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I should note that my site is at: mattcunningham(dot)com

Maybe that’ll help with diagnosing my issue.

Hello Enea, great theme! I just would to know as I can do to play the video just the first time you load the website. I explain: i would put a picture as background, but I would have also a video intro, but just intro. The, when the visitor visite the site and click again on home, I would show just the background image (without reload the video). Thank you in advance for your suggestion. Marc


That’s a bit complicated because you should use cookies sessions. You will need a developer to do that.

I’am new on wordpress and want to instal the new theme, But I get a error: PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Can anybody help?


That’s strange. Send me a FTP user to my email, I will take a look. nicoandrade@gmail.com

Thank you for your answer, Enea. I’m thinking about a trick. Create another home and leave the video intro as the page of the website main address and building another home with the image background. But then I should have a recall to pass from home1 to home2 at the end of the video. Maybe an html instruction. Any idea if it’s may do the job and what instruction I could put in? Thank you in advance. Marc

I resolved. Thank you.

I installed the theme, but know I can not get the orginal widgets out of de website. Do you have any idea’s?


You can’t replace the original widget? on the sidebar?

Send me a WP user to my email I will take a look, nicoandrade@gmail.com

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When using the Galleria gallery is there anyway to show the Title/Caption/Description etc for each of the images?


You can, first replace this file “apolo/gallery-galleria.php” for this one: http://cl.ly/ERHL/gallery-galleria.php And then you will see the values on the Gallery images: http://cl.ly/ERTA

Hi Eneaa, how can select the order of the portfolio’s images? Thank you.



The order is by publish date, you can change the date and that will change the order.


I was wondering if there is a way to load a page after the home page background video has finished, show some html or if not, how can I remove the loading image after the video finishes?


If the video is self-hosted or from YouTube you can. You can add a redirect in “apolo/header.php” under line 254, the code must be Javascript. Something like this:
window.location = "http://yoursite.com";

Hi there. I have bought Black Label but am considering buying this theme instead as it looks to work much faster… just a few questions before hand. 1.) Does it need JW Player too? Does not seem to have the ‘loading spinning disc’ thing compared to Black Label, so wondering not? 2.) Do you need to change permission to 777, as with Black Label? Or will it resize without this? 3.) Do you need to install the folder direct to FTP , instead of uploading zip file to wordpress? I ask these questions as I do not have direct FTP access, and so it would be easier for me to have these options instead, as I do not have access to change permissions nor to drop folders in directly. I hope you can help me, because this one looks beautiful!

I also really enjoy the fact you make videos for your documentation – thanks so much and keep up the good work.

Ana Morphic. :D



2)Also yes

3)You can use both installation methods, WP or FTP (also in Black Label). But remember to include the “jwplayer” folder in the zip file that you upload

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Hi Great theme. I want to change the basic black skin to a white one – you have said to a similar requests that you need to change some CSS and images – can you say exactly which bits of CSS and which images?


I can’t say one by one, are almost all design images and CSS

Hello. I bought this template and I want to create multiple galleries with Nivo slide and portfolios but I canĀ“t, why? How to create galleries and portfolios?


You can see how in the Documentation, take a look at the videotutorials.

He creado las galerias y Portfolios del demo pero no me aparecen las imagenes. mi sitio es indieshop.com.ar



Ese no es mi Theme. Lo siento.

what is the difference between this theme and black label?


There are visual difference as you can see and more functions like thumbnails on the Fullscreen slideshow, etc.

Also a lot of improvements on the code.


can i exchange my black label purchse and license for the apollo theme?


No, you can’t… sorry.

if i use smaller images for the background slideshow, will they center? if not, is that option available?


Yes the images always fill the screen.

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Just found that the trailing slash on a URL uses a broken link class when the link may not be broken how is this class called?

Hi Enea, How can I do to play the music over all the site without stop and not just in single pages? Thank you in advance



You can’t play the music without stop because the page is reload.

Hey Nico, Man I’ve emailed you now 5 times, every time asking for a simple bit of information but every time you ignore my list of questions and answer with the shortest possible reply. I’ve only been as open as possible to buying your theme but seems now you’re not interested in putting out the least bit of effort to help inform me. More than a little sketchy?

Again, all I’ve asked is: I want to have your exact theme as is, but with smaller, centered images as the revolving background slideshow. I want to buy your theme but I’m just asking simply (since you are the designer) is this possible? And since you said “yes it is possible by using a few tricks”, I am now asking: what are the tricks?

Also as I said before, if you’re way too busy to be bothered with this simple question, I’m all good with buying the theme and hacking around to see if I can figure it out on my own as long as you’re cool with offering me an exchange if the theme does not suit my purposes. Is this an reasonable request? Please advise.


Thanks for answering my questions. Sold.


To all themeforest users, just to set the record straight. I have bought this theme. It has great options all the way through and Eneaa does provide good support. Don’t hesitate to buy.


Thank you!

Hi Eneaa,

I woud insert an image-map as homepage. How can I do? I should modify a page template? Then, How can I turn the balcground to white? I tried in Apolo setting but it doesn’t work. Thank you in advance, M.


You can isert the image as usual in the Theme (as a background image).

For the background, add this CSS code in your Admin Panel>>Apolo>>Style Options:

Any way to get rid of the controls / slideshow nav on the bottome of the homepage slider? I saw an option for Navigation ‘true or false’ but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Do you know why?

Also can you tell me how to make the Contact page as shown on your the Apolo demo?

Thanks for your help.

Add this CSS code in your Admin Panel>>Apolo>>Style Options:
For the contact page you need to use the shortcodes, check here under “code”: http://www.eneaa.com/templates/apolo/pages/contact/