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Thank you very much for the template. I have a question for .net developers. I used the template with .Net MVC5 and the magnific pop up that opens on successful submission fails to occur. How should i change the code?

(I am using ActionResult port method when saving the information) Please help me.Thank you.

Hi iremg,

it should work. Please drop me an email through the form on my profile page with the URL of your website. :)

How do I edit the pop up that pop’s up once the form is submitted?

Thank you.

Hi Jesse, if you haven’t found it yet, it’s located at the bottom of the main html file just before the scripts block.

Hi, want to ask you, if i want to edit this template, what tools/software who can you suggest for me?

Hi fathmuin, for the text editor I recommend Notepad++, which is free :)

Hi, the php file isn’t’ delivering my submissions to the specified email address.

Hi gmcsmith, please drop me an email through the form on my profile page with FTP access to your website so I can take a look at the issue :)

Is it possible for you to include a Captcha in the PHP form? If it has that I will buy the theme immediately.

Hi astute,

Sure. It’s possible to add a captcha to the form, but as a paid customization :)

I have a weird issue with send-mail.php. It delivers form submissions from smartphone, but not delivering any from desktop. Why is it?