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Great work! Good luck with sales. :)

nice work, GLWS :)

Very nice !, Good luck with sales :)

@all, thanks for the feedback :)

I’ll very tempted to buy this in WP version!

yes, wordpress would be the buy trigger for me

@jbwa513 and @infuzed we will build the wordpress version… thanks

xavicj Purchased

Hello, I bought and love your template, you can see results here:


I have a few things to solve. First, things that affect to everyone because appear on your demo site:

- In the default browser on android mobile I cannot see the menu: “home about pricing portfolio…”

- In Opera mini on android I see the menu as a dropdown list but is not very nice/usable.

- The slidercontainer is not seen in the default browser on android

- The slidercontainer is seen in opera mini but only the graphics appear, not the text.

Also if you can help me in other thing I will be really glad. I have a forum using myBB software, it has lots of templates and I tried to mix yours with them. Result is nice in my firefox but all things are a bit messy on the android browsers. Can you help me to find if I miss a or something like this?


Thank you very much, I hope you sell lots of copies and that can be seen everywhere

Do you have plans to make/convert it to WordPress?! ? I Want buy & Convert to WordPress Please give me permission.


We will convert to wordpress later, thanks

Very disappointed in this template. Seems to have poor implementation of pretty photo and is lacking in documentation. Had to rank one star :(

Very Nice and stylish Template….

ethikco Purchased

I am seriously interested in the wordpress version. When can I purchase that?

Quick question about some list item styles.

I’m using JQuery’s ddslick dropdown list, and I’ve determined the style sheets with this theme are causing a spacing issue inside ddslick! The first li item in the list is correct, the second has a margin above it, maybe 4-5 pixels, and the third (last) has the same 4-5 pixels top and bottom. I’m really struggling to figure out what to change.


mdpls Purchased


Do you have plans to make/convert it to Drupal?


Not yet, but we are working on the wordpress version and will be available within 2 – 3 days…. thanks

Hi there,

I bought you template and it is simply awesome. I love it. But due to a rebranding we need to change from your blue to the red color. Do you have any css template for the red one? Changing all css parameters is aweful. Thank you!


Hi, please send support question via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/