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Hello again!

We love your theme. One question, the language widget allows for updating the languages on all pages, however, the language option does not seem to be available under SERVICES pages. How do I add the language widget to those pages?

Thanks, Kevin


Hi Kevin,

Please add/update file wp-content/themes/appic/wpml-config.xml with following content:
        <key name="appic_theme_options">
            <key name="top_line_left_text" />
            <key name="top_line_right_text" />
            <key name="footer_note" />

            <key name="404_title" />
            <key name="404_text" />
            <key name="excerpt_text" />
            <key name="portfolio_page_title" />
            <key name="home_ca_title" />
            <key name="home_ca_subtitle" />

            <key name="home_ca_title_1" />
            <key name="home_ca_title_hover_1" />
            <key name="home_ca_description_1" />

            <key name="home_ca_title_2" />
            <key name="home_ca_title_hover_2" />
            <key name="home_ca_description_2" />

            <key name="home_ca_title_3" />
            <key name="home_ca_title_hover_3" />
            <key name="home_ca_description_3" />
        <custom-type translate="1">testimonial</custom-type>
        <custom-type translate="1">service</custom-type>
        <custom-type translate="1">project</custom-type>
        <custom-type translate="1">team</custom-type>

Have a nice day!

Hello, I’d like to put my logo in the header where the word “APPIC” is. How do I do this?

Thank you!



Thank you for choosing our theme!

For this you need go to the Admin Panel > Appearance > Theme Options > Header section. There you will see “Logo Type” type field – switch it to “Image”. After this you will see 2 fields below it that will allow to you upload 2 version of the logo file – one for general devices and one for retina devices (2X higher resolution).

Hi there!

Love the theme, I am chipping away at it!

I was just wondering how exactly I can edit the coming soon template? For example the timer and the text below it

kind regards



Hi Mike,

Thanks! Glad to hear that you like Appic.

You need to go to Admin Panel > Pages > Add New, select “Coming soon” as a template (you will see Page Attributes block under “Save” button”), give it some title, add some message to the content field and save it. After this you need to setup it as a front page (how to do this you can read here http://appic.softmanner.com/docs/current/index.html#VI.SettingUpHomepage).


hi again

I am able to set it as the homepage however i am trying to figure out how to edit the count down timer, are you able to clarify how i can do this?

thank you again


i have figured it out, theme options->other :)

How i can add coming soon template to my home


please help short code for ccoming soon template



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We’re using the “popular post” widget on the right sidebar on our blog. However, no matter what the post shown on there is always just the latest one. Any ideas?



Hi Alberto,

Popular post widget contains post that has max number of the comments (this is most popular post). What behavior are you expecting for from this widget?


We have comments disabled on our blog, that might explain why. Ideally I’d like to have it based on post views. We use a few things to monitor that (Google Analytics, and Post Views Counter).


Hi Alberto,

In this case you should implement some meta that will be updated by yourself or by some code (you can find some plugin that able to do so), after this you need to modify the ordering settings for the popular widget (file wp-content/themes/appic/includes/widgets/popular_post.php, line 55), need replace code: $popularPosts = new Wp_Query(apply_filters( 'widget_posts_args', array( 'orderby' => 'comment_count', 'posts_per_page' => $number > 0 ? $number : 1 )));

with query that will use your taxonomy field for ordering posts instead of the comment count.

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Is it possible to use two different images on the homepage when using 3D Effects. If you look at the demo I would like to use one image where it says ‘Simple and Perfect’ and a different image where is says ‘Welcome to Appic Universe’. I’ve used the CSS editor and it looks like they both point to the same background image.



Hi Daniel,

There are different images in the 3D Effects.

Call to action block (it says ‘Simple and Perfect’) uses “wp-content/themes/appic/img/call-to-action-bg.jpg” that defined by css rule ”.action-area”. Universe block uses “wp-content/themes/appic/img/univers-bg.jpg” that defined by css rule ”.universe-wrap”.

It means you have a possibility to make your adjustment.

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I’m trying to have the timeline completely open by default, but it seems that shortcode: [timeline open_all="1"]...[/timeline]

apparently don’t work.

you can see an example here: http://www.icoelimpianti.it/societa/



You need just to replace open_all="1" with open_all="yes" so your code should look like this:

[timeline open_all="yes"]...[/timeline]
rhum Purchased

work like a charm, thank you :)


You’re welcome!

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Don’t have woocommerce after theme installation. Should I manually install the plugin first?



Yes, you should install woocommerce plugin by yourself as it’s not included into the theme package.