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hello Appasia,

To amend change the text that says $1.99

Go to js/onload.js after the comment “Text on the buy button tooltip”.

Its all there Mate!


Yes, that’s the way to change it. Thanks for your help doctorluv :) And thanks a lot for purchasing my theme!

appsasia Purchased

Thanks, I validated the code and there were 51 errors ! It must of been because I used a WYSIWYG . If I just erase the spiraling images from the template will that atleast remove them?


Yes, that is caused by the editor you used. Those WYSIWYG editors can really mess up the code sometimes :)

The best thing to do would be fixing all the errors the validator gave you :)

Can you put in a QR code so that someone can use a QR reader to go directly to the website (in iPhone or Android)?

QR is the square weird looking bar code.

Yko Purchased


I love your theme and am using it right now. It’s so perfect. :)

Thank you so much!

I was wondering if the subscribe button does anything? You seem to mention that in later versions, you will add some functionality to the subscribe. Has that been implemented? It does not seem to do anything for me?

Do you have any idea how I can modify the code such that the user’s email address that he/she input will be emailed to my email address?

Thanks much and great job!!!

PS: The instructions were sooo clear and the layout is great! Easy to modify and work with.

Thinking of buying your theme, but not for a mobile game. I just want to get rid of the iPhone all together, will that break the theme?

Thanks! =)


Hello! :)

If you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS , you can easily modify the theme. Basically you could just remove the iPhone and replace it with your own image.

If you need help with customizing, let me know :)

Hey do you have a wordpress theme for this?


Hey :)

Sorry, no WordPress theme :)

i would love this as a wordpress theme too – to highlight multiple apps! :)


I was wondering if I can change the background directly behind the iPhone to an image?

Second, can the menu tabs include drop down menu? Or are they strictly tabs?

Also, is this just an HTML theme?


This is a great template! Thanks!!


Thank you :)

hansino Purchased

Hi, I like the template but my dreamweaver CS5 have realy hard time with it in design mode. It freezing and locking up on screem. Any idea why? Thank you


Code is validated, clean and well-structured, so it has to be Dreamweaver :) Try to search on Google what could be causing the freezing on Dreamweaver?

hansino Purchased

Hi, I got this fix, its all working fine now. The only thing I want to ask you how can I make the Subscribe button to work please?


The newsletter form doesn’t include any further functionality. I have styled it to use for example with newsletter services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor :)


I’m considering buying this theme but two things are missing:

- QR code integration - A windows phone template.

Any plan to implement this?

Thank you and great job!


Yes, one version at a time. You could easily make a landing page, where the user can choose the OS and then have a customized site for that OS :)

Wouldn’t the content be different for each OS anyway? Screenshots, version history, maybe differences in features?


Well yes , content can be different from one version to another. In terms on change log, screenshot, features (some feature can be or not available on a platform) etc. So yes, it is interesting to have a independent content for each version.

jesper84 Purchased

This theme is AWESOME !

Thanks, dude!


Thanks a lot! :)

dean1012 Purchased

Excellent template!

I bought it because it looked great from the preview but it didn’t meet my requirements as-is.

I was surprised to find out how easy it was to modify!

I was able to make these changes with ease:

  • Changed iPhone to landscape
  • Changed screenshots to landscape
  • added FAQ tab
  • modified theme to work on iPad and iPhone as well
  • added a few things to the sidebar
  • modified both the contact tab and newsletter section to be AJAX
  • integrated newsletter with MailChimp

There may even be a few things i’ve forgotten about.

Thanks again for an excellent theme.



Thanks for the feedback :) I’m really happy that you like my theme!

dean1012 Purchased

I decided to share my newsletter.php code with the public to help the theme author out.

This code utilizes the MailChimp MCAPI which can be downloaded from MailChimp’s website.

Change APIKEY to your MailChimp APIKEY and LISTID to your newsletter’s list ID.

