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it is nice template but we face with a problem on autocomplete. Do you have any comment on that?

I have seen the amateur theme. I regret to 1000+ times. i am not recommend it.


I am really interested in your theme but I have a few questions and I am hoping you can help me.

If I want to make the most of the reporting can I change what the dashboard reports? I would want to track how many people attend an event how often that person attends an event (frequency) and utilization if event takes 100 people and 80 attend etc. I am building a portal for groups so that they can log in and see their information. I will want to restrict what tabs they see also. I like your theme because I will want to integrate some travel stats in too and your theme does it really nicely.

Is it possible duplicate calendar entries and edit one or 2 things in there like location?

Finally can I sign up different companies and let them only see the tabs Id like them to see?



poseso Purchased

are there any updates coming soon? its been a year without any updates

Nice theme but how can we perform functions which are not in your plugin i know that there is the function$(’.selector’).jHERE(‘originalMap’, closure); Check for the documentation (no doucmentation is available ) closure should look like this: function(map, here){ //this is the DOM element //map is the HERE JavaScript API map object //here is the whole HERE JavaScript API namespace } For example take a simple function when i want to draw radius var circle = new google.maps.Circle({ map: map, radius: 16093, // 10 miles in metres fillColor: ’#AA0000’ }); code crashes any help will be appreciated

Do we get the css code this theme

ye offcourse :)

Hi, i cannot access the live preview. where i can see the demo?

it says the domain name has expired. Is there any place that we can see the live demo?

An latest update on the pipeline?