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Hi, when will update template? I’m thinking about buying :) Thank you for the answer.


A few weeks ago you wrote in the comments that have 80% done. It will be soon? I hope this update will later this month) I’m looking forward to it.


Just curious what exactly are you waiting for in this update? :) I won’t add too many new features, only minor fixes and plugins versions, + some changes in layout and few more pages


I want to program the system in the updated template (shop including minor repairs, such as view the menu on the tablet Nexus 7 – the application will be mainly for tablets).

Sorry to still bother, but in previous comments you wrote, it’s done 80%. Already been a long time.

I hope it will be soon. Sorry for bad English.


In styles.css I found .widget > [class=”whead”] .whead [class=”icos-”]

what is the meaning of classname > [class=”other class name”]

Can I write .widget > [class=”whead”] to .widget .whead ?



[class=”whead”] means that these styles will be applied to all classes which contains “whead” in their name, for example for “whead” and ‘whead-one” will be applied the same styles, but for “whead-one” you can add something.

Actually if you don’t use other whead styles, you can change it to .widget .whead ;)

Your data table is not accepting functionalities, I tried to implement export to pdf, and it does not work, it does not show the buttons, only if I use another library, but it messy with Aquincum styling, please help me.

I have added the JS files properly, take a look:
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/ZeroClipboard.js.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/TableTools.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/TableTools.min.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
            $(document).ready( function () {
                $('#clbTable').dataTable( {
                    "sDom": 'T<"clear">lfrtip',
                    "oTableTools": {
                        "sSwfPath": "media/swf/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf",
                        "aButtons": [
                                "sExtends": "pdf",
                                "sPdfOrientation": "landscape",
                                "sPdfMessage": "Your custom message would go here." 
                } );

            } );

The table does not change.


I have make it work, but the table lose its style, and bugs, honestly, if that’s so simple, why wont you implement it on the framework? I bet a lot of people would use this function.


Well, there are 40+ datatable variations, 50+ flot settings and plugins, many different stuff for all plugins, i won’t add all these settings and options, it is up to you how to use them. I just integrated the core to the template and styled it. Since none of those additional features change the main plugin styling, i am not responsible for any bugs which were caused by your work process on adding those features with their own styles. This is a custom work and it’s not free, because i am trying to provide support only for general fixes and help, not for custom requests. Sorry.

Hi, I have purchased your theme and it’s very good. I need though a bit of help with a few things ..

Can I beautify the pop-up confirm window that comes up with this below:

1. onclick=”return confirm( ‘Are you sure you want to delete this Item?’ );

If so how can I call it ..


Nope, i didn’t include this option, but you can use some plugin to style them.


Also does this template come with password meter?


Unfortunately no, i didn’t add such functionality

I have a question for you. Is the datatables.js inside plugins/tables custom? Is it modified to return specific classes?

Because the one inside plugins/tables is of version 1.9.1 and I need 1.9.4 to make these plugins work.

And when I update it to 1.9.4, the styles associated with datatables break.


Yes, it was modified, i added 2 classes to the plugin file for necessary styling. In the next update i will use the same stylings, but without js file modifications.

Is this compatible with bootstrap 2.1.1? If not, will be soon?


It should be, but i haven’t tested it

Can you move the styles out of datatables.js or implement the style changes in v1.9.4 too.


I will in the next update

spotnil Purchased


no it is NOT . I tried it and the Bootstrap CSS is very stripped down to basically 100 of lines of CSS . What a pain for me. Couldn’t explain how easily I lost a week just because of this misleading info.


From my point of view, compatible with bootstrap isn’t based on bootstrap and means that the template contains some bootstrap elements. I didn’t mention that it is fully based on bootstrap.

spotnil Purchased

In general it is Bootstrap or not Bootstrap. There is NO semi-bootsrap version. So here I call it non-bootsrap because it doesn’t fully support bootstrap. How could I guess what you have decided to leave and what you did stripped out of it before buying it?

It is better to say it is not bootstrap and do not fool your buyres than vice versa.

I bought it EXACTLY because it states in the description that it is build on top of bootstrap but that’s not the case here.

And by the way you should take a look at .LESS css, it will make your (and ours) life much easier.


Sorry, but who said that? If the template has custom elements and i used few elements from Bootstrap framework, from your point of view i shouldn’t mention that it has those elements integrated? I never mentioned that it is BASED on or built with bootstrap. Also, as you can see on live preview, i didn’t add all of them.

In the future updates i will add a bootstrap version with all those stuff, but for now it has what is has.

Thanks for suggestion.

zioncg Purchased

Do you have a changelog of the updates? and, would you have a timline for the next update? Thanks


You can check a changelog on item description and in documentation ;)

Unfortunately not at the moment, i am working hard on it’s brain update and new theme, only then i’ll update Aquincum.


Is there possibility to get svg file with icons?


Unfortunately no, only psd with vector shapes. Sorry

zillen Purchased

This is truly a great template. I dont use the overall layout bud I use almost all the elements. Its just a perfect style!


Thanks you so much!!

I’m looking to buy but it has some bugs in Internet Explorer 10. You must pretend to fix?


Thanks for the info, will check it asap! I didn’t test it in IE10 before

Hi, Any new Theme Kopyov ?

I purchased all your administration themes and I fall in love with your works !!



Thank you! :)

Polishing details in responsive layout, it is ready. All i need to do is documentation. I’ll upload it within a week

Hello Kopyov, I really enjoyed this theme. I’m a web developer from Brazil, and I’m think of buying for a new project for one of my clients, but I have a doubt.

If I buy the regular license can I use it on a client website? And, of course, if I have another client that I want to use the template, I’ll buy it again.

Thank you.


Hey there.

Sure, you can use it in commercial project for your client, but only once :)

Hi Eugene! Aquarium looks realy nice and smooth and I plan to buy it soon. But! I’ve found a little issue in layout…is it possible You take a look at this? :)

http://cl.ly/image/2x1X3I0L3f3n http://cl.ly/image/2S0t3G3o0Q26 http://cl.ly/image/2Z1c3g0H3q0U

Thanks in advance!

Jakub Knejzlik




Actually that’s not an issue. When you resizing the window to the small size, all elements just don’t fit, but if you’ll check all standard screen sizes, everything looks fine on them :)

Oh! Great! I didn’t thought about standart screen sizes (shame on me). Then it’s nothing to worry about:)

Keep up the good work.


Thanks! :)

socon Purchased

Hi Eugene,

just purchased this template, great job done! I’m using dynamic tables, but when rendering table from mysql query (descending order on first column), the table will simply start as ASC on first column in the dynamic state. Is there a way to initialize the table with DESC or something? My visitors just love the most recent item on top when opening a view.

Cheers, Harry


Hey Harry

If i got your question correctly, you can change it by using aaSorting parameter, please see this page for more info.

Hello Eugene,

First of all thank for this awesome template, it is among the best i’ve seen!

I have an issue with the jQuery spinner you use in the theme, when you input a 1, 2 or 3 digits number with the currency ’$’, its working fine, but as soon as you enter a 4 digits number, the browser freezes and I have to close Chrome and reopen again. Do you know what the problem could be? Memory leaks? How to resolve that?

Thanks in advance! :)




Please find this code
var regex = /(\d+)(\d{3})/;
in spinner.js, line 878 and change it to
var regex = /(\d+)(\d{7})/;

Hello Eugene,

Congratulations about your work, it’s among the best I’ve seen!

I’m working with the bar chart, but I don’t change the value of the xaxis to accept more than 5 bars and its 5 subtitles.

How to resolve that?

Thank you in advance