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Great template, hope massive sale…

Is there a PSD files included in the package ?


Hi, PSD files are not included. But you can purchase them from this author http://themeforest.net/item/appteko/3060763

Great template, just a few changes to make into a brilliant template.

On hover event on all clickable images, and validation of the send on the contact form.

Great work, keep them coming.


Hi, thank you for your suggestions.

Im just now working on hover effect on images. I will implement form validation too.

Here are some suggestions – I hope every webdesigner pays attention to while designing a website advertising an app. I can only see the download app button on the desktop and not of a phone. It defeats the purpose of creating a website to promote an app. Next the navigation on the phone stays on top while I scroll down. I have not seen even a single designer that has introduced a design where the navigation menu scrolls down along with the page. It would be even better if the navigation menu is replaced with an icon like on the apps.

Overall this is an awesome template. All the best with your sales. aaron


Thank you very much for sugestions. I will definitely look at it closely

aplok Purchased


I purchased the HTML Version of this and was wondering I looked at the Doc and you explained how to adjust things. I was wondering how do you adjust the circle header logo to be on the left hand side of the top navigation and have the navigation start after the logo?


Hi I have replied to your email

Whenever I try to preview this I just a blue screen…. Is the preview broken?


hi, the live preview works great for me

lelesys Purchased

Hi there,

I have tested this template in Firefox, Chrome, IE8+ and found many issues. if possible can you please send me your email id so that i can send screenshots.



Hello thank you for your purchase. Sorry to hear that you have found many issues. I have also tested my template in all modern browsers and have found none. So here is my email support@adamantium.sk . You can send me your screenshots

New version is available to download. Some responsive issues were corected

how do i load this theme in wordpress please.


Hi, sorry to say but this is not a Wordpress theme. Only HTML and CSS. You will need a programmer to transform this theme to wordpress

bradlow Purchased

Purchased this theme and I’m in love!

Two questions, on the mobile version, on the portfolio pages, the pictures are stretched way out of proportion. Is there a way to fix that?

And as someone mentioned before, the buttons to purchase the app disappear on the mobile version. How do I get those to show up?

Thank you!

Keep up the awesome work :)

bradlow Purchased

Thank you for your speedy response! I truly appreciate it :) I will remove that code.

For the app store button, I added them to the portfolio pages: http://adamantium.sk/appteko/html/portfolio-iphone.html

But the buttons won’t show up on mobile? I have 7 apps currently, and when you view the website on mobile, I want users to be able to click the buttons while on their phone that will take them directly to the app store. Does that make sense? Sorry if I’m confusing!


Yes that makes sense. But I need to see your site so I can check your code.

bradlow Purchased

I actually JUST figured it out, I just needed to add a div.

Thank you :) Can’t wait to see what your update holds!

nice work, i would like to buy the wordpress theme version.



Hi, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately there won’t be a Wordpress version of this file. The sales just don’t reflect the effort I put in this item.

Have a nice day Michal.

Hey! I got this theme ages ago and only just used it, it’s great!

I just have one question,

when posting a link to my site, it says URISEN.CO.UK|BY HTTP://ADAMANTIUM.SK

I’ve changed the meta tag in the header to…

<meta name=”author” content=”Ryan Tack”>

but that hasn’t worked? can you let me know how to change this please!

Thanks :)


As I guess your problem lies in the way how Facebook stores data about web pages. I think you have already tried in past to share the page before you changed the author name.

Then Facebook scraped the page HTML and stored it in its cache. If you want to reload the Facebook cache you have to make it scrape your page once again to get new data.

This is done by loading your page through Facebook object debuger here on this link: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/

I have already done this for you so now when you share your page there is no mention about Adamantium