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Hey, a really nice one! Will WP version follow? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for your time. Yes we will release wp version soon. Thanks

What a theme ! Looks great, Really love it.

Thanks a lot trippleS :)

I don’t want to burst your bubble but I’ve seen what you’ve done. All the same, all the best :)

Hi, arrowthemes thanks for informing me. I had just checked it from your portfolio. Unfortunately my pattern and pg seems same or similar you had used. Sorry for that man it was really nice. No problem I will change it and must respect your work. And really you are choosing best :).

Good job :) Good luck :)

Thanks Mr. Atoaar :)


Nice template, but, do you have written permission from Robert Gavick to use his own photo? :) If not I suggest to change that because, you are breaking his copyrights, and copyright rules on TF.

Good luck with sales :) Best Regards, Tomek

Hi, 7Studio we had changed the images. Thanks for reporting. Our developer used it as he did not know about gavick. We really sorry for this but we had removed the image. Hope everything now ok. :) . Let me know your advice. :)


I have just downloaded your great new template and loaded the quick start files to my server but the installation will not get me pass the SQL page.

I have just come across a very strange error.

When I go to change the user group for a registered user, it wipes out all of the user group choices and does not allow me to select a group.

The only way around this is to delete the user and get them re-registered.

Please help!!!!

Sorry – i have found it was a plugin that I added that was causing the problem.

That’s great :). Let me know if there any issue. Did you checked soundcloud gallery? Its really nice. Check that. :)

Vai ekdom jotil oiche :bigwink:

Thanks bro :). Waiting for Bengal.

Nice template but $50 for a 2.5 theme is not good…

Good luck with sales.

Hi, Thanks for your comment. We will try to release joomla3.0 version soon. Thanks


It’s really a nice template but I need a version for Joomla 3. Can you teel me when this will be released? Thanks.

Yes it will be released in this week. We are working on that. :)

Awesome looking theme and nice features. Any plans on a Joomla 3 version?

EDIT: Oops… just saw the above post. Anyway, looking forward to it. :)

End of this week :)

Hi, we are facing a challenge installing this theme on our hosting, though the installation completed successfully, site gives 500 error … getting this message from their support team:

The 500 error is related to an installed module that is attempting to use an apc function that we don’t allow on shared servers for security reasons. This is the output of the error below. You may want to contact the developer of the extension to see if there is a workaround.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi, Please go to php.ini and make display_errors = Off. Check php version runtime configuration here http://php.net/manual/en/errorfunc.configuration.php.Its not error its php version issue. Thanks

Hi, can you please elaborate on what needs to be done ?

Please check previous comment. if you are on localserver on your pc then search for php.ini file and then make display_errors = Off and save restart your apache. Check php version runtime configuration here http://php.net/manual/en/errorfunc.configuration.php.Its not error its php version issue. Thanks

Update Version released :)

Hey there. I have huge prolems installing themeforest on my Joomla 2.5 and 3.1 site. First I installed gantry frameworks…but then no further steps worked…

I think a readme or just an explenation file would be great…

Please help me! :D

Hi, Are you installing it in your existing site? Or it will be good for you to install the exact demo site?

I installed Joomla 3.1 version and it looks fantastic, exactly what I was hoping for. However, there are a couple of issues you might want to address.

1) Portfolio Carousel and Portfolio Carousel Detail are not carousels. Doesn’t matter to me as I can add a carousel myself, but it doesn’t look good on your demo.

2) In administrator / template manager, rox_app – Default links to


whereas it should link to


Again, not a problem for me as I just check the box and click the Edit button at the top of the page. But some buyers are not going to know that and will be confused. You should definitely fix that.

There are other issues, such as no thumbnails in the backend presets, responsive widths need some tweeking, and the responsive menu should be like the original Gantry style. I don’t know why you chose to use the very generic looking dropdown menu… it’s not very pretty.

Like I said, the overall design is perfect for my needs, but I just felt you should pay some attention to these issues and fix them. Good luck with sales. I’m really happy with this template.

Hi, Thanks for reporting. 1.PortFolio carousels is carousels. Check there is malty images to show portfolio. And sure details is not carousels. 2.Thanks a lot for informing us. We had missed it as its was gantry.I think its a gantry issue as we did not edit core functionality.We will fit it in next update soon. Really thanks man to help us by informing those issues.We will update soon.

Now I see portfolio carousels. I did not see the arrows because they are so light in color, no contrast. Also, because I see the same article three times, I think the articles is the carousel and that it is broken. My mistake :)

Anyway, I like the design but I find too many bugs after quick install. So instead I just install empty Joomla, gantry, and your template… then I add all the features manually. I use the quick install on a separate directory, only for reference. Most important thing is the template.. I’m happy with that.

