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I’m considering buying your theme and I have a question. Can you put ads on the webpages, I want to create some blog posts and then insert some ads down the side of the posts, is that possible?



There is no specific theme feature covering ads, but you can certainly use any plugin to display ads that you like :)


So … I recently tried to redirect my website to a different webpage and totally did it the wrong way. I typed the new url in the general settings on WP rather than going through my Cpanel (which I now understand). However, after removing the redirect through Cpanel, I was unable to get my wp-admin page back to log in and attempt to fix my site. Something isn’t working and I’m not even sure where to begin … help!

the website is

Thanks in advance for your help!


Please follow the solutions that are described in this article to regain access to your WordPress admin panel:

worked! Thanks!

hey!! i have imported the theme and i am working on it…..but how do i change the dummy content to English? i need bits of help and nothing is in english! Thank you!


The text of the dummy content is Lorem Ipsum. This is a common text used as placeholder. It can’t be changed into a different language, as it is not ment for production.

If you need help with the theme, please read the documentation:

please help URGENT! i have installed the childs theme, copied the header.php from arcadia, pasted into childs theme and updated (but wasnt sure i had done right) did an undo -BUT all pages are blank white – i cant see anything go to any menus the whole site has disappeared pls pls HELP!!

Please delete the child theme from the theme directory and see if the admin panel comes back to life.

If you do customization, I recommend to enable the debug mode in WordPress. Instead of a white page, you should then see an error message, that tells you what went wrong:

Hi, My Nivo Slideshow is not working. it just has the round loading symbol. Can you please help me?


Can you send me a link to your site, so I can check it out?


this theme uses deprecated function image_resize, did you consider updating the theme not to use deprecated functions? How can I make this theme work without warnings about deprecated methods?

Thank you, Juraj

Hi Juraj,

I will fix this with the next update.

Please turn WP_DEBUG off if you’re site is live. Those warnings are nothing to be concerned about. It simply wants to tell us, that this function will not be available anymore in the far future.

hey there! i’m desperate to change the background on my site from white…the white box with content is fine – i just want to change background between the header and footer. i have installed childs theme but not really sure what i am doing – can anyone help me please…..

Sorry, because of the architecture of the theme, this is not easily possible. However, customization of WordPress themes can be done through Envato Studio:

It appears that the title names for all of my pages are my company name, rather than the title used on for the page. Is there a way to change that? I think it would improve the SEO of the website. Thank you, Elaine