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Hi there, I want to use your theme for a RTL website, do you think I would be able to do this or not?

By default it doesn’t support RTL, but it shouldn’t be very hard to update it, will add it in the next update.


Hey Kopyov, I got a little problem with the styled select dropdown. It doesnt transmit the value of the selected one when I submit the form. If I delete ‘class=”styled”’ the value will be transmitted. Can you help me out?

Thank you! Best regards from Germany.


You need to update the value dynamically by calling this function
Hey, thank you for that fast answer! I tried it this way: http://i.imagebanana.com/img/v9ug0n7f/head.png But it says that this is not a function. Where I have to add it? I am using a standard form (with standard submit, no ajax): http://i.imagebanana.com/img/8rl5yulp/form.png

Thank you!

May i see your page online so i can check what’s wrong? For now everything looks fine, i just want to check your js code for completeness and errors. Thanks

Is the opportunity to do the horizontal grid in your template? For example: 2 rows and 2 columns, but the 2nd column is 2 rows height.

Or like this: Link: http://www.webdevelopersnotes.com/tutorials/adhtml/table.gif

There is no a ready-to-use layout, but that’s not a big deal to make such layout. You can use table or create it with floating div’s

Hi! congrats for the work!

There’s a prevision to migrate to bootstrap 3?


Hi. It’s in the progress, should be available very soon.



Is there an easy way to have a full width/height page ? I would have a chat page which takes all the space.

Have you planned a possibility to make all the website fixed to 100% ?

You have a problem with “Dates range” here : http://demo.kopyov.com/aquincum/ui.html


Thanks for pointing on dates range issue, will be fixed asap!

Unfortunately no, i didn’t add such possibility for fixed elements. WIll do so in the upcoming update.

Any plans for an RTL version?

Not yet, but definitely will be considered in 1 of upcoming updates. Thanks!

would you say it is likely that you will update this theme with new bootstrap?

would you say it is likely that you will update this theme with new bootstrap?

Yes, definitely. BS3 version is in progress and will be released soon.



Damm. I forgot read that was not bootstrap 3. Well. I will wait for that.

Okay, thx. BS3 version is still in progress.

Can you help me with this? You your code, you have this line:

background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,#f7f7f7), color-stop(100%,#e6ef2f2f26e6));

If I use this, the chrome inspector element will show a warning. Do you know why? Thanks

Hello there. Could you please show me your page online so i can check what’s wrong?


You can see on your demo page page too. Using chrome, inspect element anywhere. You will see some warning marks (red) due some js error and another yellow mark.

HI Kopyov, Data icons are not working in dashboard, Do you have any solution to this problem

You can check the problem here Testpanda.com

You need to register to check dashboard.

Hi. Everything works fine on my side. You can use data-icon=”?” inside “a” tag including .iconb or you can use something like:

<i class="iconb" data-icon="?" style="display: block;..." />


I’ve purchased aquincum theme and I wonder how to do a simple menu. I would like to have a horizontal menu at the top with left orientation and it must have more than 1 level. I was not able to find anything like this on the template. Can you help?

Unfortunately there is no ready-to-use solution for horizontal menu, only double sidebar. It can be done, if you place necessary code below top panel, which will push content area down a bit.


Hey Kopyov

I am considering purchasing this incredible theme.

Do you know if it will be updated at all ??

I would need to be able to see that the theme has been updated before purchasing.



Yes, the theme will be updated very soon to BS3. Sorry, too busy right now to get this update done.


Hey Kopyov, there is still a problem with the notifications. The header overlaps the notifications.


Can you try to fix it please? Thank you for your support! :)

Hey Kopyov I am considering purchasing this incredible theme. Do you know if it will be updated at all ?? Insert more components ?? I would need to be able to see that the theme has been updated before purchasing. when will you have to update? Thanks

Hey there.

Yes, it will be updated to BS3 soon, don’t have enough free time to get it done, but i will do so in a while.



sukrat Purchased

Hi Kopyov,

Yes we are all waiting and wish to a new update :)

It was i guess the best out there and thats why I bought it, I hope i can see the new version soon.



Yes definitely, i’m working on a new framework which will be available shortly. After that i’ll update all my templates with a lot of additions and layout options.



sukrat Purchased

Great News! Thanks a lot for your update :)

When you update with RTL support ?


skinda Purchased

Hi Kopyov! I am facing a little but an important issue while using aquincum in my project. I am creating a web app using your template and when I used your table for some products entry, it occurs ascending and descending order problem. I can show you via an screenshot here. Please help!!!!!! Check the first column of the table in this image which is an auto list of the properties and these are not in order here…. http://oi60.tinypic.com/2i2ar1d.jpg

Hi there.

Please refer to this page, aaSorting and asSorting parameters. Briefly, you can control sorting direction and specify sorting column with one of these options.



isaia_p Purchased

hi there

we have difficulties using On mobile devices / android and iphone.. (it works in Desktops) index.html#alt2 Dropdown with search:

every time I try to click on the drop down the keyboard does not appear so i can type the content to search..

I guess the Search field in not in focus for the keyboard to appear..

if you have a fix for this i would appreciate. Thank you very much for your great work