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Hi Can you help. I love you theme but I cannot seem to get the portfolio items to show up on the portfolio page. what am i doing wrong?

Link? When you have create a page you have set the portfolio template in the page attributes?


If it’s possible i would like add a section on the Home Page.

Juste before the footer, i would like have a customer testimonial section

A more section type”div class=”container”> in order to write an free article page will be perfect.

How can i do that please ?

Best Regard

Hello, I would try to install your last update for Revolution slider. But i fail, something go wrong, i can’t see no more the slider on my home page www.vanillefraise.eu Could you help me please ?

Finally it’s working, juste i lose all my parameters like typo effect, img size…

You lose all parameters about the sliders?

Hi, it seems a great theme and I’m thinking to buy it for a client. But I have a question, instead of images can I upload videos into the top slider area?

Thank you so much!

The slider is revolution slider plugin. I think it is possible.

I bought your theme, it’s amazing!

And I want to make the single blog page’s “post thumb” just an image without having attached any hover feature or URL (neither image and blog post URL) but at the same time I want the “blog” page thumb’s redirects to the blog post URL.

I changed the PHP code in template-home.php to be able to link out to blog post URLs from thumb images but couldn’t able to edit the single blog page thumb.

Hope you can help me out with this.

Thank you so much!

Hello. Thanks for a nice theme. I’ve noticed that it is not possible to use anchors to open accordian and toggle sections automatically, but in a few comments you mention that this can be remedied with a very simple js script. I’ve been trying to do just this, but can’t seem to trigger it properly. Can you help by letting me know what functions I should be referencing?

This is what one version of the code I’ve tried that does not seem to work. Thanks!

var hash = window.location.hash; $(’#’+hash).collapse(“toggle”);


In the Homepage, in ‘Latest Work’ I would like to display only the recent Work of a specific category. I try to modify the query in homepage.php but I can’t make it work.

$portfolio = array( ‘posts_per_page’ => $posts_per_page, ‘post_type’ => ‘portfolio’, ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order’, ‘tag_id’ => ‘44’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’ );

(For the Tag 44) Why it is not working ?

Thanks !

Because you don’t need to use the tag_id but the terms:

$portfolio = array(
  'posts_per_page' => $posts_per_page,
  'post_type' => 'portfolio',
  'project-category' => 'category-name',
  'orderby' => 'menu_order',
  'order' => 'ASC'

Where category-name is the slug of the category you want display.

Awesome :) Thank you so much !

Hello again !

In my Portfolio, where I display all my project, I would like to have a way to have them in a custom order.

Can you please suggest me a plugin or a way to do this ?

Thanks !

‘Simple Custom Post Order’ works like a charm !

Have a great weekend :)


For unknowns reasons, my ‘Project Attribute’ do not appear anymore on every ‘single-portfolio.php’ pages. When I check the source of the page, I can see the value but they aren’t display on the page.

I think it happen since I updated WP to 4.2.4


It’s a paying support service ?

No it a support desk…registrer and send your ticket

I can’t. The SSL is not valide and when I bypast this, I can only registrer to open my own Ticksy account, but I can’t register to ‘Bluxart’ service.

for some reason it’s not working on iphone 6 ….can you please look at mine…messaged you on facebook

I’m working on a clients website and had some issues with the filters for the portfolio and team pages. I fixed it myself, but figured i’d make you aware that you’re using $list_category->name for the dropdown data-option-value attribute for both the portfolio and team filters. However for the actual posts to be filtered you’ve used $list_category->slug. I would suggest that the dropdown filter would be changed to slug too. Because its causing issues with special characters that are not url friendly (for me its the extended norwegian characheters ØÆÅ)

Thanks for your feedback :)

Dear author of the Anubis theme….I desperately need your help!

Ive been struggling with the theme for 4 days now and still cant get it to work for me. Ideally Id just like all the pages to be like in the demo and that I just can fill them with my own content. But unfortunately that is not the case with my set up. We did install the demo pages but it doesnt look exactly like the demo. For example if I want to edit the homepage I cant find the latest work or latest post section and how to edit them? Ive been into every item on the menubar on the left but cant find it…..

One simple question: How do I get a setup to start with including exactly the pages and content as is featured in the online demo???? I need to fix this for a client so a quick response would be great :) If you want to inspect my set up yourself please contact me at pierre@lastomega.com and I’ll send you the login info to my account on WP. Please help out this WP newbie and a huge thnx in advance

hi.nice template,,does she support arabic language:RTL WPML pluguin thks

For RTL Language the theme has a basic support.

For WPML not integrate into this theme.