<?php $refering=parse_url($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);
        die("You cannot access this file directly");

require_once 'MCAPI.class.php';

$email = $_REQUEST['email'];

$api = new MCAPI("APIKEY");

$retval = $api?>listSubscribe("LISTID", $email);

if ($api->errorCode) {

        echo '<p class="notification red" id="newsresultid">Error: '.$api->errorMessage.'</p>';

else {

        echo '<p class="notification green" id="newsresultid">Thank You!<br />Look for the confirmation e-mail!</p>';



You will then need to download jquery.form.js and place it in your js folder and include it in your index.html file.

Add this line above your newsletter form:

                        <p id="newsresultid"></p>

Finally in js/onload.js you will need to add something like:

        var options = {
                target: '#newsresultid',
                replaceTarget: true,
                resetForm: true,
                clearForm: true,
                success: function() {
                        $('#newsletter input').val("Your email here...");

...and then you are done!

This will allow your visitors to subscribe to your MailChimp newsletter without having to load new pages by using AJAX .

For a demo, check mine out at www.breakingeggz.com

Don’t worry, you won’t actually be subscribed unless you click the verification link in your e-mail so you can enter your e-mail as a test without actually being subscribed.

P.S. Very similar modification was done to contact form to get it to work on AJAX .


Thanks a lot for sharing this :) It will be useful for people using MailChimp.

dean1012 Purchased

Please feel free to add it to the theme.

Check out my upcoming iOS game trailer at trailer.breakingeggz.com and tell your friends :) I could always use your help too :)

Once again, great theme.

snipe Purchased

This is a nice theme, thanks. A few things you might consider for future releases:

- deep linking (using hashes) for the tabs - sanitizing data on the contact/subscribe forms – they are currently vulnerable to abuse by injecting bad data (linebreaks that modify the to headers of the email, etc) - removing copy from the .js file so folks don’t have to monkey with a javascript file to change wording


Thanks for buying my theme :)

Good tips, I will add these to my todo list for the next version.


I am looking at purchasing APP SHOWCASE . Does it have a slider available on the phone at the top or does it just play a video?

Thanks. Charles


Sorry, there’s no slider as a built-in feature :) If you have some basic knowledge of web design, it is easy to add one.

I will consider adding this feature to the next version, thanks for your request :)

BTW the play button is not just for video, it can be used for photos and other content as well. http://fancybox.net/

Thanks for your response. I will look for the change in the future. I went with a different theme for now.



No problem :)

nmarkus Purchased

The content part doesn’t work on IE (tried on IE9 ). It show all the data of all the tabs in the first tab, one after the other. Can you please fix this ? Thanks Nir


This theme works perfectly on all modern browsers – including IE9 . It is checked by me and the ThemeForest reviewer.

I checked it again on IE9 and everything is working perfectly :)

Have you have made changes to the code, which could have broke the functionality? The tabs require JavaScript to function properly. Have you turned it off on your browser or is some addon possibly blocking it?

Hopefully you will find the solution and thanks a lot for buying my theme :)

nmarkus Purchased

Solved. It just doesn’t work locally on IE9 (from the filesystem) – but if I use a web server it works great.

This is a good starting point theme, I was wondering if you’d be planning to make the following enhancements:

- Lots of us build universal (iPhone and iPad) apps, it would be great to have an iPhone and iPad side by side, or at least the option of one or the other.

- It would be nice if this theme displayed nicely on iPhones and iPads since the majority of surfers are looking at the site via the App Store links. It looks like a previous theme purchaser was able to make these modifications but hopefully they can make it into the official theme.


I can’t promise anything, but I will certainly consider adding these features to the theme in the future :)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

skon706 Purchased

Thnx for this pretty nice and simple theme! I have added a slider for iPhone screenshots. It is just so easy to modify.

You can take a look at www.aptusapps.com/


I’m really happy you like my work! Well done with the slider :)