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Looks awesome ! Good Luck :)

Thank you :)

Very nice and well done!

Simple question though, the headers for the the features (click icon to read more) does not display the first word. Instead it removes the first word and shows the second with the first character capitalized.

For example:

I want some food and I am tired.

changes to

Want some food and I am tired.

Any ideas?

Hey. Thank you for purchase this template. Please, can you send us email at so we can together solve your request? :) Kind regards, ThemeStreet.Net stuff.

For sure. Sending it right now.


Great work.. GLWS ;)

light bulb is cool but can a iphone size slider be put there instead in case I don’t want to use the lightbulb image on the background.

Hi. If I understand you want to put slider inside iPhone instead background picture? We didn’t predict slider inside screen of any phone model. But, you can make changes and make it works if you like it. If I can help you somehow, let me know. Kind regards.

The main menu links don’t work in chrome but they work in IE. I don’t want to download it unless I’m sure it works on all browsers.

I attached my file and sent it to you about a month ago and no changes have been sent to me..The email I sent it from was I would like to start work on my website now but the links simply won’t work and there’s been no update to the template.

I have tried the demo you provided and it works. I’m assuming that the code you have for a preview is not the same code that’s for download…I tried downloading it again and the problems still exist. Can you update it?

Hey Peter :) I sent you again template. Please you can write us at until we fix and locate your problem ;) Cheers


Just out of curiosity, how did you or what are you using for your pricing table and the table animation. It is simply beautiful.


Hi James. Thank you for nice words :) For pricing tables we used simple CSS3 animations. If you are so interested, please drop us a line of word at so we can show you on maybe example or give you a part of code with a little explanation :)


the demo intro page seems a problem when I narrow the browser.. for example the nexus5 flashing ON btn drops off the phone image etc but seems to be ok on the other 2 phones.. also the text is not responsive.. can you provide a quick fix for those before i buy please? I mean.. just by email.. I don’t want to wait for envato to process an update etc :)

Hi Davmac. Thx for writing us. Please can you write us at so we can figure problem together and to help you asap to provide quick fix if exist :)

Hello, Congrats on a beautiful theme and I want to buy it but I have ZERO knowledge how to implement it. Few question: (1) Can I change the layout? (2) Change color? (3) Change image? Thanks in advance for your support! Please email me at

I just answered you via email :)

Hi there,

I’m really looking for HTML mobile template site that showcasing the company multiple mobile apps. with direct link to app stores etc. @themeforest there’s none available for sale? You should make one?

hi Pinki. Please, you can write us at and we can see your requirements. Thx

Would it be possible to replace the cell phones with a tablet? This look lovely and I would like to use it, but my client isn’t selling an app, they are selling a website. Just curious how much editing I would have to do in CSS for an image that is possible larger. Thanks!


Also how difficult would it be for me to put a different image in the phone?

I bought it anyway :)

Just answered on your email :) Thx

Hi there. I need to know how to change the image inside the phone. Been looking this over and not sure how to do it. Thanks!


Hi Julie. I just answered on your email. We can continue conversation via email :) Thx


This design doesn’t really fit my needs but it looks nice. Where can find the lightbulb picture to purchase?


Hi Ive sent you a question via mail on 5th of june.Can you please give me an answer—its a little bit urgend.. Best regards Stephan

Hi Stephan. Sorry for delay, I just checked and your email were in Junk folder :( Answer is coming for 5 minutes. Thanks and sorry for waiting.

Hey. Thanks so much for updating the template. It works flawlessly now :). I just have a quick question. Is there an easy method to change the phones in the screenshot section to landscape mode?

Hey CodingMadeEasy. I answered via mobile phone to you just after your question, but it’s seems that my message didn’t recorded. You can setup landscape mode, but I think that there is no easy way, especially because we calculate heights, etc… Please, drop us a line at and maybe we can help you with your request. :) Thanks

Hi, There are no php files for Contact and Newsletter forms .Howcan i make them work..? Regards Stephan

Can you please give me an answer ?

Hello. This template is pure HTML/CSS template and in this one we didn’t put PHP files for contact form because lot of people are using their’s own custom made scripts. Especially for Newsletter signups, people are using MailChimp or services which are similar. We have full working contact form on other our templates, but please if you want drop as a line at and I can send you that part of code. Kind regards.

Nice! Good luck!;


This looks pretty good. Is everything included in the demo included with template? In other words will I have an exact clone out of the box?

Thank you

Hi. SOrry for late answer. Everything is included except premium stock photos, but they are changed with simple placeholder images, so you can change with your own photos. Other things (mockup of phones), scripts are included in this template.

Hello, Congrats on a beautiful theme and I want to buy it but I have ZERO knowledge how to implement it. Few question: (1) How do I upload to a host (2) Can I change the layout? (3) Change color? (4) Change image? (5) Add AWS components. Thanks in advance for your support! Please email me at

Hi. Sorry for late response :) We can help you with everything. Please, drop us line at so we can help you with all questions you provided to us. :) Thanks

Hi i ve sent you an email today with a question regarding to intro Site Iphone – Its a little bit urgend so can you please answer Regards Stephan

Hi Stephan,

you should change css on this way:

.phone .display { background: black; //or some different color// } .phone .display { background-image: url(”../images/starthandy.png”); }

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us! Kind regards!