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Cufon is not working in the latest version of explorer. Any fix for this?

Good Afternoon,

Could you send the XML example for ease of installation

At, Thanks Josué Medina

Apollo theme is not working in the latest version of explorer. Could you help me with any fix for this?

Anybody have a fix to make this theme work in IE9 ?

Solution to IE9 Issue:

Hey all, this theme uses CUFON for it’s fonts to be generated and the cufon.js file included in this theme is not compatible with ie9. So when trying to view your site in ie9 you will most likely not be able to see any text or nav menus etc.

Easy to fix:

Just replace the existing cufon.js file on the site, which is in (The Apollo Theme) > js > cufon.js

With this one:

Which has the latest cufon javascript code that works with ie9.

Hope this helps, let me know if anyone needs any help.


saq Purchased

Hi there need some help

1) as you can see I have 6 items 3 appear on the first row, 1 on the second and the other 2 on the 3rd row.. how come?

2) The home page this is a post how do I change it to look like this


Hi there. Is there any support for this template? It is listed as working correctly in IE but it does not – the entire top navigation disappears. Through no help of the template creator, another purchaser posted a solution for this to link to a newer updated js for the cufon. I simply removed the cufon altogether and used google’s webfonts instead, which did the trick. However, I am now having issues with the top nav bar height, ONLY IN IE , but I cannot get it to stay a set height. Can anyone please, please see if they can make sense of it?

I am using the ie stylesheet but even setting the top bar area to 30 px tall with overflow hidden, no margins, no padding, and everything !important; ... nothing works.

Please let me know if you had a similar issue, and SEOScholar – please don’t leave everyone hanging unsupported! If you can’t continue to support it, remove it from sale on themeforest. And if you can’t maybe Envato can because we can’t have absentee support on here.

Thank you!

I have chrome 20 and the front page slider is having issues. Works in everything else. The slider frame does not show the position buttons, and you see the edge of one photo before the next one slides in.

This theme will not upload on Wordpress.

Very disappointing. Customisation options almost nil and the header text and tagline just don’t appear at all. Waste of money. What a rip off :(

I posted the comment above and emailed the author 7 days ago. No response. From the comments above and my experience regrettably this is not a theme I can recommend. More to the point the author seems to be doing the best impression of the invisible man I’ve ever seen… or not…As far as I can see it is years, literally YEARS since this guy has bothered to reply to a support request or question. Avoid at all costs!

This is exactly why I need to read the comments before I buy a theme here. I cannot get it to upload and here I am looking for help. There is no help. How do we get our money back? Do not purchase this theme. I am using Wordpress Version 3.6. The files will not upload. I have demanded a refund via PayPal.

Do not purchase this theme. I am using Wordpress Version 3.6. This theme will not upload. Author is not supporting the theme.