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Hello Bluxart another time. Please, can i send you a ticket to send my WP? I have problems with the home. It´s a little problem but i can´t find the solution.



ok Bluxart. The ticket is send.


Bluxart. Did you read the ticket?



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Is there a way to link to an accordion with in a page so that it is already expanded when the user arrives on the page? See: http://screencast.com/t/9c50tmrd

URL: http://www.uvm.edu/~summer/precollege/summer-academy/session-two/


No, not possible but with a simple script js you can insert a class for open the first accordion item.

Great work! ^^

Nice work! I would like to include in the portfolio more than 16 images, could you please tell me how can I do it? This is my email: isatikis@gmail.com Happy new year!

Hi Bluxart, is it possible to set blog archive as the portfolio style (for example 3 column portfolio)? I know I could work a bit with css, but if there would be a easier way it’d be perfect!

Thank you very much!


Default theme not possible, you need modify archive.php and change the syntax for display the posts on portfolio style.

Hi, I opened a support ticket (#126439) on Ticksy on november 22 of 2013 and it hasn’t been solved yet. It’s about the portfolio pagination, you offered some code but it doesn’t work properly.

Can you have a look at it please? Thanks in advance.

Ciao Bluxart,

dovrei modificare leggermente il css relativo alla raccolta degli articoli del blog. Che template ha quella pagina?La classe indicata da “ispeziona elemento” è “blog”, ma non la trovo. Se modifico archive.php non succede niente.

Grazie infinite! Traduco che potrebbe essere utile anche a qualcun altro!

Hi bluxart, how can I change the css style of the blog archive? I mean, changing archive.php nothing happen, I’d know which template I should use to make some changes to the layout (I usually use the template class to select the css element I need to change).

thank you very much!


Ciao, hai bisogno di cambiare index.php


Grazie mille! Credo fosse l’unico template che mi mancava :)


Di nulla :)

G’day Bluxart,

I would really love it if you can put a sidebar in the main blog page in the next update.

Cheers, Simon

Can you update the Bootstrap and Wordpress version for this theme? It’s getting obsolete already.


Oh, well. No reply even after a month? This theme is lack of update support. I’d like to make a suggestion to ThemeForest staff that they should have a feature for the author to put a warning detail at the front page of his item something like, “There will be no more update support after version 1.0 and don’t expect 2.0 and so on”. RIP Anubis. There goes my $40 for nothing.


Sorry for this, anyway Anubis is compatible with the last version of wordpress.

Hi Bluxart

Love the theme! It is working great for our client! Really liking your other themes as well. One Question on the “Anubis” theme – Is there a way to sort the portfolio items? I have portfolio pieces that I want to be higher up on the page – in a certain order.

Thanks for your help in Advance :)


Hi you need modify the template-portfolio.php search this and change the wordpress order

$portfolio = array(
'posts_per_page' => $posts_per_page,
'post_type' => 'portfolio',
'orderby' => 'menu_order',
'order' => 'ASC'

Hi, Bluxart! Theme is great! Please. Help solve the problem: If we add Project Category in Cyrillic Font name, this category will not be displayed. Allowed only Latin :( Thanks in advance for your help

Only way is to change the font. Into header.php you find this
<!-- Google Font -->
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,300,300italic,400italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Try to embed a new fonts or insert the cyrillic fonts to options on google web fonts.


No no:) I meant more. If you give the name of “Project Category” in Cyrillic, then selector portfolio (dropmenu: design / digital / game design / icon) this category does not appear.


You have a link?

Hello there, compliments for the good work. This is just to notify you about an error message showing up in the demo page, at http://demo.alessioatzeni.com/anubis/.

Down at the bottom these 3 lines show up:

Warning: Illegal string offset 'text' in /home4/alexblux/public_html/demo/anubis/wp-content/themes/anubis/footer.php on line 23

Warning: Illegal string offset 'id_str' in /home4/alexblux/public_html/demo/anubis/wp-content/themes/anubis/footer.php on line 24

Warning: Illegal string offset 'created_at' in /home4/alexblux/public_html/demo/anubis/wp-content/themes/anubis/footer.php on line 24





Thanks Giuseppe. :)

Hi There. Great theme.

Is there a way to link the portfolio images on the homepage to pages other than the individual portfolio page?

Cheers, kp


You need modify the template.

Hi There,

I have a few question:

- ?Is it possible to have the logo not stay static on the top left corner when viewing on mobile devices? - Where can I find a list of the available images for the Service Box shortcode?

- Is it possible to have multiple contact pages with different map locations?

- Is it possible to have a different image displayed depending on which tab is selected – See example link http://t4f.kpwebservices.net/all-tours/

- Is it possible to link the “Latest Work” images on the homepage to other pages that are not portfolio pages?

?Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, ?Kevin


Sorry, one more question. - Is it possible to add another footer widget?

Cheers, Kevin


Hi there,

I have worked out a few of these. Do you have answers to the below questions?

- Is it possible to have the logo not stay static on the top left corner when viewing on mobile devices?

- Is it possible to have multiple contact pages with different map locations?

- Is it possible to have a different image displayed depending on which tab is selected – See example link http://t4f.kpwebservices.net/all-tours/

Thanks, Kevin

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The theme uses the Revolution Slider which has a security bug until version 4.1.4 – where can I get an updated version of the plugin ASAP?



I sent the update on Envato. You need wait some hours.

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Hi, this may sound like a total noob thing to ask, but do you know if this template can be run outside of Wordpress please?


Nope, work only with wordpress.

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Hi, I want to make it so that when I click on portfolio items, along with its picture or video, I want to display some writings. Any idea? Thank you!


Only way is to create a custom template.

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any idea why the .css.php files in the _include/css directory give me a 403 forbidden in wp4? i thought it maybe was wordfence, but the two css files (with css.php) still can’t load. In general, I cannot access any .php file in the wp-content/themes/ directory with the browser


You need set 644 or 777 file permission on your server

0xdefec Purchased

i have checked multiple reasons for this. found out today that is was plesk 12’s wordpress security feature that disables php scripts in the wp-content folder to be accessible with the browser. anyway, thanks for your reply!

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I really like the size of the slider on the offical ANUBIS website. What are its widths and heights?

The images on blog page are too big. Where in which file do I need to modify?


The image on blog page is responsive. You need modify the container width element only for blog page ( span12 )