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Sorry to trouble. I am trying to transfer the testimonial section of Home to Home 2 single page but am struggling. I have Testimonials visible in admin panel but that just enables me to add the testimonials. I would also like to know how to change the background of it if possible of the parralax. Thank you

Actually testimonials slider section/segment is a simple shortcode -

[segment id="client-testimonials1" class="dark-bg" background_color='#374a4e' background_image="" parallax_background="true" background_speed="0.4"]

[responsive_slider type="testimonials2" animation="fade" control_nav="false" direction_nav=true pause_on_hover="false"]

[testimonials post_count=3]



As you can see above, you just need to change the background_image attribute to an URL of the image you want to specify as parallax background image. Pls read the [segment] shortcode documentation too. Hope this clarifies.

Hi Team,

Love this theme. My question is around the pricing-plan.

Is there a way to add more pricing plans for different sections?

What I need is the following:

3 separate plans as follows:

1. AppDev – 4 Columns (AppDev Pricing only) 2. WebDev – 3 Columns (Different price than above) 3. GraphicDev – 5 Columns (Different prices than above)

I have created the required Page Selections so the options can be selected to be viewed on single page but all are show exactly same pricing.

How can I go about creating 2 additional [pricing_plan]

Your advise would be much appreciated.

Thank You

Regards Joseph


meteorite Author Team

Pls use pricing_ids parameter in the shortcode with comma separated pricing post ids.
[pricing_plans post_count=4 pricing_ids="234,235,236,238"]

Will this theme be updated to the latest version of Revslider 5.0.6 for WP 4.3? Current version crashes IE 11 on Win10.

We will surely update the theme. Meanwhile, pls send us an email via our profile page – and we will send you an updated rev slider. Thanks.

Hi Team, I would like to buy only html part only as same price for my project. Can it possible???

Thanks for your interest. We really do not have a HTML version of the theme. You will need to purchase the theme and take the HTML part and develop the site on your own. It is not very difficult but a little tedious in my experience. Requires a bit to patience to get rid of superfluous code part of WordPress.

I am trying to upload the theme to Wordpress but every time it finishes uploading I get this:

‘Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.’

Any ideas?


meteorite Author Team

[wrap class="featured-list"]

[two_col]<img class="aligncenter" title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" alt="Logo 1" src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/logo-1.png" />[/two_col]

[two_col]<img class="aligncenter" title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" alt="Logo 2" src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/logo-2.png" />[/two_col]

[two_col]<img class="aligncenter" title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" alt="Logo 3" src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/logo-3.png" />[/two_col]

[two_col]<img class="aligncenter" title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" alt="Logo 4" src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/logo-4.png" />[/two_col]

[two_col]<img class="aligncenter" title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" alt="Logo 5" src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/logo-5.png" />[/two_col]

[two_col_last]<img class="aligncenter" title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" alt="Logo 6" src="http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/logo-6.png" />[/two_col_last]


Thank you. Andd lastly, on how do I make the logo on top left bigger? I keep trying to change size of the image but wordpress resizes it…

Please advise.


meteorite Author Team

Pls upload a site-logo that having larger dimensions.


I’m thinking of buying this theme. But I have a question about the store. I understand that I have to purchased separately shop module . Which e-shop module you recommend to sell mobile applications via this theme?


We use free yet very popular Woocommerce for our theme. If you are going to sell a digital product like a mobile app though, I would recommend another free plugin Easy Digital Downloads(EDD) that is specifically for downloadable products.

The theme should generally be compatible with this plugin although you may need to change CSS to adjust styling for the products showcased through this plugin. Or you can specifically look for themes meant for EDD. Thanks for your interest.

Thanks! You’ve convinced me :-) In future you will be able to help me with CSS?

We do help our customers with simple CSS tweaks but anything major, you will need to hire someone outside to do the same. We cannot afford to provide any major customization for our themes. Thanks.

My app is being marketed in China and the Google Play is not working there. Can I add the APK file instead?

Yes, you should be able to provide a download button (just like the Google play button) which links to the APK file uploaded to your site.


