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saq Purchased

Sorry to bother again but I want to add two social feed images on the top header basically to the right of the menu… I know I have to tinker with header.php however I cannot seem to get my alignment right.. Id like it to be on the far right side right after the last menu item…


Seo: I cant figure out how to change the colors of the logo area/search box area at the top above the header images and change the colors of the main body below the header scroller. There does not seem to be a color option for this in the admin plugin but I need to match since I am doing a wp migration. I can change the css if you tell me exactly what file/code to look for. Thanks!

Hey there – great theme! Quick question… I’ve been fiddling with z-index half of the afternoon, and I can’t make the dropdown menu stop disappearing when I get to the level of the slider.

Otherwise, all other customizations have gone 100% smoothly. Great theme!

Hi, i have this theme through a client, fantastic theme, very simple to use, very easy to install even for a novice – one question the contact form in the footer widget position is it possible to get Name / Email / Message default text to dissapear when you click your cursor into the fields as you have to delete it before you start typing. Also is it possible to add a catcpha for this form

Thanks in advance



I love your theme! Our client is very happy with how things have turned out… except for one thing and I’m hoping you can help with that.

He’s upset with the load time. We’ve tried everything to speed it up, removed the images, removed the slider, added cache plugins, removed plugins…but no luck.

Any ideas?

Their major complaint is that the entire page loads at once. It there a way to get the text to load first so the viewer has something to read while the slider loads secondarily?

Thank you for ANY thoughts, help, insight, etc.


I just purchased this theme and am trying to install it through my godaddy hosting account. The Wordpress version installed is 3.1. I unzipped the files as instructed and the admin plugin works fine but I can’t install the theme by uploading file. I just keep getting a Wordpress failure notice page asking me if I want to try again. Any thoughts? Thanks! Brent

HELP ! I am getting a lot of spam from the built in contact form, I cannot add a captcha or anything using standard plug-ins that will be applied to the built in contact form. How can I prevent this spam? Please help

@brentmelton – I had the same godaddy problem, the file was too big. For godaddy you need to do a manual install, which I ultimately had to do using their file management tool – upload & “unarchive” to the themes directory.


I am building out a site for a business that has 2 locations – is there an easy way to add a 2nd set of contact page options?


Hi Brad,

I wonder if you can recommend a fix for blog pages. The header bar collapses vertically, making the ‘News’ title appear crushed for space. Can you advise how to reolve this in order to get the header bar consistent with the rest of the site?



Has support been withdrawn for this theme by the creator?

Do we get a refund if the seller refuses/is unable to resolve issues?

If I were interested in adding additional sidebars, how would I do so? I would like to have a unique sidebar for a couple different pages. I’ve seen other themes have a unique sidebar created for every page created. Is this easy to do?

Thank you.

Steven Taylor

Having trouble with the lightbox… What is the proper shortcode for this? I’ve done:


If this is not correct, your lightbox shortcode is not explained well enough on the shortcode page of your site for me to understand. Can you please help?

Can you provide the demo content?

Best Regards, Mike Jones

Also how do you change the backgrounds?


I am receiving a ton of spam from my website at My contact us form or the schedule a visit form on the bottom of each page is getting submissions every few minutes. I have Akismet Version 2.5.3 and it is not stopping spam coming through the forms. Please help. My email is blowing up!!

All of a sudden this theme does not work at all in the latest version of Chrome! (not even the live preview) I am days from launching the site , so now what do I do?

I have the theme set up with no additional plugins and my slider isn’t working

In addition the dimensions for the images in the slider appear to be incorrect…please advise.

Thanks, love the versatility of the theme…just hoping I can get it to work.

hi, my slider isnt working and also anything i set up in home page settings isnt working!!!!!