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Really, i’m close to go in another onesheet page. All links of my menu don’t works, except Contact (?!). Desktop/Mobile/Tab

Again, I don’t understand this theme, so I can’t fix it by myself.

Really, 4 MONTHES I BOUGHT THIS THEME AND IT STILL DOESN’T WORK !!! I spend a lot of time on it. REALLY A LOT OF TIME. WTF ?!!! And my config is VERY LIGHT !! I just put 1 plug to insert social Icon on my menu.

Hey! I know you are very implicated and reactive, thank you so much for that, but know, I can’t stand no more. My friend dev just give up to fix my problems.

Disapointing. Again and again


Hi ,

Look we made a design based on a style ,this theme don’t design with icon menu ,

IF all author start giving support for all plugins compatible then people don’t need to buy theme .

yes i can to add this functionality in the menu but you have to wait for that .

Contact me for this customization request via my email .

Thanks to you at last you understand .



Yes we understand it. In fact all of our troubles come from the menu and basic customisation of it (except video on mobile).

Your theme is cool, you know it, that’s why you have this success, and that’s why we are faithful with it. But Social Icons on menu are just INDISPENSABLES.

A perfect theme is a theme with flexible menu. Menu is fundamental. As you know ;)

Thanx again.


this is additional request i will try to add it.

I purchased your applause theme back in December 2013 and installed all but recently have been experiencing two issues that i desperately need your help with. My website is—http://playhousebottleservice.com

(1) I cant figure out how to access, update and fix issue im having with my “Photo Gallery” – most important how and where to access it.

(2) each and every time i make a blog post, the meta data of that post takes over my site as the entire websites meta data (ie. website title, keywords, and description. Please help!!! And, again, my website is - http://playhousebottleservice.com/

Thank you, Jamie Barren


Hi ,

1.For gallery you need to look gallery post type and also what is your theme version .

2.which plugin do you use for seo .

Thanks for your comment

1. My Theme Version is: Applause by Metrothemes version 1.2 Applause – Responsive Onepagie Template for bands and musicians

2. The plugin I’m using for seo is: 1. Yoast WordPress SEO

In regard to post category, im not sure becauce cant find the admin page where I orginally posted them, online the online version of page? The only other place when i can find something clise to it is my “media library??? Please help, any other suggestions?


Please re-download the theme and install the update version .


will that affect any of my sites content?


yes it will coz lot of thing is updated ,you are using just 1.2 version and now available version is 1.5 .lot of new features has been added as people requested .

Hi there. Great theme. I’m looking for a theme that could work for a movies festival. So these are the changes that I need to apply on this template:
  • 1- Events will become movies: Can I delete the map inside of an event and add a video somewhere?
  • 2- Intro: Can I have a slider with images instead of the video?
  • 3- Audios: Can I use the layout of audios for sponsors?
  • Thanks in advance!

Here is your answer ,

1.yes you can . 2.yes you can use any slider image plugin like slider revelation or something else . 3.yes you can .

if you need anythings else i will help you .


Hi I’m having issues with the loading speed of my site. It seems to take forever to load sometimes on mobile/tablet devices as well as on computer browsers. Do you have any tips for me that can make my site load faster? Also, is there a way to turn the responsive ability off and just have the site look like it does on the computer rather than having it condense to a mobile site on mobile/tablet devices. Here is my site.


Please contact with me via my themeforest profile with your site admin access .

Hi, How do we activate the full screen parallax version. I only see the demo video xml file in the download. I don’t want that one, I would like the full screen parallax xml demo file so I can see this exactly how you have it on themeforest.

Thanks, Ty


check your mail


Just replied. thanks, Ty

Hi, sorry but i can not create the photo gallery. I created a new page “Photo Gallery” then i went in gallery and i added a new item…and now?

thank you


no i am not modified it yet




you are welcome , don’t forget to rate my theme if you didn’t rate it yet :)

Excellent wordpress theme. All wordpress themes are customized in different ways so there is always a learning curve. This one was pretty easy to pick up…watch the tutorials and pay attention! I made the mistake of deleting some pages thinking it would solve other problems and I broke my site. BUT the customer service at metrothemes was very helpful in repairing the issue and didnt call me an idiot for breaking it! Thank you for the hard work and for an excellent theme! xo Robbie


Thanks you very much :)