I am enjoying your theme for a while now but have a little issue with the social media icons. In theme options I disabled the app download button and enabled the social media icons. I have entered the url for my Facebook and Twitter and the icons show up which is great !! But at the same time the RSS icon shows up next to the FB and Twitter icons. I did not tick any box, fill in anything, nor can I find any option considering the RSS icon. Can you please help me to remover that RSS icon so I am left with just the Facebook and Twitter icons? That would make me well happy :) And if not to much too ask, is there a quick way to replace those Facebook and Twitter icons with my own icons?

Thanks a bunch, keep up the great work!


meteorite Author Team

Pls use the below custom CSS in themeoptions -
.social-container .rss-feed {
    display: none;

Great, that worked like a charm, thanks!


pivca1 Purchased

Sorry to bug you. The theme is awesome, but how do I adjust the section height for each page section on the Home screen? Thanks!


pivca1 Purchased



pivca1 Purchased

I have the following iPhone 6 rendering issues:

– Drawer navigation menu icon overlapping with company logo at the top – Revolution slider graphics not being shown – Entire single page reduced to about 60% of the width of the iPhone screen in Safari – – – YouTube video embedded on one of the page sections takes up 100% of the page width I have not touched the responsive or default.css files. I have made some changes to the main style.css file but none that should have affected this. This worked right initially (with the exception of the logo / drawer icon overlap that has been there since the beginning).



pivca1 Purchased

Sorry to bug you. The theme is awesome, but how do I adjust the section height for each page section on the Home screen? Thanks!

Hi, from which file we can edit its main page content other than from dashboard, if we want to change images in single page template from where we can access its html other than dashboad or shortcode ?

Pls take a look at the page sections tab in the WP admin and that should have all the content.

I’m having trouble activating the slider revolution. I was following the steps on your Youtube video, but the rev slider wasn’t appearing by default on the plugins I should be installing. So I manually added it via the “Add New” plugin option.

However, now it requires “Plugin Activation”. I tried using the activation code from purchasing this theme, but that didn’t work.

Help please!

You do not need activation code for rev slider to work. You should see a WordPress admin tab named revolution slider on the left after activating the plugin in plugins tab.

If you have trouble with the plugin, pls open a request in the support forum – and provide us temp login details and we will take a look.


terryyip Purchased

Lost all page sections (one-page layout) after upgraded to wordpress 4.5. And the other page cannot be shown also. Any one could help? Thanks.

Update has been submitted with the fix. You should receive an email when it is approved by the reviewers. Thanks.


tresweet Purchased

Please help, I updated to wordpress 4.5 yesterday and my site content (below the slider and above the footer) has disappeared on each page of my site.

Has this happened to anyone else?

meteorite Author Team

We have released an update to address this issues . Pls download the updated version.


kvgros Purchased

We are seeing the same thing.


meteorite Author Team

We have released an update to address this issues . Pls download the updated version.


kvgros Purchased

We are running 3.1.1.


meteorite Author Team

Everything seems fine on your site. Is there any issue still on ? Can you pls clarify ? After updating you just need to do a hard refresh and check .

Hi.rtl support?

Thanks for your interest. You will need to customize the theme for RTL support. No built-in support exists for the same.


vrubba Purchased

I had issue where everything below the top menu was gone. Saw in forums that i needed to update to latest version, so i updated to Version: 3.1.1 but this didn’t fix anything. Disabling smooth page layout did work, as mentioned in a post but just updating to 3.1.1 did nothing for me. I even deleted the old theme from command line and installed fresh. Made no difference.

Have you tried viewing your site in another desktop or browser? This could be due to browser caching the old files.

Can I get a link to the site? You can post the same in the forum as a private topic, if you prefer to keep it private.

I have your template for 2 years and will upgrade as now it fail to load with last wordpress version, I like it but I feel the parallax effect should be smooth with the mouse scroll not bumpy

The parallax effect will be smooth now that we have moved to SiteOrigin Page Builder. We have a page builder plugin which has smooth CSS3 powered parallax implemented that you can use in your site.