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Hello…I just purchased your theme and installed the main and child themes, and am attempting to import the dummy data, but I keep getting either a server error or I simply go to a 404 page, and none of the data gets imported. Can you help walk me through this please?



Thank you ofr choosing Appic theme! Please provide us with a link to your website and admin access privately via support contact form and we will try to find the reason of your problem.

Sent you a support form yesterday. Did you receive it?


Answered via email

Hi Olia. Im trying to add arabic to my website.. As you probably know arabic goes from right to left.. Im using polylang which is free.. all the languages that i have installed they do work properly.. When i add arabic the theme is messed up. In services The arrow next to read more is on the text “read more”.. Also i have 5 team members added..the arrows to navigate betweem members are over the words “team members”.. blog is also messed up.. the welcome to appic universe with the 3 buttons is messed up.. the two of them are very close to each other and the other one is far.. i would suggest you to run your theme in arabic language and see how it is.. after that i would like to have a quick fix (i think it will be only css fix) that will take place only when someone have choosed arabic language..otherwise the excisting css will run.. thanks in advance!

PS arabic language is my first language on the website so its very importand for me… thanks


Unfortunately, Appic theme doesn’t have Right-to-Left languages support. Our apologies for this inconvenience!


Opus55 Purchased

cannot find where I edit the time and description on the coming soon page. I only see the “Call to action block settings” in the page editor for template “Coming soon” site is marquedia.com


You need to open Appearance > Theme Options > Other > Coming Soon Page. Set value for “Date of Release” and you will see input for the description text.


Tegra Purchased

Good day,

I’m getting a bug with the sub-navigation, only when on ges with full-width revo-slider (like homepage)

It’s glitchy, almost impossible to click items in the dropdown. I suspect this has something to do with the revo slider?

I have another page with a full-width revo slider as well, same problem.

It’s fine on all other pages.

Hopefully you can assist. thanks


Please provide us a link to your website and an admin access to. We will try to investigate your issue.


Tegra Purchased

Is there somewhere private I can send this information to….?


Please create a ticket at our support site with the definition of your issue and all necessary information regarding it.

Is it compatible with the 4.2.1 version of WP

It is possible to translate into Portuguese Brazil.


Sorry for delay!

Yes, Appic is compatible with WP 4.2.1.

Appic can be translated via creation translation files with PoEdit program (https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/tools/poedit/). You can find translation files in “appic/languages” folder. Appic has already been translated into Portuguese, so you can take it as a basis to complete translation into Portuguese Brazil.

Hi Olga, have this theme any drag and drop page builder, or i must install this plugin by myself?


Unfortunately, Appic WP theme doesn’t have Visual Page Builder.

Hi Olechka… on using services carousel, how can I filter it and not showing all services?

BTW, Appic is a great theme.

Great thanks!


Unfortunately, there is no purchase badge near your name. Could you please contact us via themeforest account which bought Appic theme, as we provide support only for themeforest buyers.


kannans Purchased


we’ve bought and installed this theme http://themeforest.net/item/appic-business-technology-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/7404912 here http://techllion.com/ but the slider module is not inside the theme package, please tell us why and if the module is missing due to your mistake please send us the module zip so we can install it and configure. thank you



We have answered you via email.

Hello, Great theme. However, I do have troubles with using it. Please see a print screen, as the theme is not appearing well in the dashboard (WP), and is not working. https://www.dropbox.com/s/spzatyhd7r1qdc9/Zrzut%20ekranu%202015-05-25%2012.49.57.png?dl=0

Could you help somehow?


Thank you for choosing Appic!
Not sure, but the following fix could help you. Please open file “wp-content/themes/appic/functions.php” for edition. At the top you should see following code: <?php define('PARENT_DIR', get_template_directory() ); define('PARENT_URL', get_template_directory_uri()); You need to add definition of additional constant “define(‘VP_URL’, PARENT_URL . ’/framework/vafpress’);” after this 2 constants, so your code should become look like this: <?php define('PARENT_DIR', get_template_directory() ); define('PARENT_URL', get_template_directory_uri()); define('VP_URL', PARENT_URL . '/framework/vafpress'); Save your changes and check if it helps.

It doesn’t work. But I think the problem is with my server provider. I installed the WP with Appic on the other server and it works fine. Thanks for reply.


tcipl Purchased

Hi Olechka,

This webpage has a redirect loop. -Multistse Issue

Getting this error on my website..What might be the issue????



We are sorry about your issue. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with proper feedback as we have not experienced with a multisite issue and it’s not a default feature of Appic theme.

I went to the Google Mobile Test: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ and it says this theme is not mobile friendly because of the following reasons: Content wider than screen Links too close together - I have the latest version of WP and your theme (Version: 1.2.15), and have not touched the css files or any other files on the admin section.

Please let me know how to resolve this. Because as of April 21, 2015 Google will drop your site off mobile search rankings unless it passes their test. Thank you!

Hi Nicole,

We have just answered you at our support site.


messir Purchased


Would you give change log coz I want upgrade from 1.2.24 to fresh one. And as I made many changes, won’t overwrite it.



I’m a little bit confused what is your init version? As we don’t have version 1.2.24. So please check what version you have started from.

What format of changes log are you expecting for? Is git diff format will be ok for you? Or maybe you want to see just a list of changed files?

Hi We are trying to place a promo box over a slider video exactly how you did it on the example template with the lightning. Can you please help us get it right as we cant seem to place it correctly

Scratch that, just read your guide in more detail :) Thanks

Hi Olechka,

Great Theme! I just want to move the navigation, with preserving all features. How can I do that?



Thank you for choosing Allec template!
Please create a ticket at our support site describing your issue in more details to get appropriate assistance from our developers.

Whenever the theme updates itself the integrated revoslider plugin and builtin Appic theme CTA features stop performing as necessitated… so I have to reinstall the wordpress theme again. Why is that? www.zorays.engineering


Sorry for late response!

1. Please explain in more details what you mean under “CTA features”?
2. Appic does not have “integrated revoslider plugin”. It contains an installation of the original revslider plugin and requires it to support all features that we have in the demo site. It’s unclear why revslider stops working for you after theme update. Please provide us with more information on what steps should we do to reproduce your issue on our side. Please provide us also with an admin access creating ticket at our support site


I want to show the shareBox in other pages then the single-post (example: services, contact). It´s possible?



Please, create a ticket at our support site and we will provide you with necessary files.

I had purchased Appic Theme version 1.2.7 from Themeforest nearly 10 months ago now I want to update that Appic Theme to latest version of version 1.2.15.

In theme it is displaying like below : To update Appic, simply download the latest files from Themeforest and install the upgraded version. Quick guide

Download the most recent Theme Files
Install the Updated Theme

But when I logged in to my account of Themeforest it is not displaying any option to download the latest updated version of Appic theme.

So please help me that how can I update my theme version of themeforest.

Please reply as soon as possible.


Please, go to ‘Downloads’ section of your Themeforest account and find a download button like this screenshot sample. In result, you’ll get a zip of the latest version of Appic theme.

If you need any further assistance, please create a ticket at our support site

Cheers, Olia

Hi, I have a quick pre-purchase question, Is it possible to change the colors of the theme? I need it to be in reds, greys and black Thanks

Hi Appic Team, I have a Theme Option issue. When i go to Appearance/ Theme Option than it appears the panel window. but the problem is that when i click on each of the section like General or typography or header or footer or others nothing happens. I click on them and the window panel doesn t change. it just the same view of general tab for each click.


Sorry for delay. Please, create a ticket at our support site providing us with an admin access and a link to your website.