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Nice looking theme.

Can we still add other options from admin such as text area, etc. and, if so, do they stack automatically under the colour options?


Thanks. :)

Sure you can add any kind of options (textareas, radio buttons, etc) and all of the options will stack in the “Available Options” block.


Thanks for prompt response.

Hey I just want to thank you for the updated Open Cart theme.. most on here are older versions with complicated upload processes … So thank you!


Thanks for buying it. :)

I am using OpenCart under Joomla using JooCart bridge, do you know if your template will work with JooCart please?


I have never heard of JooCart. If the default OpenCart theme works fine, then this one will work too.


Nice work. Though personally the fonts don’t work for me. Also, don’t you think some jquery can be added on product listing. I have a tshirt store myself and I may consider this.


Thanks for your feedback.

For the product listing I wanted to keep it simple for you guys to easily make your alterations.

I purchased a template yesterday from another developer and this did not work within Joocart (http://www.soft-php.com/index.php?option=com_opencart&Itemid=1&route=product/product&product_id=41)

JooCart did install it for me but it was not perfect and a little messy so thought I would ask the question about your template.


I guess if the theme you bought is for an earlier version of OpenCart and you are using the latest version of JooCart, the theme will not work.

Like I said in my previous comment, if the default theme that comes with the latest version of OpenCart v1.5.x works, then this one will work.

No it was ‘Gentle’ released 2 days ago (http://themeforest.net/item/gentle/334663)

I am just a little concerned that if I buy your template and it doesn’t work then I wasted more money, as it stands I cannot use the template I bought yesterday within Joomla.

Do you carry out bespoke template design as I have a website that I need the shopping system to sit into that doesn’t look like and add-on so would be happy to pay an opencart developer to carry out the template changes so that it fitted perfected into the main Joomla website


Maybe the issue is with JooCart itself.

Nice themes…my question…for the product details page…can it be in 3 columns?



Thanks for the feedback.

The product page was designed to use one column layout, but if you want to have a 3 column layout, you will need to alter the file product.tpl and the CSS file.

Very nice. Love it. :)


Thanks buddy :)

hi, nice theme… is it possible to add the “compare” item next to “my account” and “my wishlist” menu?

And also, at the home page… the main slider and the feature product slider, is it possible to them to autoplay?

And the last one…

the main menu, which modules could i put up there? (categories, info pages? etc..)) thanks a lot!



1. Sure it is. It requires one line of code.

2. It is possible. You will need to alter the JS file.

3. Categories and Info pages.

Cheers. :)

ps: I saw that u included in the magento version share options such as “like” & “tweet” butons….. is this possible for the opencart version???


There are facebook and twitter share buttons on the product page.

Does this work with WP or how does this work? Sorry Im new to this. Never had store before.



It is an Opencart theme and it will not work with WP. More info on Opencart can be found at http://www.opencart.com


Good work!

Hope to see more of your work in the futher!

Best regards!

Bigsamab.se – Träningskläder, Kosttillskott

Love it! I would jump all over it if there was an option to have a countdown timer on products with special prices such as


I guess this is doable. Send me an email if you are interested.


hello , i french so apology about my explain I’ve seen this bug yesteday, all the description on the top of the price in grid page are the same.., here : http://www.kidliya.com/ocart/index.php? ... ry&path=59

Décorer vos murs avec ce magnifique arbre de grande taille de 140 cm de hauteur, avec son .. Décorer vos murs avec ce magnifique arbre de grande taille de 140 cm de hauteur, avec son .. Décorer vos murs avec ce magnifique arbre de grande taille de 140 cm de hauteur, avec son ..

if i do a news items or a modification in a items, then all the description will take the laster description

Could i change some line in the code, somebody are already seen that ?

Thank you

i ask the same question on opencart forum and a Administrator said that : maybe a bug with the template. it does not happen in the opencart demo.

Best regard



I just tested it and it is a bug.

I’ve just sent the updated version. It is in the review queue. You should be able to download it in a day or two or you can send me an email and I will send the updated file to you.


The updates have been approved. You can download the updated version.


ok bug is fixed, thank you for your very quik reply !


I was wondering if there is a way to change to color scheme background colors of this temeplate?


Sure there is! Just alter the CSS file to your needs.

hallo RafiG,

sorry if you dont understand with my english, because i have problem with it.

i want to ask difference between regular price and extended price, because i like your template and i want to buy the regular price, but i affraid i have problem if only but regular price.



I guess the regular license is for one website only. If you are going to use it on multiple websites you will need the extended license.

for one website only? if i buy the regular price what will i get?


Both licenses get the same package. It’s just that with the extended license you can use the theme on any number of websites.

If you are not sure about licensing, you can ask support about it. http://themeforest.net/support


Does this theme support other languages?

Great theme by the way.

thank you


Yes it does.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Hi! great template!I’m interested in buying it, but I’ve some questions!

Is there any modifications on back-office (or admin panel, don’t know the right name to call it)? If so is any live preview available?

In the “Available Options” the color option is added same way as other options are added in opencart?

If needed can I add more options to “Available Options”?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi! Thanks for the interest in the theme.

1. The theme uses the default features that comes with Opencart. So, everything is controlled from the admin panel.

2. Yes you can add any number of options (dropdown, textarea, radio buttons, etc) and all of them will stack in the “Available Options” block.



Thanks for the quick answer! Just two more things I forgot to ask, supposing that I’ve a second color in a t-shirt, can i have a color pick like the first for the second color? And for last, can I have multiple things selling, like t-shirts, hats, etc? Thanks :)


I am not sure what you trying to do. Can you please rephrase that?

For the product types, you can use the theme to sell any kind of items.