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Hey great site, one big problem when I click on the facebook link I get

Unfortunately your browser does not hava JavaScript capabilities which are required to exploit full functionality of our site. This could be the result of two possible scenarios:

The same thing comes up on your demo, how can I change this text??

That just happens to be the first text in the code. People can change this by clicking on the text.

Hey, A pre buying Q: Does your template support letters like ø å æ ? mic

Hey, I am currently working on a project for a client and have encountered a problem. It may have a simple explanation but I cannot get the Portfolio Categories to work. I have set up two test categories and have link certain images to each but all the images only show up under “Everything”. I am not able to get the fotos to show up only on the categories set up for them. Upon clicking on any category all I get is a ”#” sign on my address bar but nothing changes. Your help is greatly appreciated and needed.

Please send me a link to your site with the login info.

Thanks for the fix!

Are you ever going to fix the portfolio error that does not allow for spaces or numbers?

You had said that you had fixed this error last week but I’m still waiting and my client is very unhappy! Come to think of it so am I!

That is really weird that it hasn’t fixed for you yet. I will fix it friday. I apologize for the delay… I really thought it was fixed. You did re-download it and re-upload it, right?

Great theme—just purchased it …. any chance i can get the psd file? I need to make a few mockups and would make life much easier!

Send me a personal message asking for the PSD and i’ll send it to ya.

I’m still waiting on an answer for my question regarding the fetal error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function twitter_messages() in /home/bottlerocket/ on line 163

on the twitter/footer option?

Install the plugin. Read the documentation.

I’d like to do some mockups for my client using this theme and make sure he likes it before I purchase it, install it and start customizing. Which fonts are you using so I can better emulate? I noticed a prior posting where you requested a personal email to get the PSD file but I don’t suspect you’d do that for someone prior to purchasing the theme? Much obliged. Love the theme! Now, I hope my client does!

Just wanted to say thanks for taking a look at the problem with the theme on my client’s site. I deleted the plug in and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

No problem.

Hi there!, great work! Question: I want to change some creative things. Is there a psd file available?

Hope so Thanks! Mark

Email me directly and I’ll send you the psd.


Im about to buy this theme and i am wondering, if its possible to create a vertical menu on the left hand side of the homepage?

Can this be easily done with this theme?


It all depends on your html/css skill. This isn’t a pre-made option for the theme.


We are having problems with the Admin Panel, and it just started out of the blue, when we edit the content, and try to save it come back with an: “Error 404. This page was not found”


Please let us know how to fix this.

Thank you,


Please email me this with a link to your site and the login info so i can check it out.

Hi, I want this theme or jinxfolio but i want to know if any of them supports WPML plugin for multi-language sites.

SEO _Scholar:

I have edited and inserted the scroller content. The images appear on the scoller just fine. However, when I click on any of the photos, the link gives me a 404 error – page not found.

The following is an example of the link code:


img src=”” /

The “” is ficticous. The ”?page_id=341” is the name of one of my pages.

Perhaps if I could get a copy of the PSD files, that would facilitate my effort with this challenge and also with the creation of the lightbox galleries on my other pages.

Thank you for your assistance with this mater


You need to replace with your actual domain.

SEO _Scholar:

If I could work with PSD files, I may be able to resolve my challenges. Is this possible?

Send me an email asking for it and I’ll send it to you.

SEO _Scholar:

I just bought the theme and installed the theme perfectly. I just wanted to ask you a few questions.

1) Can you please send me the link of twitter plug in which is used on the home page.

2) how can I make the home page display first at my website.. for example ( displays home page, and not

if you can please replay here: (

Both of these are in the documentation

Hi, question: I want to add a new background and I uploaded an extra backrgound in the correct map, but in the wordpress apollo back-end I do not see this background in the drop down box…

Can you help me out here… Mark

Just uploading an image won’t add it to the admin panel. You should just open options.php and add it with css to:



Blog featured photos do not show. We have designated a ‘featured image’ but it does not show in the Blog listing or the detail.

Any ideas?

Thank you, Christina

Read the documentation and use the alternate method.

Thank you, SEO _Scholar. I appreciate the reply.

I have WP 3 .0.1 and was using the ‘featured image’ option on the right as the documentation recommends.

“Or, if you have wordpress 2.9 or greater you can use the “post thumbnail” attribute box on the right side instead.”

This did not work, but using the ‘post-img’ in the custom field area did work. If I did add a Feature Image, then the image was duplicated on the blog listing page. So only use the custom field option.

Thank you, Christina


I can’t install the template. it says that the css is missing.

You are probably installing the wrong file. Open the zip file you get and read the documentation.

I have the same problem about the twitter account. Could you explain to me step by step in how to activate twitter update on the bottom of the page? thanks.

If you don’t mind please reply to

thank you, I’m waiting for your answer.

It explains step by step in the documentation provided with the theme.


I bought this theme, But I’ve had problem with contact form, twitter, and header images. Can you help me?

My email is:


Of course. Send me more details, a link to your site, and your login info via the contact form on my profile page: