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Very, very impresive. Amazing features and content for $17!

I forsee this will be a BIG seller!


Thank you very much! I put a lot of effort into this one and I hope you will enjoy it :)

This is great! Any plans to roll out a WordPress theme?


Thanks! The WordPress version is coming soon :)

ohh yes, my question exactly! Can’t wait to buy this theme. beautiful work man

This is beautiful, can’t wait for the wordpress version!

Very very nice man, good luck with sale :)

Thank you very much guys, I’m glad you like it :)

Another vote for the WordPress version! :-)

any idea of where to get the styleswitcher?



The styleswitcher is part of my work, but it doesn’t go with the template – I have added it so that people will be able to see how the site will look in different styles.

is there anywhere we can purchase the styleswitcher?


I’m sorry, but I’m not planning to sell it.

Another vote for the Wordpress version. :)

any idea when the wordpress theme will be ready?? I can’t wait anymore!



I have been working very hard on the WordPress version recently, I have added some very nice features and there is some more to add- I am doing my best so that it will be very easy for people to customize and maintain. The theme itself is almost ready, but I would like to do some additional optimizations and it is really hard to say a date when it will be released.


Thanks for the reply.Appreciate you taking the time to perfect it. Look forward to seeing it :)

Hey guys,

The WordPress version of Anthology is now released- it includes lots of nice features both in the admin panel and the theme itself. You can have a look here:


Very nice! Can the thick white borders on the image slider be deleted?

Great theme!



You need to set the padding to 0px in the section #slider of the style.css file.

OR, can I change the border colour from white to black?


If you would like to change the background color to black you need to set the background-color property to #000000 in the #slider section of the style.css file.

Would like to purchase this template, very nice.

Problem with the menu in IE 7

Tested it on IE 7 and when zoomed once (ctrl +) the menu gets shifted all togeter. It is completly unusable at that point.

Is there a fix for this, any ideas.

Works fine in FF.




I have just tested the zooming on IE7 on two different computers with different resolutions and it looked fine. However, just out of curiosity why would you use this?

Thanks for the fast reply.

I check the zoom on both FF and IE, from my experience people with laptops with wide screens often zoom the page to see the site better. I know I do that myself on my laptop.

I own another of your templates and this does not happen with that template. Also your other templates do not do this with the top menu when zoomed.

I checked it on my laptop and desktop computer in IE7 and both scrunch the top menu when zoomed only in IE7 . That’s weird that your setup does not show this, I just have the basic setup to IE7 for testing, use FF most of the time.


Hi again,

It is really hard to fix something you don’t see. If you want you can send me a screen shot at pexetostudio[at]gmail[dot]com.

Hello Pexeto,

I have some questions before ordering, please help to answer.

1. Abour sliders: What kind of links could be attached to the images in the sliders? Posts, pages, categories (like ‘featured’ or ‘news’)?

2. Sliders again: What is the function of the small thumbnails under the big slider image? IDoes it work like a gallery thumbnail or I can ling the small pics separately to different contents (like categories, pages, galleries, etc)?

3. Galleries/Portfolio: I think that galleries/portfolio shows all uploaded images by default and I can just filter them somehow. What I would like to achieve is to make 2 or 3 level deep gallery system. With an example: 2006>Nature Photography >Macro Photography>. Is it possible somehow? Can the gallery thumbnail (the picture) be a link to a category/post instead of a single image?

4. Font usage: Does the character sets support Central-Europen fonts like “íÍéÉáÁ??öÖüÜóÓ??”?

Thanks for your time.



Thank you for the interest! You have posted your questions to the Anthology HTML section but I feel like you are asking about the WordPress version, am I right? If so, can you please post your questions to the Anthology WordPress section, I will try to reply as soon as possible.

The Portfollio Showcase is very nice, is this your design or is this part of the other sliders etc.

In the Portfollio Showcase page, can the thumbnails dimming on mouse over be changed to different opacities?

Can this Portfollio Showcase gallery be modified or changed, is there a help file listing the different settings for this gallery etc?

Thanks in advance.



Here are my answers:

Yes, the portfolio showcase is my designed and coded by me.

You can change the opacity of the hover, but you can’t set different opacities to different items.

Yes, there is a documentation in which all the main settings are explained in a detail.

I just purchased this template, thanks for the fast response and help.