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Hi I would like to insert video but i don’t know how. Could you help me please Thanks Sarah

please contact with me via my themeforest profile contact form with your site url and admin access .let me see the settings .

ok Thanks



How can I remove “Play video > know better” in the homepage?

Thank you

Hi ,

Goto theme folder then find header.php file then open it with editor and take a look 94 number line it’s looks like below
<h1>Play Video <a class="play-button" href="#" onclick="jQuery('.player').playYTP()"></a> Know better</h1>

just delete those text


OK great it works, thank you.

One other question, how can I adjust the contact form more detailed? For example: I don’t like how the phone and email are aligned now, I would like to have it center aligner as the “connect with me” section… Here is my site link: (scroll to bottom)

Thanks a lot!


Karengj Purchased

This tempel is a disappointment not work the button to buy tickets do not know if the author or whoever shows how well but after uan scam


Karengj Purchased

last twopoint


Karengj Purchased

zilla-shortcodes-2.0 dont work after install is fatal error

check now it’s solved .

Hi, the theme is great…however I’m having trouble finding the shortcodes for various pages (events, gallery, teams, video, playlists, etc.) where can I find them?

please contact with me with your site url and admin access i will setup your site as like as demo and you will understand how it works .

Just an update…i’ve uploaded the demo and now I can see where everything is. Thanks.


What’s the deal with the mobile version of the theme? It comes out weird when i pull it up on my phone?

What is the problem ! could you please give me some screenshot of your problem .

Yes if you could pull up on your mobile device and hold your mobile device upright, you will notice the website only covers half the screen. Is it something i’m not doing? let me know. Thanks.

ok found the issue could you please contact with me via my themeforest profile contact form with your site admin access i will fix the issue .


my sort order of the pages is corrupted since updating the sort order plugin. Sort order in dashboard and sort order as value in the pages are right, but not in the frontend.

HI ,

Could you please contact with me with your site url and admin access via my themeforest profile contact form .



Love the theme, thanks so much. Unfortunately, the contact form is not working, even though the email address is correct both in the Theme Options > General Settings > Contact form e-mail AND Settings > E-mail Address. We’ve checked spam folders and the email is simply not being sent, even though the site visitor gets a confirmation that the message has been sent.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


HI Kim ,

could you please install easy smtp plugin and try again .


So I contacted you yesterday with some questions. You sent me a new version to install. My site is down now. Anything I click on within my admin login takes me to a blank white screen, so I can’t even put back another theme. Please help asap! I just went back and looked and it’s the same version 1.7 that I originally purchased and installed earlier this month. HOW to fix? I had put my site in construction mode first, so at least that landing is coming up when I go to our site from my phone. PLEASE HELP.

1. i will check about it . 2. please goto Applause theme options -> General Settings then you will find 3 background upload field 3.check your server smtp settings . 4.Theme doesn’t support submenu and also you need to use shortcode for display data .

1-any news?

2-assigning photos at this location changes the front page, not the home page. Home page is below the screen that plays the video. I thought the three sizes were for the page below the video screen “home.”

3-contact boxes-good to go. Thx.

4-thx, working on add page.

I have people being directed to our site- any progress on a solution for IE not playing the audio? Any other suggestions or work around? We really need the audio files to work, as the traffic is to check our audios for potential shows. I’ve been telling people it’s best viewed on Chrome, but that isn’t the best solution. Thx for the assistance.

Hey there, two questions. Is there a way to add a linked image to the nav bar (they want a donate button to always be with the navigation bar so I thinking just throw it on the right side of it).

Also, does this theme have the ability to merge the menus? So there would be the first one called… “About Us” and then underneath that was “Team”, “Contact”, “How we Started”?

Hi ,

Sorry by default you can’t add any button to navigation bar , Also are you want to add menu as sub menu under About Us .


Hello, I don’t find the shortcodes for the pages, can you help me? Thank you!

Hi ,

please take a look into documentation .

Hi there. How do I download the video header?? I see I can do a photo header… but I want to do the video. url is

Please take a look into documentation ,

First select home page as a home page from settings -> Reading settings .

Then goto theme option enable video header .

If you are not able to find that then please contact with me via my themeforest profile contact form with your site url and admin access .i will help you .


Hi, I have a big problem. Installed your template, I cannot upload any media and cannot save any post. The errors are:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/ledlocmb/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php:3560) in /home/ledlocmb/public_html/wp-admin/post.php on line 235

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/ledlocmb/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php:3560) in /home/ledlocmb/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1196

If disable your template, everything works normally. Please, respond asap as I have to put the site online within this week.


check your mail .


i bought this great theme a couple of days ago. Everything is settled so far. One single last thing to do to finish my work. There is anything wrong with the photo gallery. When ever i click on a picture and try to got back to the overview the choosen picture of the first click is still there and i cant click and choose other pictures from the library. I would appreciate ur help. Please check this link

Many thanks,


Hello metrothemes,

i got another problem. I wanna set up a video in the header but it doesnt work. It only showes me “Play Video > Know better.

I followed all the steps for settings in the tutorials.

Appreciate your help.

Did you recieve my previous email?


ok one little error is fixed. the video is running but the typo i the front is still showing up. how can i fix it? it is in the script right ? cheers

hi metrothemes,

thank u so much for the fast email reply. I really appreciate it. I hope u will fix the problem soon. Just let me know :)