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Dear MKRdesign, I’m from India. My bank account does not support to pay in USD. I’m just able to pay in INR (indian currency). Sir please help me .. Do you have any alternative way for payment. That’s also an way, If it’s possible then tell me your detail and i’ll pay you in INR and you send $22 into my paypal account. Sir please do something for me. I’ll always remember your favour. Thank You Sir!


Hi. suraj4world
you must pay it from themeforest and can’t direct pay to my paypal account..


Thank You So Much Sir .. I purchased it. Thanks for your reply.

Cara beli template dalam Rupiah gimana Gan


gan pembeliannya harus melalui themeforest. klo secara langsung lewat rekening tidak bisa gan.

Does it support Arabic? Can I post in Arabic? write from right to left.


Yes.. It’s Support RTL language..

Hello, i want to buy a template!

i have a little http://www.android-news.at blog, and i need a new nice template like just yours. my question: are you now working on a newer template – its better to wait, or is this your last one. my opinion is that i have many Pictures, and i want a very good seo optimized template whos fast loading (picture crop autom. size) i dont want in my Posts day and time! template without css failures will be fine. sorry for my bad english! Greetings from Austria Quercus quercus@hiway.at

Please open ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/. i will help you from there.


you opened the wrong homepage – the old one please try the new one: www.android-news.at

the ticket you give me, is gone


Find this on the Downloads Page by clicking the “Download” button next to the item, and then click the “Licence certificate & purchase code” link. Show me

i can nothing find – looks like a james bond adventure for nothing. i have only two simple questions and must take a survival journey with tickets and other crap..

I have a problem when arabized slide template does not work


Please open ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/ ..


How to Make slide Hoaard last threads and not the old threads

Please, problem of The navigation page with LABELS (only show one page )

is the problem solved ?:

SanaNA Purchased

The mega menu doesn’t pull the correct label/tag. Have I done something incorrectly? www.ABloggyMom.com

Hi mkr i wanna ask that the light version only supports youtube images for post or both support this

Very nice theme

Mkr this is my blog http://www.qasimbaig.com/ and i am using this template. I want to set the list mode as default but it’s not working for me. i change it in the template as list view but not working…

Is the post date flag removable?

Hi there, that’s a really nice theme. I am seriously thinking of making a website via blogger, since the whole hosting thing is getting on my nerves. So i have one question, when i used to use blogger and upload free themes, the home page was never organised in labels.

Like for example: here in this home page, there is “Education” “music”, “Games” ....blah blah blah, in the free themes, it only showed that in the preview but when i uploaded it, there was only slider and then the articles under it regardless of the label. So is it a theme thing (like because it was free so that happened) or does blogger not support this kind of themes?

hi can i open a site directly list mode not a grid mode these is my site-http://www.mafiapaidapps.com/

thanks for beautiful template please see my blog www.latestpakistanijewellery.com the problem is drop down menu and news tricker is not working proper when i upload this template its working but after few hours this template is not working well . please help me im so worry about my blog. thanks amr design admin.

Is something wrong with the title in label pages. Is only Apriezt not Apriezt – Label inside the h1

I will like a pinterest (Pingrey is nice and fast but not supporting youtube) type template with right sidebar, youtube support, google plus and facebook comments, fast and lite template, pages not load more because this is good for adsense and user when come back to jump fast on the page number where it was last time, i dont want home, label, label, label, post title and again post title and again at the end label label label this becuse can be bad for google and keyword spam, no sharing option on the mini post because no1 will share that only after he will see the full post content.

Problems: - Facebook comments are not rsponsive - Archive pages are not displaying all post only a few. - The selected view fails, i select box view post and after 2, 3 pages is back on his default - this templates have 2 many option option for nothing, option that people are able to make them from browser settings, option that make blog to work harder …. print, text size, - no one share a mini post, related post because…. he share only after he see the full post so those sharing option must be out / off only make site to load harder or to never stop the load.

Radja is a good template, good for photos and videos also. But related post look like are from other template, I dont know if the youtube is suppprted, sharing is the default blogger and i dont know to much what that template can make or if he can support pages not only load more cuz i dont want load more and all blog must refresh when we go from page 1 to page 2, 3 100 not only those post…. that if we want more adsense loaded and more money… all people are making only magazine template from what i see… very heavy

The support is really really poor. I have raise a ticket on http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/ a month ago.but no reply till date. This is really frustrating and disgusting.

Why archiving and decreased the number of visits since the installation of the template to the blog, and I received a notice from Google stating that the template is not responsive to display on-screen smartphones

I hope to clarify these points please