Qt8Q on this page and insert example ‘About Page’ content

2) You may start from opening single.php in theme folder and changing the line #25

Hello. Great theme!

I apologize in advance if this issue has been addressed. Didn’t find anything in searching over the past few minutes.

The demo site has a white logo in the nav bar, but each following page that is white has a dark logo. Where or how can I manage the nav bar logos on each page?


Thank you,

Just proceed to Theme Options > General and set ‘Fullscreen Logo’ option – that will be used for fullscreen slides. For the other pages you may use the ‘Custom Logo’ option.

Hello again! So we’re having two small issues I’m hoping you can help with…

1) How can I make ALL of the portfolio thumbnail images portrait or landscape? Right now they randomly choose their orientation, and do not look good next to each other…http://www.gabrielaguida.com/artwork/

2) On this item, http://www.gabrielaguida.com/item/carotid-artery-2/, the link below “next work” is taking us to the wrong section..it links to an item in the photography section instead of going to the next artwork item..it appears to be the ONLY one with the wrong link!

Thanks as always for all your support!


Hello, just emailed you back.


How do I place my email/phone details underneath the social media icons in the top header bar? So it stays on every page..


At the end of tile-social.php file you may add something like:
<b style="float:right"> YOUR TEXT </b>

Hi! Great looking theme! I just have one BIG problem. I can’t figure out how to set up the Fullscreen slider on the first page. I know there is a code for that:

[img src=’http://imagepath' link=’http://linkurl'] [button style=classic url=’#url’] Button Caption [/button]

But I don’t understand where I’m supposed to put it in.. In a new page or where?

Please help me out! =) Thanks.


Thank you,

1) Create a page with Fullscreen Slider template

2) Set the Settings > Reading > Front page displays > YOUR PAGE

ability to have a different logo for fullscreens pages is genius


Thank you.

Hello, nice theme. I’m considering to buy it, but i have a question. Does it support a drag’n drop plugin like visual composer? Thank you for your answer in advance.

Hello, great theme! Unfortunately my wordpress page could not upload the theme. The comment is: package could not be installed. The theme is missing style.css Stylesheet. Could you please help me out? Thanks, Lucia


Thank you,

http://themeforest.net/item/anthe-wordpress/4070793/support > Common WordPress Installation Issues > Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

Or you may read a first page of documentation file in Anthe package (anthe.pdf).



Hey there,

Creating a site for a client with this purchased theme, however the contact form is showing automatically as it says it would in the documentation, any idea what’s going on there?



Hello Ellen,

Sorry for misleading by the help file. Please use on the contact page the Shortcode Manager http://cl.ly/Qt8Q and insert example Contact Page content. There will be the contact shortcode related to contact form. Don’t forget to change the email attribute of shortcode.

Thank you for your previous response. We were able to fix the issue quickly.

Next question – how can I add a 3rd row to the Services page if we have more than 6 services (7th, 8th, 9th services)? Is this possible to do with some code edits?

Also – Is it possible to add more fields to the contact form?




Hello Nick,

For sure, you may start from editing e.g. template-services-6.core.php file in theme folder and hardcode all your new services.

Hi, great theme! How can we remove the section NEXT WORK in the item pages?? We had problems in the services page template: the boxes of each services display the content of the relative pages, but using button shortcodes it display the codes and not the button and the we have the same problem using qtranslate: it display both languages in the box. How can we fix it?

Best Regards.


Please open template-services.core.php and replace line #7:

return array($page->post_title, wpautop($page->post_content), $img ? $img[0] : '');


return array($page->post_title, do_shortcode(wpautop($page->post_content)), $img ? $img[0] : '');

Also we don’t recommend you to use qTranslate (you may try Polylang or others).

works great! we still have problems with eliminate NEXT WORK in the item pages and with qtranslate!! http://www.test.diademaexclusif.it/item/nur/

You can find (and remove) ‘next work’ code in single.php file located at theme folder. Also we don’t recommend you to use qTranslate (you may try Polylang or others).


how can we change the text color of the homepage? Best Regards.

Please use this code in Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:
.home.page .head a, 
.home.page h1,
.home.page h3 { color:red !important }

Alaja, amazing theme. I purchase it through an account at work for a client and decided to use it for my personal site it was so good! Great modern look & flawless design!

Although i am having 1 issue… for the fullscreen home slider. When i try to enter the [img] shortcodes to the ‘Main Copy’ to add a logo or branding image to the slide it just displays the full shortcode text instead of the image. Any thoughts?

Thank you. If you did not edit theme files, please check again the shortcode syntax, e.g.:
[img src='http://image-url']

Also try to disable plugins, some of them (especially free) are causing errors that disrupt the themes. Just deactivate all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If that works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).


Thanks for the reply alaja, i did what you suggested… checked the shortcode syntax and disabled all the plugins… and it is still not displaying the image… here is a screenshot from my end (http://i44.tinypic.com/2yknq78.png) i did have woocommerce activated prior but everything is disabled now.


Unfortunately, we can’t tell what’s wrong here. May you send us an url to your site that we can take a look at alaja.info/contact

How do I get the photos on the web version to size down to a phone? I understand they may be squished but on my website they don’t size down correctly to the smartphone screen. What is a CSS fix for this?

http://themeforest.net/item/anthe-wordpress/4070793/support – Be sure to always provide a screenshots or an URL to your site so we may help you better.

Hi guys, loving the theme quite a bit. I am a photographer, and featuring full photo on full bleed on website is cool, for me. Hence, after searching up and down for a minimalist theme, yours fit best. There are 3 things I would like to ask, and perhaps you could assist.

1. Fullscreen home slider is great, but how can I change the theme so I could have more than only 6 images?

2. On fullscreen home slider, when browser resized, up to the original file’s width and height, the photograph possibly be better if it changes to a lower resolution / higher resolution. I believe this can happen if the fullscreen sliders were coded for retina display, or rather truly responsive.

3. Journal template is quite limiting. Hoping to at least able to have a full width template used on post, but it’s not there :(.

Would these be addressed? It’s a very popular theme, and plenty of usage and feature request from many people.. I hope I am not the only one.





Hello Jon and thank you,

1) It will require custom modification. You may start from:

a) template-fullscreen.core.php , add here metas ‘_slide_7’, ‘_slide_8’, ‘_slide_9’ to line #8

b) theme / metabox.page.php to add additional fields to ”# Process Page Setup #2” for 7,8 and 9 slide

2,3) Thank you for feedback, appreciate this. We may recommend you the custom theme modification services on microlancer.com so the result for your site will be the greatest.