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Before I purchase can i check with you regarding the following.

All the files that are in the preview also come with the download. There’s on exception on the blog. There’s a youtube video player that I’m advertising. That swf is included in the download, but it’s hard coded and has a buy button.
Everything else is included and has HELP files to boot.
Quoted by you

Does that mean i can launch a site exactly like the same that you have made with the blog, banner on the top and the main page video player(is it also with a buy button?)?

Anyway I love this template just a click away from buying it but would appreciate your clarifications.


Yes. It comes with everything you see in the preview. HTML , CSS, SWFS , everything.

what about the search bars in the blog.html- do they function or no? Also no contact php page?

Where it’s just the HTML and CSS it doesn’t function. There’s no server side code in the template just layout and design.

So that means that it’s there in blog section but doesnt actually work correct?


Hi Marc, I am very impressed with the layout. Its very handsome. I am happy that I purchased this, but I am having some issues with regard to changing the Archer font you used. I cannot for the life of me see it in the stylesheet style.css, I am wondering- is it a webfont? I cannot highlight it so that really confuses me. Anyways I am relatively new to css, so could you give me some instructions on where the archer font/fontlink is so that I can change it into a chosen webfont? I was able to change the body text to something else pretty easily. Please email me a response at I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much / best regards,


The font method I’m using is cufon (javascript). If you want to use some other font you’d just need to remove the cufon javascript in the html head.

Very nice layout. Would have preferred more functions but I couldn’t complaint for the price it cost but there has to be loads of work to do to change each page .

I might want to try to transform the HTML into a wordpress theme so that the blog pages could be use more effectively for my personal usage. Would that be possible ?

If yes, would the archer player be usable as a plugin in wordpress?

Almost done to converting HTML into a wordpress theme for the purpose of easy management of the blog.

Can’t seem to get the alignment right. Any possibility to help?

The link to the site is at


i havent got the file…......


Hi, just wondering how you were getting on with the WP version?


Maybe in 6 months. I have a few other projects and designs that are in the queue before this design. Thanks for asking.

Is there a contact pae or can you possibly make one available for this template? fantastic looking template and would purchase if you could do one..

can we get a version with a jquery header rather then a flash header? or maybe image replacement with the flash header?



Image replacement or alternate content is easy enough. All the video files have it set up, and the banner rotator can be set up just as easy.

flash-scroller royale.swf does not work under IE. It just stays blank. Did I do something wrong?

do you have a link?

Hey, I’m going to pick up the theme anyways, but is the font that you used in the logo included in the package, or where can I find that?

Thanks, Keenan

The logo was actually created in illustrator. It could easily be recreated in photoshop or illustrator. I just made a bunch of crazy lines and then typed my name using helvetica and then set the type as a mask. Really it’s pretty easy.

Oh alright, thanks man =)

Lovely! Wordpress version pleeeease!!

Yes Nice!

However, if you are creating an HTML version as you have… with multiple pages… is it possible for you to pls place the image file link to say the logo.jpg in the CSS file?

That way one only needs to modify one file (once) should they prefer a different img file type – such as png.

Good luck with sales :)

Good advice. I’ll take it on board.

Hello, i bought few weeks ago your new “neue grafik html css template portfolio” but can’t find the page on the site, is it me or this wonderfull template disappears? Actually, i have a little question about the hover color text above the images in the portfolio section (it’s orange and would like to change the color). i don’t find where to change it. It seems pretty easy but i look everywhere in the html & css. maybe do you have a clue to help me? thx a lot and great job! (sorry for my bad english)

It’s in the javascript file “main.js” in the “js” folder.

var folio_thumbs = $('.portfolio_thumbs .thumb');
    folio_thumbs.hover( function () {
        $("p", $(this)).css('color','#ff3300').animate()

    }, function () {
        $("p", $(this)).css('color','#414042').fadeIn(500);

If you have any other problems with the neue grafik contact me through my contact form on the profile page. I actually have and updated source. Just shoot me an email.

hi again, i totally forgot to speak about an another big trouble, the folder image_slider.fla is in CS5 .5, i can’t open it in Flash :( I’m on the CS5 too but the older version. thx

Hi. What happened to: “neue grafik html” ?? It was a great theme and it dissapeared ?

Sorry, I had some issues with the file since it went live that I haven’t been able to work out, and so I decide to pull it until I can address the issues at hand and feel comfortable with having the file on the marketplace again. It’ll be back but bug free and better than before.

I downloaded this and there were NO INSTRUCTIONS of how to make it my website…wtf?

There should be a help or readme txt file. It’s just a plain jane HTML and CSS website so you will need to know a bit of markup to get it turned into your own site.

Are there any new templates coming soon ? I love your work and I am waiting for new themes.

Yes. I’m workign on a new one this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be out on the marketplace next week.

Hi Marc

As usual, here is a perfect webdesign ! Waiting for your new projects ;)