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I recently bought the template and I feel fantastic. I would like to see if there is a chance to help me with the division of screenshots. I need to be multi-options (at least one additional level) Example that putting the mouse on photography, opens a second level (portraits, landscapes, pets). This is very important because the page is about products.

The multilevel menu can also be in the main menu (screenshots) whichever is more feasible

Very grateful for any suggestions you can give me.

Yes, it is possible to do with, and we can help you get it work as needed by customizing on your end.

But you should pay our minimum cost ( $10), as we normally charge for such things that goes beyond the scope of customization.

Please let us know your interest soon ! So that, we can get prepared and proceed help you with it then.

How do I change the map on the contact page? Also, if I want to put the a telephone icon in front of my telephone number, how would I accomplish this?

1). Please look at the screenshot attached here to be clear on changing you Map on Contact page,

2). Kindly get into your page template and go to Line. No: 1011 (approx) thereby.

And then please consider adding the following line between
and the numbers.

<span class="icon-phone" />

Note: If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating !

We’re just expecting 5/5 stars from you, as it would be much appreciated and helpful for us :-)

Thanks, also I want to add just a still image to the slider. I don’t need all the responsive wording. How can I just add an image and center it?

Get into your one page template “index.html” from your directory. And then, please find or go to Line. No: 91 (approx) thereby.

You’ll then find and replace your existing slider markup (code) with the one we attached below,

Note: If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating !

We’re just expecting 5/5 stars from you, as it would be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all forever :-)

Last question…My site is located at and I created a wordpress at When I try to link to the blog site from the menu it does nothing. How can I link to this site?

Kindly check it out once again by adding a class “external” for that blog menu item itself.

Check out the screenshot attached here for your reference,


How I can do to advance automatically testimonials and not need to click on the dot?


Sorry, I did not check, but it runs automatically

Kindly download and make use of the “custom.js” file we’ve attached here, simply by replacing the existing one from your Template directory at ”/js/custom.js”.

Here’s reference for you to be clear on advance auto-scrolling testimonials,

Note: If you like our template and happy with our support, please give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

Although I insisted to my client is not as convenient.

I need to add more than 70 photographs from the screenshots (a list of products).

Any idea that you can suggest me, not to spoil the good work you did with this template

Thanks in advance.

We have updated your site, Please check your site.

Note:Please don’t forget to place your worthy ratings :) Your 5 stars has a crucial part in our overall rating!

Work is perfect. You do an excellent job with support. Of course I have already assigned the 5 stars. Very gratefull

Thanks a lot for your Appreciation!

I am using your site template on a new design. I have added a link to the navigation to a blog page. However it wont open the blog page. Unless I right click and choose open in new tab. But if I click on it nothing happens. Same thing goes for the blog page. When I am on it and click another navigation link, it wont open. The site is at and Thanks

Do you guys have any solutions? Really want to resolve this to get my site up and live

There is something in the jquery-1.10.2.min.js file that is causing links not to open. Can you please find a resolve for this?

Please try checking it once again by adding a class name “external” within that menu item thereby.

I changed the email address in the send.php, but the form is not sending the email.

For successful sending emails. You have to need, php enabled hosting. But if you try in local system it’s not working.

Note: If you still find any issues, kindly send your site details. We need to check.


I would like to purchase your template, which is great, but i have few questions with the purchase:

With the regular licence do we have all the template (except the images) that we see in the live preview? If I understood the extended licence is used for website which sell products/services. As I want a corporate website without any sells, the regular licence is adapted? Thank you


We have checked our theme with few mobiles and tablet, it works fine.

Please look at the screenshot attached :

Please help us have a better understanding on it by getting back with any screenshot like references. So that, we can check and will have a clear look on your end. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !


Thank you for your answer. We also have a problem with the responsiv design. I can’t show you the menu items because it disappears but you can see the screenshot of the website: Here’s the url: May you be available to discuss about it on the phone with our technical service? Thanks again

Please mail us your site credentials (FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located @

So that, we can check and have a clear look on our end. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !!

I was wondering can u make your next html template version mobile game app site like this ?

Thanks a lot for all your loving interests and the kind valuable notices anyways !!.

We will consider developing the templates for mobile game applications in future !!.

Hi. Firstly, love this theme. It’s a great design. However, I have an issue with mobile devices (tablet and Windows phone) in that I can’t scroll the page. The menu items scroll the page perfectly well, but if I try to scroll up and down with my finger on the screen, it doesn’t respond at all. Have I set something up wrong? The site is at


We have checked our theme with few android mobiles, it works fine.

So please end us in which mobile you have checked and the browser details.


I have tried it on Windows Phone 8, IE being the default browser. I have also tried in on a touch-screen laptop (Windows 8.1, IE + FF) and on a Windows Surface tablet (IE + FF) and cannot scroll with touch on any of these devices. The same issue occurs on your demonstration Themeforest page.

Sorry for the inconvenience, We are also facing the same issue in windows platform. So our support team is still working on the issue, will be updating you about the solution on ASAP!!.

I need help with a security captcha on the form. I am getting flooded with spam submissions


You have bought the html template and you can’t have the captcha in html template.

Dear Customers,

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I hate this template, I can’t believe I drop my money… BAZZINGAA!! wooooww.. that was an amazing template, it takes me more thing how to personalize with my images and how to change some themes on it… but at the end the result it’s amazin… very cool, take a look.

:) regards


rsriram Author Team


Let us know if you have any issues, so that we can help you better.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.


tomni Purchased

I’ve problems with slider on top of the page. First slide wont scale correctly. Its about 50% of real width.


rsriram Author Team


Thank you for contacting us.

Our demo site is working fine. Kindly, send us your site URL, So that, we can check and fix it ASAP.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.


rsriram Author Team

Dear Customers,

We will be on Holiday for Next 3 Days! Thank you Very Much for Understanding…Team will be back on Monday.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.