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Great Work! GLWS! :)




sorry for this… stupid question :) but is this a template that I can use as a Website or can I use it for tumblr?

What I mean, can I upload this template on the orig tumblr website?

Thank you very much.

PS: I love this template, clean but powerful!


Hey iSohoArt,

This template can only be used on tumblr, but if you wish to build something similar as a website you can contact me through email: jenyuan@me.com

Thanks for your interest and compliments, Jen

First off…beautiful clean theme…thank you.

I just created a tumblr with Aperture and changed the color of the post dividers. They come up in the middle (above the post info) rather than in between posts. Can this be moved? Here’s a link: http://lindabelden.tumblr.com/



Hey, you can do so by finding this code:

.entry .details{ position:relative; max-width:700px; margin:50px auto; padding:40px 0 0; color:#b4c148; border-top:1px solid {color:Post Dividers} }

delete: border-top:1px solid {color:Post Dividers} and also add this under the line you deleted: padding:0

Wonderful! Thanks!


No problem!

kenson Purchased

Nice theme!

Question…do you know how to hide the “3 days ago” info under the post?



Hello Kenson,

Search for {Timeago} in the theme and delete the whole line.

Thanks, Jen

kenson Purchased

Great. Tnx!

Hello there!

Real simple question before purchase, does your logo feature in the middle, at the top of the page when uploaded? Thanks!


Yep, it supports logo uploading in the place you’ve described :)

Hey, great theme, but two questions:

- Why would you use target=”_blank” for internal links? - What am I supposed to do with the stuff included in “External Codes”?

I uploaded the icon font as tumblr assets but still get a bazillion of JS errors thrown, mainly because assets cant get loaded.

PS: you can see my problems here: http://www.klickreflex.com/

Thanks & regards, Daniel


Are there any issues known when using this theme with a custom domain? The errors tell me that:

Error in event handler for (unknown): Blocked a frame with origin “http://assets.tumblr.com” from accessing a cross-origin frame. Stack trace: Error: Blocked a frame with origin “http://assets.tumblr.com” from accessing a cross-origin frame.


Sorry, please ignore about the last error message, that was related to a bug in a Chrome Extension.

But still, even in incognito mode, JS is not working:

GET http://static.tumblr.com/3zmswwt/font/icon.svg?76797799 403 (Forbidden) jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function (index):998

Update: Okay, the fact that it wasn’t working was my bad. I started from scratch with your original code and now it’s working as expected, still throwing 2 JavaScript errors, though.


Have you altered the code at all?

This script: http://static.tumblr.com/3zmswwt/font/icon.svg?76797799 is the script tumblr uses to pull out it’s like and reblog icon, I have no control over that.


Great work – love the theme. Working great on my site.


Thanks for the purchase, glad it’s working great for you!

Beautiful template! I was just wondering, can I also post audio files?


Just found out that it does, and wonderfully well! Thanks!


Thank you so much for the purchase :)