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Don’t know for sure but i believe the Aller font isn’t allowed for Cufon usage.

I’m just saying this because i wanted to ad this font inside one of templates and after going through the EULA of the typeface I’ve decided to replace it.

Let me know if you’ve got other information so i can add it in to one of my upcoming themes. I really lover that type :D

Nice theme by the way, clean and to the point

Hello Hein,

I didn’t know for sure whether it was allowed to use it or no, the EULA of this font is very confusing. But I found this item here:

The font was used before on theme forest so I supposed I could use it too.

I’ve also found this article here:

that contains a list with fonts that can be embedded with cufon.

Thanks for the list m8, good luck with the sales ;)

Super work on this! I have a small project and need a little lance work. Please contact me back as I will send you my info following this post directly to your email here. Great work.

This is a really nice landing page. Well done :)


Where did you source the green icons.. ??

Does the font support French characters like é è à ê ï etc?

Yes it does. For a full character index of the font used, check this link: then go to character map.

Nice theme! I am going through the documentation looking for the “class” to use when replacing the vimeo video slider with image slider. Also sent private email on the subject.

Thanks in advance

Hi – neither this theme nor the Media Consult themes are loading on the internet right now. I use one for my own site and the other for a client’s site. Are you aware of the problem? When will this be fixed?

This is not something that I can do. The sites in question don’t load most likely because of the hosting. If the problem persists, try contact the host. It’s obviously that if the themes worked in the first place and now, as I can see, the sites don’t load anymore, its something related with the host.

Well, why when I have hundreds of sites hosted on my server, are your two themes the only ones that aren’t loading?

And how would I know why the themes on your host are not loading anymore ? Am I God ? My demos work fine on my hosting and I still sell just the same themes now that work fine for my clients.

After tweaking the themes, both sites are up and running.

Understood. Would be good to know what went wrong with the wordpress theme.

Thank You Starshade!

You welcome :)

Hello, I love the template and want to buy, my question is, I can add blocks of text to describe the product but I’m going to offer? Greetings.

Since this is html / css landing page, you will simply have to modify the html code to include your own product and it also might be needed to alter and add some css lines too. You will need basic – medium html / css knowledge to do this, depending on what you want to create.

When you add more text in the top part (wfix) the buttons (demo and purchase) move downwards, but the grey bar stays in place so the text comes in front of it.

Hi Starshade, we made some changes to include our own picture in the home page. This renders well in IE9 , but not in Chrome and Firefox. Plus, the black banner in the bottom is displayed as white. Any thoughts on what could be the problem here? Is there something we should with the CSS ourselves? I could send you the screenshots if have an email to send it to. Thanks.


We are not offering support here anymore. Please head to our support forum – and our staff will handle your issues.

I would like to see the blue version. Could you provide a link to a live preview?


I have activated the blue skin to the demo, you can see it for around 24 hours before I will switch back to the red one.

Is this template still working properly as today ?

Please let me know thanks

Yes the template works fine as of today. If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to come to our support forum:

Is there or will there be a mobile version update for this theme anytime soon?

Hello EvangelAG,

Thank you for interest. At the moment we don’t plan to make such an update for this product in the near future.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.