As we had update joomla3 from joomla version I think there gantry and joomla conflicting. Can you please help us point out the problems as we can give a small updates so user can enjoy it. Please send the pointed document here support@themerox.com Thanks a lot

I install Rox_App_Quick_Installation_j3.1_v1.1.zip Success. But template Rox_app not show administrator and database. help me please

I down load file 27/9/2556 themeforest-5319655-approx-multipurpose-mega-premium-joomla-template.zip 91,432 KB

and j2.5 install OK template show but j3.1 not show

Hi, For Joomla 3 there we found a small problem in template view. We are working for an update. Thanks for reporting.

I’ll wait. I like this Template.

I just installed the Joomla 3.2 version of this template. and the documentation is terrible. The documentation only seems to include instructions on installing the template,installing gantry and installing and modifying ecwid. There are also instructions for installing a non-existent Extension called “Revolutionary Slider”. Once the template is installed and viewed in the Template Manager a “Documentation Button” is presented that when clicked only displays a blank page. IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF TIME TO WASTE LOOKING THROUGH THE CODE FILES TO CREATE YOUR OWN FIXES AND SOLUTIONS – GREAT – OTHERWISE THIS TEMPLATE IS A RIP-OFF!

Hi, Documentation Button in template Manager? Really Strange. Can you please share screenshot about what you are talking? Also you will find documentation at the main downloaded file named should be documentation. There you will get all related documentation. Also there we Have Quick Install Package by that you will get the exact demo site in less than 1 minute. Did you try that? If you try to instal template only file then you have to do configure all the extensions which is only for advance user and the site owner who want to use template for existing site only. For that case there for any kind of template you need time to configure all modules. I think you should use Quick Install Pack. if you need help you can ask on support forum. Thanks

ThemeRox, Thanks so much for your quick reply. I did try to use the Quick Install Pack , but ran into a few php file errors. I purchased your template to save time because it seemed to meet the needs of a site I am designing,but all time-savings were lost trying to customize your template. The user interface and documentation are almost useless, as neither appear to contain very much template-specific information.I am continuing my current project with a template from a different designer/supplier. I may return to the forum later to work through the fixes and code changes necessary to customize your template, but again, thank you for your reply.

Hi, For Quick Install Pack if you install it please make sure you have configured http://php.net/manual/en/errorfunc.configuration.php to avoid php version change error or warning. You know when php version change every time some function or class deprecated or something like that so it can sho error. To avoid it there you always need to configure error reporting. Its actually not error its php version change issue. You check the error reporting carefully. There you can find some error on core joomla or framework file which is not also error all are same issue. So just configure your server runtime and then Try to Install Quickstart Pack its tested over many server so to make sure our clients will not face any issue when installation so there no error or no issue with Quick Installing file. If you work on Quick Installation file I think you will not face any problem because there all module and everything configured. So to change anything you just need to go to the module manager and every module to change your content and everything.Let me know for future assistance. Thanks

Presale question 1. Is it possible to configure another variation of the menu? The default menu looks too basic and does not even have a hover state when you mouse over it. This reduces the design quality of this template

2. Can the mainbody position be disabled on the homepage if I don’t want to use that position?

3. Can I remove your footer AppRox logo or is it required that I have to leave in place?

4. What is your upgrade policy for future Joomla releases?

5. Will I have to pay to receive future updates for the premium 3rd party extensions you used in the template like the revolution slider, etc?


Hi, 1. Yes its possible. 2.Yes you can disable main body for any page you want. In theme settings we have option to do that. 3. Yes you can remove it or you can replace it. Depends how you want. 4. Yes we are releasing update. 5. You will receive life time update. You do not need to pay every time. Just purchase one time and get life time update. Thanks

??????, ???????? ??????. Cool template.

Thanks man :) ... Update is on the way :)

Hie Guys, thanks for this template. I’ve just installed it but when i chose custom logo and upload my own logo, it doesn’t change from the approx to my version; please help

Can you please give me link and access at our support forum. Open ticket and give me link. Thanks

Hie , i’ve also noticed that when i change the preset to a different one; it doesn’t change

Thanks for the help guys, the logo is perfect now though the footer still shows a white margin at the very bottom; the left right margins are sorted out now. http://themerox.com/support/index.php/log-in-details

Hie, also forgot to mention that the presets are still not working.tnx

Hi, Please post the support related question to forum on that given link. Our staff will help you on this. Thanks